June 20, 2013

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Review & Swatches

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder
is the type of product that renews and refreshes your love of beauty. I mean innovative products like “Liquid Powder” get me excited. The Magic Nude Liquid Powder promises to magically transform from liquid to powder on contact with skin.

Wow, run around in circles, get excited! That sounds damn special. Being bombarded with beauty daily as a blogger sometimes I get a little tired, burnt out etc..so products like this really get me excited as it is something quite different. Granted, Armani Maestro Foundation (same company) has already cornered the market on “liquid, true to skin” foundations but still I think Magic Nude Liquid Powder is an interesting launch for a drugstore product.

Let’s take a look!

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder is a liquid to powder foundation product that promises to leave behind a bare skin finish. It comes in a 0.9oz glass frosted glass bottle and will likely retail for around $12-$14 at mass market drugstores. I personally got mine for $10 and some change but that is at Harmons which is considerably cheaper when it comes to cosmetic prices.

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Summer 2013

Now Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation and Armani Maestro Foundation are too similar products so this “innovation” isn’t exactly new it is however, at this moment, unique to drugstore makeup. I have not tried the Hourglass version however, I felt like Armani’s has a smoother more natural appearance versus the L’Oreal version and a better texture. You’ll have blogs/friends/family/beauty lovers proclaim this is a dupe for Maestro Foundation but I personally do not endorse that idea. I’m unsure why everyone is obsessed with the idea of finding drugstore dupes for higher end products. I find it a very rare occurrence.

Magic Nude Liquid Powder is available in twelve shades all of which apparently run darker. I went with Creamy Natural (314), I believe it is the third shade in the lighter color ranges and it was WAY tan. You can actually peek at these in store as they aren’t sealed (not great because people will sit there and touch/swatch it, gross!) but you can uncap it and just peer inside if you will. I did so with a fair few of the shades and they all appeared to run darker.

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Swatches

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Swatches Blended

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Blended Swatches

Just a note the bottle is lethal. If you drop it, it will shatter and create an absolute horror show on your bathroom floor, you’ve been warned! This in fact also presents a challenge for removing the foundation. If you’re one for using a brush to apply foundation or a sponge, etc…this style bottle can be a pain. The directions say to pour a few drops onto your fingers and apply directly to skin. I’m cool with this, I always use my fingers to apply anyway. You have to shake the bottle very well prior to use and hold your finger over the opening and kinda dab it onto your finger as you would a fragrance with no spritzer. It’s quite a thinner, liquidy texture so don’t attempt to pour it out. This in fact makes for messy application should you wish to travel with it. If you do use a brush to apply foundation perhaps dabbing a bit on the back of your hand and swirling your brush in would be a great method for applying. Although they advise against using a brush or sponge on the bottle.

This contain Octinoxate Sunscreen with SPF 18 which in my opinion isn’t much protection at all.

The formula is very thin and runny almost like water really. It has a smooth, silky feel as you blend it on with fingers. I didn’t find it streaky and it felt like it melded right into my skin. You can do a very sheer, light layer to even out skin tone or build it for more coverage. It doesn’t have the coverage of a regular foundation product and runs sheerer so it does perfect and will hide minor issues but if you desire or need fuller coverage this isn’t the product for you.

It starts out dewy to the touch but sets to a satin semi-matte finish. It feels like the type of product that might irritate or clog pores for those with sensitive skin. Not sure why I think or believe that but thought I’d mention it here. It does have a fresher floral alcohol scent which disappears once applied.

I have drier skin and it didn’t really cling to my drier areas and looked like a second skin. I do think it needs to be set with a powder as I found it faded away fairly quickly at around three hours of wear.

I generally like the idea of a natural second skin foundation. The concept is a great one however, I don’t feel like this exactly worked. It has a shorter wear time, the formula feels a little odd going on (almost greasy?), and the entire liquid to powder finish doesn’t exactly translate well here. Plus my skin wasn’t as bright and flawless as I would get from my normal foundation products, it really didn’t ease dullness very well but seemed to add to that dullness.

I imagine some people might love it.

But I personally think it needs a little work.

The idea is an excellent one and it could potentially be a great product but there are things missing and something I can’t quite put my finger on that makes me dislike it.

If you truly want a second skin-like foundation I’d highly recommend Perfect Refining Foundation.

Tried it?

Love to hear your thoughts!

I purchased this item.

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  • Bailey

    So glad you reviewed this! It was something on my must-try list, but I think I’ll pass on Liquid Powder for now. Thanks!

