July 10, 2013

Beauty Most Unusual: Apparently We Need Deodorant For Our Panties

Daily Freshness Panty Fresheners

Yeah, yeah you read that right…! Do your ahem unmentionables need a little freshening up? Apparently Poise thinks so! Because they have created something called Daily Freshness Panty Fresheners.

Ok, I admit it, I laughed.

I can’t say farts, feminine wash, or tampons without giggling like a teenage boy. It’s just my personality make up, I’m so sorry for my immaturity. I feel like I disappointed the sisterhood of the traveling pants for laughing my way around the word tampon….and feminine wash..or douche. Or worst yet, enema…seriously, too much hentai will stun your use of the word enema. Believe me I’m a walking case study! I dare you to watch Night Shift Nurses and NOT giggle over the word enema after.

Anyway…this isn’t about enemas or nasty little hentai indulgences. This is about deodorant for your underoos.

So what exactly are Daily Freshness Panty Fresheners? The good Doctor above explains how you can use these and where to place them but apparently from what I gathered they are self adhesive air freshener discs that you stick on the outside of your panties. Yeah, I don’t make this stuff up people, it’s all true.

The small disc can be stuck outside your panties and they provide a long lasting fresh scent for up to four hours of the wear. It’s just a little disc of a sticker that you slap on your underwear.

See the real problem here is when you strip down and your BF or hub sees that little disc stuck on your panties. What do you say? I mean, maybe you can use a Sharpie and put “Hello my name is…” on it and he wouldn’t question what was going on down there with that little sticker.

I didn’t want to discuss feminine odors with you today but I couldn’t resist posting this….something demanded I share. And you know me I love over sharing…!

We all need a little beauty most unusual products in our lives!

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    • the Muse

      LOL! what’s the one that’s advertised on the howard stern show? damn can’t recall ball something…LOL I think Ball Powder is possibly worst than panty deo stickers!

        • the Muse

          OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG THAT’S IT! You listen to Howard Stern obviously LOL! It was on the tip of my tone! FRESH BALLS! that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I love the Ashley Madison commercials too they CRACK ME UP!

          • Kimryan8

            Yes, huge fan. We’ve tweeted about Mr. Skin, Mr. Skin, I really love that Mr. Skin. Dot Cooooooooooooooom

          • the Muse

            LMAO! HEART! 😀 I sing this ALL day long. and ps mr skin is kinda hot looking ;-D hahaha! me and my sister are always laughing like idiots when he says bush and boobs…we got problems obviously

            ;-D pps you make the same mistake as we do it’s I really dig that mr skin but I really love that mr skin sounds so much better hahahahahahahaha!

    • the Muse

      hey C! there’s a mint version of the Balla one…I know how much you love that cool, crisp refreshing feel of mint honey ;-D

        • the Muse

          lol we need some serious help. can’t put the two of us in the same room together ;-D

          • Cj

            You say it like its a bad thing. Think about it, me and you, we could take over the world!!! We’d make it mandatory for all hot men to be shirtless at all times, make cosmetic brands make us personal products! We’d rule this puny planet!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

          • the Muse

            mmmmm I like this a lot…yes……! ;-D

    • lisa

      lol! I tried to be open minded when i saw the commercial cause I’m a poise fan. All I kept thinking was…1) if you clean yourself down there and still need a panty freshener something wrong and you need to go to the doctor cause that sounds like an infection. lol! 2) wouldn’t it be easier to clean your self with wipes then mask the smell. Maybe I need to try it.

        • lisa

          this is a great video when your having a girls gathering. oh! i can
          hear the jokes now!

  • AnniLau

    Did you ever see the site for…I think it’s called My Pink Button? Anyway, it’s some sort of colorant for that area to make it look pinker and supposedly ‘younger.’ Very very weird.

    I pretty much hate products that send the “Your girl parts are icky!” message though.

    • the Muse

      LOL I’ve heard of products like that for nipples but never ahem that area ;-D

      • Miss D

        Yes- thanks for mentioning this AnniLau! I sent you a link a long time ago Muse about a similar Asian product like My Pink Button. It seems like it’s necessary, particularly in Asia, to have very pink nipples (old school prostitutes would just use lipstick) and very pink um…well, just very pink everything!

        • the Muse

          I’m sorry Miss D I hope I replied…been swamped with comments/email 🙂 and can’t recall! Asia does seem fascinated with having very pink nipples and other ahem parts lol! ;-D

        • rebecca

          It’s that the origin of Benefit’s BeneTint?

          For San Fran’s strippers to color nipples?

  • SusanT

    I really want to try this. I’ve been using scented Carefree panty liners for years.

    • the Muse

      but this isn’t actual a liner…it’s just a little sticker you near the band of your panties, so odd right?

      • SusanT

        Muse, as long as I’m sticking a liner down there already, I may as well stick something else, right? Keeping the liner company, you know? I don’t know, I’m the type who’s paranoid about being fresh, always have been. When I see this at the store, I am definitely picking it up.

        • the Muse

          lol susan I heart you! “as long as I’m sticking a liner down there already…” lol…makes sense ;-D <3!

  • Hazel

    I think those little things could be handy. But then I’m one of those people who are paranoid I smell when I’m on my period even though I change my stuff like nobodys business lol!

