June 10, 2013

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Complete Coverage Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen is possibly one of the more exciting foundation releases as of late. This quite reminded me of my much beloved Bourjois Paris Mineral Matte Foundation and if it was anything like that beloved product? Well, we’d have a little piece of awesome on our hands.

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Complete Coverage Makeup promises to prime, perfect, moisturize, mattify, and protect with their all in one formula. This is the first potted BB Cream as well here in the US so that alone makes it an interesting product to haul.

Take a look!

Props to Too Faced for packaging as this has a nifty screw top that features a Teddy Bear Hair brush that snaps right into the top of the BB Cream. Not only is the brush handy for application but it acts as a handle of sorts to unscrew the foundation. Nifty right? The entire thing is a spot on dupe for Bourjois Paris’ Mineral Foundation right down to the brush. The brush has super soft bristles yet shorter ones so it is dense enough to buff product onto skin.

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Complete Coverage Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Spring 2013

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Teddy Bear Hair Brush

This is nearly 1oz of foundation so you’re getting a TON of bang for your buck here at $39.

They market it as an air brushed second skin finish that has a cream to powder formula for buildable coverage. They ALMOST get it right.

The problems for me were this is a tad TOO dense. The foundation isn’t creamy in the least and has a very, very dense surface. I found myself nearly bending the bristles back on the brush to pick up product. Once I did have my brush loaded up I felt like I had a hard time applying and blending the product onto my skin. It didn’t buff well nor did it blend correctly and I was left with patchy areas. The best technique for me was to brush it on and blend it out with my fingers. You really have to warm this up to get it to smooth on correctly and even than it was difficult to apply smoothly. It just blends really badly and worst still with my drier skin it adheres to flaky areas and really shouts out, “Hey, I have foundation on”. I paid extra attention to my prep work when applying this and even than I had issues with it applying correctly. At best coverage seems to run from sheer to medium when built but not completely full coverage.

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Complete Coverage Makeup

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme Swatches

I think for myself I expected a whipped consistency of some sort or a softer, creamier texture. I did take note that my first time with the product it was dense but after over a month the consistency of the product got even harder in the pot and even showed signs of cracking. I know it is a cream to powder formula but I was a little aghast how dry it was at first use and how dry it got after not using it for over a month.

Unfortunately, Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be. Too Faced should have went creamier with this and it would have probably had a solid winner on its hand. This dense texture is just difficult to use and it settles unnaturally on the skin so airbrushed looks more like HEY! I’m wearing foundation. No bueno.

Too Faced Air Buffed BB Creme is available now at Sephora and Sephora.com

If you tried it I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • megan

    I like this product..but….
    It applies better if the brush is wet. I know this because I’m half way through my container and cannot get the brush clean! It’s this icky sticky mess. I keep trying to clean it out and one time used it wet with the cream. Better! For someone with dry skin like me who likes light coverage. It was perfect.
    Totally agree it’s too dry and dense. Mine is cracking too. And – see above – I can’t get it out of the brush and don’t want to wreck another brush!
    But I do like the color. I do like the product. I might not buy it again….however.
    Too Faced has much better products.

  • maddy

    hey muse!
    do you think it would easier to work with for people with oilier skin?

    • the Muse

      absolutely not maddy….dry, combo or oily you’re bound to have issues imho! it’s just a really dry, dense product :-/

  • Cristi

    I felt the same way about this one. I tried it at the store when it first launched. I used it on the back of my hand (my hands aren’t particularly dry, mind you)and I could see every little line and crevice. It was positively ghastly. I’ve never had ANY type of foundation swatch that badly on my hand EVER. Even buffing it out proved fruitless.

    I decided to do a lil’ application on the side of my face (which leans oily). Hahahaha. No. Don’t even know why I bothered.

    Even worse, it never dried. It just stayed a grease paint-y mess an hour later.

    I was really hoping this would be the one. Oh well.

  • Allison

    I bought this as soon as I saw it at Ulta and promptly returned it within 2 days. First day I was a little shiny at the end of the day, 2nd I was a greasy grease ball. Yikes! Lots of bb creams seem to do that to me, and I have combination skin….

    • Danii

      Are the BBs in the Korean/Japanese sense or BBs in the American sense? The American stuff tends to be focused on normal and oily types BUT not so much combination skin. You could probably do better with truer BB. I have combination skin, and have tried the American stuff. Yeah, no!!!! That was gross so I stick to my SKIN79. I expected light coverage from the American stuff but I also expected it to be less… Greasy-looking on my skin, to no avail. Even with powder!

