June 14, 2013

Sephora Disney Ariel Collection Coming Soon

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette

Sephora introduces their latest Disney Collection for Summer 2013 shortly. The Sephora Disney Ariel Collection is the latest assortment of Disney Princess inspired makeup which captures the ethereal, yet vibrant colors depicted in the Little Mermaid film in a stunning array of treasures, beyond your wildest dreams.

Take a look!

This summer dive into a daring journey of curiosity and discovery with the Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora, an assortment of color cosmetics, a signature fragrance and princess-worthy accessories that are inspired by the world under the sea and bold determination of Ariel from the classic Disney animated film, The Little Mermaid.

Sephora Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 3 Ariel Edition ($55)
Chase the life you desire with this customized palette of 20 bright and brilliant shades, each inspired by and formulated to match the hues from the film. Encased in a keepsake box with original artwork that portrays Ariel in her grotto of collected treasures, these lustrous shades invite you to dare to dream and let your curiosity lead the way with a complete eyeshadow wardrobe.

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 3 Ariel Edition

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Vol. 3 Ariel Edition - Interior

Shades include:

  • Blue Lagoon

The moon shimmering on the lagoon (shimmering blue)

  • Scuttle

Ariel’s skintone while talking to Scuttle (shimmering pinky beige)

  • Flounder

Flounder coming out of the water (matte nude)

  • Sebastian

Sebastian’s face (matte coraly pink)

  • Flotsam

Flotsam in the shadows (deep blue charcoal)

  • Sea Shells

Ariel’s sisters singing (shimmering ivory)

  • Les Poissons

Chef Louis’ bloodthirsty shadow in the ‘Le Poissons’ scene (dusty satin muave)

  • Caspian Sea

Light reflecting through the water on Atlantica (shimmering rich turquoise)

  • Your Voice

Ursula striking a deal with Ariel (glistening silver pearl)

  • Unfortunate Souls

The smoke during Ursula’s finale (matte lavender grey)

  • Atlantica

The shimmering turquoise colors of Atlantica (shimmering sea foam green)

  • Fins

Ariel’s fin under the sea (glittery mermaid green)

  • Sick of Swimmin’

Ariel’s first breath of air with legs (shimmering opalescent)

  • Ursula

Ursula’s skintone in the shadows (pearly purple)

  • Sha La La La

Fish chorus singing to Ariel and Eric (matte dark fuchsia)

  • Triton

The King shooting his triton (shimmering gold)

  • Wanderin’ Free

Ariel imaging herself with legs (shimmering pink champagne)

  • Jetsam

Jetsam’s fins in the shadows (deep teal with dark iridescent glitter)

  • Sea Witch

The Sea Witch in all her power and glory (pearly violet)

  • Treasures Untold

Glistening water from King’s triton (opalescent pale pink)

Sephora Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette ($30)
Open your eyes to endless possibilities with this captivating palette with four vibrant shades that are easy to apply and blend for a variety of mesmerizing eye looks. Let your eyes shimmer like the sea with these inspiring shades

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora Part of Your World Eyeshadow Palette - Interior


  • What’s-It (matte clay grey)
  • Who’s-It (glittering white)
  • Dinglehopper (iridescent light teal)
  • Snarfblat (violet with iridescent glitter)

Sephora X What Cha-Nail-Callit Nail Lacquer Set ($24.50)
Make a splash and get into a sea of trouble when you discover these six delightfully daring lacquers. Each sea-inspired shade brings Ariel’s underwater kingdom into a whole new world.

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora Sephora X What Cha-Nail-Callit Nail Lacquer Set

Shades include:

  • We In Luck Here (creamy coral red)
  • Hotter Under The Water (creamy plum)
  • Ariel (rich pearly turquoise)
  • Off The Hook (pearly silver chrome)
  • Life Is The Bubbles (iridescent glittery shimmer)
  • Devotin’ To Floatin’ (pearlescent teal)

Sephora Mermaid Song Lipgloss Set ($38)
Be empowered, be bold, and find your voice with this set of four pigmented, glistening glosses that are fun and flirty, with a hint of feisty.

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora Mermaid Song Lipgloss Set

Shades include

  • Dream Girl (perky pink)
  • Sea Witch (bold berry)
  • Redhead (rich red)
  • Mermaid (courageous coral)

Sephora Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum
Feel the passion of the moment with Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum, an invigorating new fragrance inspired by the magical moment of true love’s first kiss. This captivating scent opens with a refreshing burst of bergamot, wet cucumber, and ozonic accord, and is brought to life with a splash of water notes, wild lilac and starfruit, all fused together with warm sandalwood and sensual velvet sensations of ambergris to make the moment last forever.

Fragrance Selections:

  • Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum Spray (50 ml) ($58) “All It Takes is One Kiss”
  • Kiss the Girl Roll On Eau de Parfum ($19) “True Love is Beyond Words”

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora Kiss the Girl Roll On Eau de Parfum

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection Kiss the Girl Eau de Parfum Spray

Sephora Ariel Set the Mood Compact Mirror ($20)
Bat your eyes and pucker your lips with this beautifully designed deep sea treasure.