  • amy

    I was curious about this one, but not hopeful. L’Oreal used to do *amazing* foundations back in the day, but ever since they started trying to “dupe” & compete with HE formulas, they’ve all been lacking. This is actually true for most DS brands/products, not just a reflection of L’Oreal.

    • the Muse

      i agree. I think drugstore foundations have the potential to be excellent but there is something SO missing. Maybe the range of color? Maybe the formulas? I dunno but anything I’ve tried from a drugstore in terms of base just sucks.

      • amy

        It’s only been in the last few years that DS foundations have become epic fails, IMO. I started wearing L’Oreal back in HS, some 20 years ago, because it was one of the few DS brands that were both pale & neutral, and I really liked the formulas. 10 years later, I moved on to a Lancôme foundation which was HG at the time, but I ran out and needed to pick up something to hold me over. I ended up with an exact dupe, and of course the particular formula was DCd, LOL. I can only guess they figured out they’d be losing money if it were discovered! I believe it was the Teinte Idole & the Visible Lift (the one in the plastic tube), but it was so long ago, I don’t remember exactly.

    • loulou

      L’Oreal isn’t trying to do dupes of HE foundations. L’Oreal owns the high end brands they are duping (e.g. Armani, Lancome etc..) I wrote a long comment to this posting about how this foundation is a dupe for Armani Maestro (just look at the ingredients – the only that differ are fragrance and skin irritants) – and how I know this to be true from a friend who works in product development for L’Oreal.

  • Jody

    Oh, I went from “yay”, to “nay” after reading this. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I understand too, what you are saying on the whole drugstore dupe thing. Maybe drugstore alternative is a better term. finding an apple dupe to an orange product typically doesn’t seem to work.
    That doesn’t mean there aren’t good alternatives…

    Now I’m eyeballing that shiseido foundation you linked. I haven’t ever tried Shiseido, but that foundation looks pretty sweet.

    • the Muse

      hey jody…you might like it, ya know I rant about products and proceed to read raving reviews so it could be I’m a little nit picky 😀 my pleasure! if you try it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I agree. I think it might be a pet peeve of mine when I read my favorite blogs and they are saying what a GREAT dupe so and so product is for some high end product. I know for a fact I’ve tried the drugstore version and the higher end and they are in NO WAY similar I kinda have to shake my head and think EH!? But yes I think alternative is a much nicer way to put it 😀

  • Kristen

    Color me intrigued on this one. I probably won’t love it, but it sounds so dang interesting that I must try it. I will just have to stay away from any hard floors because I know I would drop it, lol.

  • Seagulls

    I’m on Day One of this, but so far I like this more than my Maestro. We’ll see how much is left after 14 hours.

    • the Muse

      really?! that’s interesting. Why so? I’m curious to hear 🙂

  • kimkats

    I think one of the reasons a lot of people yearn for a DS dupe of HE things is that so many of both HE and DS items are made by the same company (L’Oreal and Lancome, for instance) and we all know there’s at least 6,872% markup on HE makeup – there really is no reason that these companies couldn’t put out excellent DS foundations, because they have the means to do so, and frankly I don’t know why they don’t, other than it’s a bottom line kinda thing.

    Just my 2 ¢ worth, anyway.

    Not familiar with these types of foundations – do they have a lot of alcohol in them, so it evaporates and leaves behind the powdery finish? And wow – the L’oreal really does run dark! No way should the 3rd lightest shade be that dark.

  • Anastasiya Sanchez

    Aww I was so super excited for this. Now I’m not sure if I will get it 🙁 sigh so sad

  • Jinelle

    You do have a review on it! I was looking forward to getting your perspective.We definitely have some different discoveries on this one. 🙂

    If you get a chance check out mine. Happy Thursday!

    • the Muse

      yup, just replied to your other comment a few minutes ago 🙂 will do! and you too!

  • Ladymoonlight

    I’ve got the Hourglass and the Armani and they’re in no way similar

    • Nina R.

      I don’t understand why so many bloggers (not our Muse) and others are comparing this product to the Armani Maestro – they are completely different! Maestro is a pigment-in-oil formula that is meant to mimic real skin, while this even states it is a “liquid powder.” I did like the finish of the L’Oreal product, but it is probably better for an oilier skin. I think if this were not being considered a dupe for the Armani it would get better reviews.