  • Scout

    I really wanted to like this product, but I found it really hard to clean my foundation brush after using it. This product seems almost like clay or something. Miss Muse were you successful with cleaning your brush? If so what did you use?

    • the Muse

      agreed scout! I used the brush cleaner that came with my blender brush, that was really good to get all the gunky off. If you don’t have that try cutting a plastic cup down to side and fill the bottom portion with brush cleaner, swirl the brush around in it a few times and that should get it off.

  • Phyrra

    I loved this product but I think I’m in the minority with it. I found the trick to applying it! Use the Sigma F88 Flat Angled Kabuki brush, not the brush that comes with it. That’s what worked best for me. Now, my skin is sometimes oily and sometimes dry depending on rosacea, but this was the only thing I could wear for a while because it wouldn’t cake up in a funky fashion.

    • the Muse

      have to try with a different brush Court maybe I’ll have better luck ;D

      • Mediterranean Maven

        Hi, Muse! The only way that I got the Too Faced Airbrushed BB cream to work was using the Urban Decay foundation brush. It’s round stippling brush that for some reason gets the product on easily and evenly. I use cleansing oil on the brush to get the product off before I wash the brush with liquid soap. Using the Urban Decay brush, I got the airbrushed finish. But, I agree, this BB cream is challenging to use. I’m looking forward to trying the Korean brands of BB cream.

        • the Muse

          thanks MM I’ll try it out as I have that UD good karma brush you’re talking about!

  • Marilyn @ Lipgloss+Spandex

    I love Too Faced, but this was terrible. The brush was too small, the product was too dense and cakey. It looked natural and skin-like at first, but quickly turned into an oil slick. It transferred onto EVERYTHING. And it was almost impossible to clean my beloved it Cosmetics brush after I’d used it to apply the Too Faced BB cream!

  • Danii

    I like this but I don’t like this, if that makes sense. I swatched it on a whim at Ulta, while stalking the NYX aisle (it was CROWDED in that tiny space >:( ). It wasn’t that great, felt okay but didn’t look so okay on the skin. I don’t remember this matching my “LOOK AT ME I’M NEAR BLINDING” pale skin… Could be the pink undertone (I already have pink undertones, don’t add to it!). I’m not fair, I’m PALE. I liked the brush, so I think I might have to find a Teddy Bear Hair brush from Too Faced.

    And will someone please explain the hate pale chicks with pink undertones have with yellow-based foundation? I read that pink-based ones won’t match, looking masky and it won’t blend in… I find yellow-bases balance out the pink! I don’t look sickly with it.

  • Fuuka

    Have you tried the Too Faced liquid? I’m on my second bottle of Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation, but was attracted when I saw those adorable bottles!

    • the Muse

      no fuuka, not really a liquid foundation fan to be honest…but do LOVE LOVE LOVE Shiseido Perfect Refining it’s my HG ;D

  • Majick

    Muse, I totally agree with your assessment. I tried this in Ulta when it first came out. I love the packaging and really wanted to love it but the texture and coverage were lacking.

  • Nina

    I completely agree with you Muse!! I purchased this and had to really dig into the product in order to get any bit of product onto the beauty blender I was using. I returned and am still out on the search for a BB cream. Have you tried any CC creams? I am interested in those. Sorry if you have and I haven’t seen any posts.

    Thank you!!

    • the Muse

      yeah same here nina….it’s just not what I expected at all. Yup, quite a few already just take a walk through the archives, just reviewed one last night as well.

  • Ana reczynski

    Hey muse! I love this product it’s become my go to product. Your right it’s a tad dense. Also I would advise a good moisturizer underneath this to ensure good blending. I use Bobbi Brown Extra repair balm 25…this combo works amazing for me.

  • Michelle

    I thought it felt a bit tacky & wet on my skin. Was not a fan & it pains me to say that bc I love toofaced!!!

  • Cas

    Damn. I wanted this to be my dream foundation so bad. Well good looking out. You always have my make up back. Sigh.

  • Tayllor

    I love this product! It’s so easy and makes my skin look flawless. Super lightweight, but perfect coverage. I use it with a beauty blender. The brush it comes with does NOTHING! And the product is a bit pricey.

  • Nikki Roble

    Hello everyone! Know this may be an old post but I rectly bought this at Nordstrom Rack. I was wondering if anyone has tried blow drying it to melt it a little? Would that be bad? Also, what do you guys think the best application would be? beauty blender?