July 18, 2013

New Victoria’s Secret Victoria Eau de Parfum

Victoria's Secret Victoria Eau de Parfum

What’s Victoria’s Secret missing? A signature scent! Meet the new Victoria’s Secret Victoria Eau de Parfum.

Granted, they have the Angels and plenty of other options but their very own signature scent named after themselves? Nope, they didn’t have that up until now!

This flirty floral fruity scent promises to smell like everything you love about Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret Victoria Ea de Parfum is a selection of fruity notes that includes a sparkling blend red berries mixed with decadent creme brulee and rose notes!

The scent will also be available in body lotion, perfume, mist, and even a rollerball!

It’s available now at Victoria’s Secret locations and online!

P.S. Thanks for the heads up Anni for letting me know Bobby is Back in Black come Fall! Jim Beaver tweeted he be back as Bobby but possessed by Meg…WHAT?! Meg and Bobby?! Holy shizzle. It’s like Christmas but in July. No word if this means he’ll be back for good though!

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    • Valery Shaw

      I LOVE the original Victoria”- scent from Victoria’s Secret– it was discontinued long ago- and being it was my signature scent- I still look so hard for it on ebay anywhere– would give anything to have a small bottle of it- /I am so depsarate to have it – if I could just find one I could send it in to one of the Perfumers and they can copy it for me– I miss it ! So if anyone has a small or large or any size bottle of it they would be willing to sell or send me – I would be ever so grateful!! — when Victoria’s secret recently introduced a NEW scent in a pretty pink bottle- called “Victoria”– I literally hurried with uncombed hair etc and went to the store – to get it- that it would be the same one same small as their original I long for– NO it is a totally different scent – different- than the very first “Victoria” in the blue lidded as described above.– /– I do have a full body lotion of the original Victoria scent in the Blue tube saved but when I called the Perfumer they said it is best to send the actual bit of the liquid perfume as the body lotion is much harder to replicate.—-AND LOL-VS is also my Initials!!–lol– so any logo initial clothes of Victoria’s Secret I would also buy!! — Thanks,-Valery Shaw — to “Janet”who posted above that has a small bottle.–hint hint -please read–

      • Tre’

        Tom ford’s velvet orchid has a few notes similar to the original Victoria. Every other perfume out there has multiple dupes, why victoria doesn’t is beyond me…. Maybe they can’t get all the ingredients anymore.

        • Valery Shaw

          Thanks you Tre’! I will go check it out . I really want a small or large amount of the real deal though- Can have it copied by a scent maker and if not ,~well just be able to have a sniff of the real original Victoria would make me so happy!! ~ Valery~

  • cat

    Cute bottle design. It’s a good thing my apartment is too small for a vanity. I’d probably just buy perfumes because I thought the bottle looked cute. It was a strong selling point for Marc Jacobs Dot.

  • Bianca

    I actually loooooved that original Victoria perfume back in the day. (Totally age inappropriate since I was like 11.) But Victoria’s Secret’s branding was totally different back then before the Angels and all the Pink stuff. My memory of the old fragrance was that is was very sexy and kind of dark, not flirty or fruity at all.

  • Evangeline

    In a moment of complete insanity, someone at Victoria’s Secret decided to take the original “Victoria” signature fragrance off the market. Now, as if to backhand the millions of us who clamor for it still, they have ‘overwritten’ the first Victoria and any hope of it returning as a special release, anniversary edition, or in any other incarnation, by releasing this juvenile fragrance that smells more like it is for teenage girls than for anyone who’d be slinking about in VS’s sexy under garments.
    I feel slapped in the face.
    Bring back my favorite fragrance ever! Or sell me the ‘recipe’ so I can go on making millions of jonesing customers happy by releasing it under a different name, like Victoria’s Secret Folly.

    • Carole

      Try “Iris” by Crabtree and Evelyn. Its not the original Victoria, especially when first applied. But it turns into something close after about 15-20 minutes. I’ve e-mailed them several times asking them to give us back our original Victoria. Our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. It appears they want to pander to the bubble-gum chewing, strawberry smelling crowd rather than women of substance.

  • Desiree

    I to LOVED original Victoria!!!!! searched the internet, bought a “supposed to be Replica” big bucks too! Ugh, sickeningly sweet. Finally on e-bay found originals, MAJOR Big Bucks! Smells same, however scent does not last, I am sure due age.

    OMG, if anyone can find an equivalent, recipe, WHATEVER, please let me know!!!
    Almost willing to offer a kidney for trade, Just Kidding, LOL
    But DO Miss and LOVE Victoria!