  • Pamela

    I love this stuff! Makes my skin feel and look great! I also love how light weight it feels. My husband even noticed my skin looked so great and I usually wear a high end foundation. I think it’s worth trying 🙂

  • Powell

    I don’t use liquid foundation. Bare Minerals & BB creams are what I use. The loreal bottle is cute. 🙂

  • Olivia

    OMG I really want to try this for myself since I was really interested in the Maestro, but not the price tag…we shall see…

  • Amyk

    Try RMK liquid foundation. It is the best foundation I’ve ever tried because it is very light and looks very natural as if I had beautiful skin by nature without makeup.


    I don’t understand how L’oreal can produce the Amazing Armani foundations and produce these products.

    It gets me so frustrated that to get a good (light enough) foundation that will look lovely and wear a long time, I have to buy a really expensive foundation!! I mean how does this happen…. LOL sorry I am so frustrated I am taking managerial accounting, it makes me want to drop out of college and get a MRS. degree. lol

    (p.s I don’t think my other comment about Washington D.C posted, didn’t mean to blow you off)!!

  • Dexter

    I’d say it’s more comparable to Erno Laszlo Shake-It. I was actually rather surprised that you even mentioned that people would say it’s a GA Maestro dupe, since that doesn’t make any claims of drying to a powder finish … just a skin finish.

    • the Muse

      AGREED! I’ve heard people compare it to Maestro left and right and that’s not the case at all…maestro is a second skin foundation versus this which promises a matte powder dry down.

  • amanda

    Hi Muse, have you heard of KATE powderless liquid foundation? I think its the same idea!

  • Laura

    I was kind of interested in this, but I didn’t realize it was supposed to be like Maestro (however inferior). And all darker shades? It’s already hard enough to find pale, yellow-based shades. PASS!

  • Marina

    Hi! I keep getting mixed reviews on this foundation, please stop me from ! I l itive feel like if I mix this with True Match or Revlon Color stay, I will have the perfect foundation!

  • April

    Thanks for the review of this foundation. I’m interested in trying it.

  • Kimmyyy

    I was a little iffy about this when I first saw it at Target, but I have to say, I kind of love it!
    If very light/buildable medium coverage with a velvety finish sounds appealing to anyone, I’d say at least try it out. Get it somewhere that will let you return it, like Target, CVS or Walgreens. I have oily skin with random breakouts and this does a pretty good job at keeping oil at bay and covering imperfections. It is pretty light coverage, but I find if I apply a few light layers it covers even fairly bad redness really well. I LOVE that it never feels cakey, even when I put a decent amount on. It’s pretty awesome for a natural summer foundation. And while the bottle is glass and a bit heavy, I love how slender the bottle it. It slips right into my makeup bag.
    My only really big complaint is the way you have to apply it. I’m not crazy about having to use my fingers(they say not to use a brush or sponge), and since you’re having to shake it and get some on your fingers, then repeat several times, it’s a little time consuming compared to my normal routine, and it can be messy with how runny it is. I got shade 314 and it’s a tad tan(considering it’s one of the lightest shades), but with how thin and light the formula is, it’s not too bad. I also dislike the heavy glass bottle, but I’ve yet to drop any of my foundation bottles, so I’m not too worried.
    Just wanted to throw all of that out there since I have oily skin. 🙂

  • Kimmyyy

    I’d also like to throw in that I live on the coast of Texas where it is extremely humid and hot… So with me having really oily skin and it being this hot/humid, and with it keeping me fairly oil free for the day, I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

  • Barry

    I also live in southeast Texas and have super oily skin and I LOVE this stuff! It reminds me of Joey New York makeup that you used to only be able to find in salons and spas several years ago. I don’t know what happened to that company but all of a sudden I couldn’t find it anymore – not even online. So when I saw this at the grocery store I was like Hells Yeah! I put it on one finger dab at a time and then rub it in. The dimethicone stuff in it makes it go on like a primer and not settle into my giant pores. And I have super sensitive skin and this stuff hasn’t made me break out yet. AND it lasts all day! As my skin starts to get oily later in the day it doesn’t start to look weird or runny or just melt off, I just get kind of dewy looking. (Now it’s important to note that because I have oily skin I absolutely do not wash my face or put moisturizer on in the morning. Since I’ve started only washing/ moisturizing before bed my skin is much better and my makeup goes on and stays much better as well. Just a tip you might consider if you’re oily too.) Also, it’s affordable. Who are these crazy people spending $40 on foundation?