  • Kristin

    “Ya know, i’m a little gamey down there, let me put this sticker on my drawls…” REALLY? Either use a wipe or wet wash cloth (hooker bath) or jump in the shower for 5 mins. LMFAO

    • the Muse

      a hooker bath? omg that’s the first time I heard that term LOL! or is it hookah bath?

        • Kristin

          HAHA ya’ll. Hookah! My mom would always say whore’s bath, but I thought that was kinda harsh 😛

          • Angel

            We call that a “whore bath” at my house. Not very PC, I know.

  • Laurie Brown

    Oh, good lord. Things like that have been cropping up forever. At least this is better (?) than the pellets of stuff you were supposed to shove up your lady cave to keep horrible odors from coming out! (Norforms? something like that) When will the world stop trying to convince us that our crotches are so offensive that you can smell for yards?!?!? I’m rather dismayed to see Berman as the face of feminine stench prevention.

    (I must be your sister at heart; I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy)

    • the Muse

      lmao laurie..;-D I think a man created these, just sayin’! ;-D

    • Kristin

      Lady cave….I’ll be using that now if you don’t mind 🙂

      • Donna

        I’m 62 and getting a big kick out of this! I actually had some free panty stickers to try, my husband, daughter and myself laughed our collective butts off! Lady Cave, lol!

  • Robyn

    LOL at “discreet”! I don’t like this at all – especially with the misinformation about using soap! Soap should not be used anywhere near the vagina because it can throw off its pH and the bacteria that keeps it clean!!

  • MJ

    The fact that you’ve seen Night Shift Nurses and you’re not terribly scarred afterwards makes me super happy. XD

    Also you really can’t NOT giggle over the word enema anymore after watching that. XD

    • the Muse

      lol mj…it kinda rocks you have to admit that ;-D seriously, the world would not be a better place without enema, scat, and beast/alien breeding in hentai ;-D we have to laugh at something! hehe!

      • MJ

        You’re awesome. XD

        Also, completely appropriate considering I just got back from Anime Expo a few days ago. Ahhhh~ crazy hentai and otaku fun. ^^

  • Donna

    We always called it a “whore’s bath”, never heard it called “hookers bath” lol

  • Debster

    OH MAN! I’m the same way with all those words. I even call it Shark Week and Cycle so I can avoid laughing in public.

      • Angel

        Speaking of Shark Week, you must google the Russian tampon ad!!!! OMG funniest thing I’ve ever seen!!! This post is continuing to crack me up 🙂

  • Cindy Ramirez

    This entire post is too much for me to take, comments and all. This is why I love your blog and hanging out here! Lololol <3

  • joana piloto

    For me hentai ruined the word Kimochi, I can be watching the most inocent anime but if a character says that word I automatically start laughing 😛

    • the Muse

      joana I associate Kimochi with “yeah but no but yeah but no….” LOL! Dunno if you ever watched little Britain but that’s what comes to mind!

  • JoElla

    I won a package of goodies from Poise and this was one of the items. And since I am the age of perimenapause, things can get a bit interesting in the warmer months..

    If I use them, I usually stick them on the outside of my under roos.. and haven’t had a problem.

    I am a huge fan of their fem wash. It doesn’t irritate me and works.

  • Nat

    Oh Muse, every time I finally get Night Shift Nurses out of my head you have to go and mention it, LOLZ!!!

    I feel so bad for us ladies being constantly shamed into products we don’t need and can even be bad for our areas just because we’re worried about what other people think. Totally support the ladies that want to use them for whatever reason, but I don’t think most of them are necessary. Maybe we should just walk around with our lower halves in hazmat shorts every 4-6 weeks, lol!

    • the Muse

      mawahhhaaaaa that was intention! Once you watch it it should never leave your head anyway LOL! ;-D

  • Angel

    No, no, no no, I just can’t with this. I’m so sick of companies trying to make women feel “unclean”. It’s so archaic. Look girls, if your hoo-ha needs a washing, take a shower. Or grab some baby wipes. Sticking a damned car freshener on your crotch isn’t going to solve the problem. Fragrances are known to disrupt the ph of our girly bits. Even though it’s worn on the outside, this thing has yeast infection written all over it to me…

  • Ruth

    *skips directly to comments* bwhahahaha =) thanks ladies and gents for making my day!

  • charlotte

    So hilarious.. just laughed my way through the comments. Fully agree with the consensus above.. less is more when cleaning, wear cotton undies, if there is a problem see your Dr.

  • Nat

    Common sense seems to be the consensus!

    Just a little tip for those who don’t know, if you use a poof/loofah/whatevs for cleansing in the shower, you should always keep a separate one for using down there. That way you ensure no bacteria transfer between the rest of your body and your nether-regions. 😀

  • SteffieRosa

    Can you get a tiny tree shaped one that smells like new car? You know to make my guy feel more at home. Lol

  • vanessa

    im late to this discussion, but have you guys seen the gross commercials where the ladies are in the bathroom at the club and shes looking through her purse and pulling out tons of crap and then the little vaginal wipe pops out and she’s all YESSSSS! and the other chick steals it?

    what are they telling the world with this ad? 1) women carry too much shit in their bags and they cant get it together 2) women lose stuff
    3) women suddenly smell their vaginas when they are out in public and need relief 4) women steal from each other.

    i loathe this ad for so many reasons! how do you explain to young girls that the vagina is a self cleaning organ as long as you bathe like a normal person when they are seeing ads like this? bring on the shame, people. ugh.

    HOWEVER….. im liking the ads for the maxi pads for men who “leak”.