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora Set The Mood Compact Mirror

Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora Set the Mood Compact Mirror - Interior

The Disney Reigning Beauties Ariel Collection by Sephora will be available for a limited time beginning in July 2013 in all Sephora stores as well as online at sephora.com. You can already start purchasing the shadow palette as it is available now to Sephora VIB members at Sephora.com

Do you love this collection?

Will you be collecting all the pieces?

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  • Nadia

    So pretty! I think I might get the quad and the mirror from this collection.

  • Sara

    FINALLY! I’ve been waiting for them to do Ariel so I’ve held off on buying anything from the previous 2 collections. I’m gonna get the bigger eyeshadow pallete for sure and likely the mirror. I just held off on hauling 2 of the half price eyeliners from Urban Decay to save my makeup budget for this stuff.

  • Kimmwc03

    I was awaiting this collection but I’m pretty disappointed in the colors chosen for the quad and the artwork on the cover of the large palette. I also do not like the green chosen for the mirror. Maybe I’m just being too picky. I may pick some items up if they look prettier in store. I’ll also have to smell the perfume before I buy. The nail and lipgloss set look nice but I’m not interested.

  • diane

    thank you thank you thank you for the sneak peek pics!!! i’ve been impatiently waiting to see the colors inside the quad! i already ordered and received the storybook palette- stunning is an understatement. will be buying everything since ariel is one of my faves, the mirror is adorable! aahh!! so excited! <3 <3

  • Rebecca

    Today I am wearing: Fins, sea shells, and treasures untold. Love it! That nail polish will be mine

  • Cindy Ramirez

    I’m so happy they went back to a full palette of eyeshadow, rather then sticking a bronzer and a blush in there too. Makes me happy!

  • Tammie

    I WILL get the mirror, duh, and maybe also the lip glosses if they turn out to be nice!

  • Alyssa

    I’m really upset with Sephora and the way they handled this launch. I’m a VIB didn’t receive an email, and didn’t know it was for sale until Monday when I read a blog. I then thought there was something wrong with the site and was going back and forth with customer service because I was unable to purchase it only to find out it was already sold out.
    I will be absolutely devestated if I miss the mirror and the quad!! Congrats to the ladies that got a palette.
    Apparently they might have more when they release the rest of the collection.

    • Sara

      I’d imagine they will have a bunch more when the launch the entire collection. I don’t recall the other 2 palettes selling out. I missed out on getting the palette earlier, but I’ll just hold off until it’s released. I saw it was released, hesistated until I could read a review, and then it was sold out… boo.

    • Nicole

      I’m a VIB, and I didn’t get an e-mail. I don’t think Sephora sent anything out to anybody. I found out from a beauty blog over the weekend. I’m sure the palette will be back in stock soon! It’s worth the wait…the palette is stunning!

  • Nat

    Kind of off-topic, but Muse have you ever seen the anime version of Little Mermaid from the 1970s? The prince is an utter ass, it’s hilarious – and the ending is more true to the original fairy tale. 🙂

    • the Muse

      i haven’t! LOL is it on demand anywhere? sounds like something I’d love ;D

  • Fuu

    I liked Jasmine’s more. I’m not loving these colours. I know they are doing classic Disney princesses (hoping Winter is Snow White!!) but I’d really love a Rapunzel palette>Golds, Pinks and Purples with a floral/light fruit perfume.

    • Nala

      Rapunzel and Snow White would be awesome! 🙂 Hoping for Belle, though.

  • Butterdaisy

    This is truly the one I’ve been waiting for. My fave character next to Cinderella, no gold packaging in sight, and gorgeous colors I can work with. Nothing looks washed out at all. I want the polish (of Course), the compact mirror, and the roller ball perfume. The Part of Your World eyeshadow pallet seems nice as well. I LOVE the packaging for all these products.

  • Brandy

    Loving the color selection on the quad and storybook eyeshadow sets! As always you are the B.O.M.B! 🙂

  • Anna

    I love mermaids so much; I have to have the storybook palette. Literally if anything is mermaid related i need it.

  • Krystle

    I agree! I’ve been waiting for the Ariel collection! I’m so excited!!

  • Pamela

    Thanks for the preview, Muse. I think this is the only place I’ve seen the preview for the quad. It looks beautiful but I might just go for the full palette.

    I heard a rumor that this is the last princess collection. Have you heard anything? I was hoping for Belle (the nerd princess!).

    • the Muse

      hi pamela…from my understanding this is the last 🙁 I surely hope that isn’t true but keeping my fingers crossed it isn’t as I’d love belle myself ;-D she’d make a great color story!

  • Rosalinda

    Ahh I’m so going to get the compact mirror and the quad for sure..I wouldn’t mind also getting the palette..Ariel has always been my favorite Disney princess..

  • Shayna

    I have the lipgloss set and perfume and I’m not a huge fan of either. The colours of the glosses are very pretty but I find them too difficult to work with (in terms of even coverage). As for the perfume, I’m not a huge fan of the scent, but that’s more personal preference :).

  • Roxy

    Anyone have a review on the quad? I’m still debating whether I should buy it or not so any input from someone who owns it or has tested it would be greatly appreciated.