  • lisa

    Thank you so much for all of your amazing reviews. I love the pictures!!!

  • Li

    This is definitely a dupe for Maestro. L’oreal owns Armani makeup (among a bunch of other high end makeup brands) and a friend of mine who works in product development for the company told me that they regularly use the same formulations for their drugstore brands as they do in their high end brands – the only difference is in the packaging. Mastro’s bottle – from the glass to the inclusion of a dropper “applicator” – is considerably more costly for the company to manufacture than the L’oreal bottle.
    I was given a heads up over a year ago that L’oreal was intending to repackage Maestro for drugstores and was also told that Maybelline, which is also owned by L’oreal, has plans to release a “similar” product at a lower price point in the future.

  • camila armitage

    I love this product!!! I have pale skin that is somewhat sensitive and this stuff works like a dream! My skin feels and looks like velvet. My only complaint, like one poster above, is the method of applcation–I hate pouring it out onto my palm. I wish there was a spray or pump. Other than that, this roduct is a real winner for me, I had to go out and buy tw back-ups!

  • megh

    Ok…Do you think if I use a bb cream like the loreal bb foundation underneath it it will be a good mix? I have oily skin, and discoloration, but I don’t want anything too heavy because my skin breaks out. I have the loreal skin beautifier bb cream also. It turns too orange but I like the way it makes my skin feel. It does oil up. Thats why i thought if i combined them maybe it would help?

  • Ashley

    I tired it at Walmart I was naughty and tested some on my hand. Wasn’t too overly impressed, I can see how it would shatter nicely on a tile bathroom floor as it is a ceramic bottle. Read about this product in the September issue of In Style Magazine. Curiosity killed the cat, but this cat wasn’t impressed. Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid much better:)

  • anna

    Hi I would be interested in buy this but is not sold in UK. A friend of mine is coming to usa and she is gonna get it for me. Which shade do you think I should get? I am Mac nc30 usually! Thank you

  • J

    Muse, I’m not a fan of pouring things on my palm. That being said, can you recommend a good CC cream?

  • Nancy steffes

    Shockingly, this foundation did not creat redness nor break me out! We are all different, but I cannot believe this foundation did not irritate my skin. I am ultra sensitive to products, and am day 4 of using this. So far, I love it!!! Weird!! Lol

  • kellly

    I have been using this for a while. I like the blendability and matte finish and while it’s not super coverage, it does even out my skin tone and correct the things I think need correcting, plus provide a little sun screening in the process. I agree, the watery formula makes it a little tricky to get out of the bottle and apply and I, too, wish the bottle wasn’t made of scary glass. I dropped a Revlon cream foundation jar once and it took forever to clean it up and half the glass in that case was stuck in place by the product in the jar. Dropping this would be disaster for sure! But the finish from this is matte, which I prefer to natural (too shiny for me). I have tried Armani Maestro and frankly, I can’t tell a whole lot of difference, at least not for my money’s worth.

  • Amy O.

    Is anyone who likes this product a former user of Maybelline Wonder Finish? That was my first intro to a liquid-to-powder foundation. It had a good variety of shades to choose from and provided great coverage. Unfortunately it was discontinued a few years ago, and I wondered how this product compares to it?

  • Sarah

    I was gonna buy either the loreal magic bb cream or the liquid powder? Which one would you recommend in terms of coverage? But i always set it with powder.

  • Nicole

    Hi girl! I love your writing style. Did you drop the bottle yourself? the first time I opened mine I didn’t realize it would be so runny and ended up getting it all over my white shirt 🙁 I wrote a review on this product too if you want to check it out!

  • Eva quinones

    I would like to try the Loreal Magic nude but do not know what color to get. I use Mac Tech NW 25 and NW 30. If the color is even between those that would be great.

  • Nadya Sadri Mulok

    The version of this in Brunei is the L’oreal Matt Magique BB Essence, retails at BND 17 (if I am not mistaken) and I am in the shade N1 Nude Ivory. Same glass bottle but more of a metallic pink packaging. The product is veryyyyy watery, runny, liquidy haha finishes matte and soft, and has an SPF 50 PA+++.

    Aaaand surprisingly, even on my dry combination skin, this product does not emphasise my lines, nor feels tight for something mattifying.. It does feel like bare skin, and has this powdery feel. Me loikey!! 😀

  • fan

    Hey! Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. Could you recommend any other DS product similar to this one? I used to LOVE the Magic Nude Liquid Powder and now I don’t know what to buy!