July 2, 2013

4 Moisturizers from Korea I Really Want To Try

Korean Moisturizers

Ok, I admit it, I make little spreadsheets of skincare I want to try. I call them my Do Want lists. I basically have a spreadsheet for moisturizers, eye creams, and other skincare products that I want to try at some point. Most of them are gimmicky moisturizers that probably won’t change my life any time soon but one can hope that they’ll be amazing.

When it comes to Korean skincare my lemmings deepen because truly Asian brands promise the world when it comes to skincare and you utterly buy into that fact due to how fresh and incredible the promo models look in the advertisements.

Here are five moisturizers, including a Twi-hard one, that I want to try.

Mizon Twilight Return Cream
It has fangs, a bat, and gothy packaging! Of course, I want to try Mizon Twilight Return Cream! Ironically this one markets perfect, porcelain skin just like that of a vampire. This a face cream with whitening benefits as well as anti-aging ones and contains peptides which tighten and brighten skin.

Mizon Twilight Return Cream

Did I mention there’s a bat on the packaging? And it comes in a similar style tin as Steam Cream? Sure it isn’t hygienic but it is damn cute!

Mizon Returning Starfish Cream

One might ask one self what this cream does…I mean returning starfish? Did we not evolve from the ape? Did we evolve from a starfish? Does this cream return us to our true selves? Mmm too technical.

Mizon Returning Starfish Cream

Actually it supposedly contains 70% starfish extract and as much as I want to say, “ewww gross!” like an immature teenager, well, I really can’t bring myself to it as after you’ve tried products that contain snail mucus starfish is a trip to the park with a picnic basket. Starfish supposedly regenerates skin and provides moisture while fighting wrinkles and a duller complexion! Heck, Mizon goes all Josie on our asses and includes argan oil as well in this!

Secret Key Angel Tears Waterfull Cream
If they tell me it’s made from 70% angel tears I’d ask them to be sure they squeezed it fresh from Cas’s lovely puppy dog eyes. But technically no angels were harmed in the making of Secret Key Angel Tears Waterful Cream. It’s does contain hyaluronic acid to restore and maintain moisture in the skin which apparently mimics the same effect as angels tears. I guess angel tears are super moisturizing or super hot if you’re thinking of Misha (you’re welcome).

Secret Key Angel Tears Waterfull Cream

Skin Food Water Drop Facial Ice Vita Cream
Skin Food’s latest Vita addition is a new gel moisturizer that supposedly contains Alaska glacial water that restores the blush back into your skin. You have to ask yourself where in Korea do they tap Alaska glacial water but maybe you we shouldn’t thinking about it and just go along for the ride smiling happily about our freshly moisturized skin.

Skin Food Water Drop Facial Ice Vita Cream

And yeah, after all that gimmick I still want to try all of these! Laugh if you will but one just might be awesome or all five…who knows?

P.S. Michonne got a horse bitches! $h1t is about to get real! Oh and Daryl may or may not need a hair cut.

Walking Dead Season 4 Banner

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  • Bethany

    That is… so, so weird. 😛 I made a post on 5 skin care products I wanted to try last Wednesday and we match up on 3 of them (Secret Key and Mizon ones). We must be in sync. I’ve probably been reading you too long. Haha.

    • the Muse

      post a link! I want to see! I was browsing F2Plus1’s E-bay store this morning and proceeded to start adding new moisturizers of my list to try! She thankfully has these all stock so I ordered them lol! couldn’t resist.

  • Cj

    Porcelain vampire skin? Yeah that’s called me with a tan >.> Areant starfish like actually living animals :S I’m not vegan or anything but that sounds creepy lol

    • the Muse

      hells yes just the idea of smearing starfish anything on my face makes me shudder. I guess it might be the same concept as the snail..maybe the collect the mucus only?

  • shulamite

    these seem interesting x) do you have any holy grail korean skin care products that you would recommend? x

  • Mei

    All very interesting, I’d be willing to try the twilight moisturizer. I just really dislike packaging that requires you to dip your fingers into it. Speaking of sanitary packaging, etude house is releasing the baby choux base in a tube! Have you heard about that yet Muse?

    • the Muse

      Noooooooooooooooooo REALLY!? my mouth opened into a huge circle just now! exciting!

    • Alanna

      *screeches* get OUT. that’s the best thing i’ve heard all day lol.

  • lil-bee

    Hey Muse!

    I want that spreadsheet haha 😛 seriously, I might be going to Taiwan in September (as long as my thesis writes itself >.< and I'm like ahhh what shall I buy?!) .. so far I've only got Sunplay suncreams, Hada Labo's hyaluronic acid and some random Etude mists on the list 😛

    I've got DRY skin though, so I usually don't deviate from my French pharmacy creams and lotions! Let me know how you get on with these 😀

    PS – That Ebay seller really needs to do a loyalty thing haha

  • effortgirl

    They sound good. I’ll check them out when I reach Seoul in a few days!

  • susy

    hi! these look interesting. where can i find the twilight one? i don’t see it on ebay.

    • the Muse

      that’s the only place I know to purchase susy. If it isn’t listed perhaps check back again soon!

  • Jeannean

    So I finally got in the Mizon King of the Kong cream. Wow! Used it last night and it’s very hydrating without being sticky (but then again I live in Colorado so that might be different elsewhere). Box is cute. Container is adorable. Great product. And I found it on sale!! Very happy 🙂

  • Felicia

    I got the Skin food Water drop cream and love it! Very light weight for summer but somehow gives enough moisture! Love the cute packaging too. Thanks for the recommandation 🙂

  • LiyahVendetta

    Where canI buy these? I can’t find them. Love your writing style xoxo