July 22, 2013

Remember Anna Sui Secret Wish Fragrance

Anna Sui Secret Wish Fragrance

I must the only girl alive that has both Anna Sui Secret Wish Fragrances. Now there isn’t anything difference between the two bottles just the color but a few years ago I had to have both for some OCD beauty junkie reason.

Le sigh.

Sometimes it’s hard being an addict.

Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT

Anna Sui Secret Wish

These might be a blast from your beauty past. I purchased Anna Sui Secret Wish about two million years ago and never really used either because I wasn’t too keen on the notes. I was hoping for a fruity floral but it’s…I dunno something else entirely.

That doesn’t mean I don’t completely squeal over the little fairy topper and cute fairy box packaging. These happily grace my vanity due to their sweet little bottles.

I also happen to have a hard time saying no to certain BPAL fragrances because they might have a special meaning, label, or name. Like I have a ton of blends from Doc Constantine’s Pharmacopeia oils just because they are Brian related not because I actually like the scents. Fan girl much?

What about you?

Do you ever collect certain fragrances just because you like the bottle or the idea of the fragrance but not the way it actually smells?

I can’t be alone here!

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  • Fuu

    Not really…but am currently using Anna Sui Fairy Dance perfume and I love it! Fruity floral with citrus.

    • the Muse

      yeah I have all the Van Cleef Feerie ones 😀 they are so beautiful and they actually smell incredible too 😀

  • Anne

    I totally collect perfumes for the bottles and colors and such, and yes, I have both Secret Wish bottles 🙂 Ahh at last a kindered spirit 😀
    I like Secret Wish personally, it’s very slightly fruity, but mostly
    watery notes which I like, and when I occasionally wear it, I get lots
    of compliments from men on it.:)

    • the Muse

      lol glad I’m not alone! I totally do that too! I don’t really like it…I don’t get the fruit aspect unfortunately mostly it goes musky on me 🙁 but do love the bottle 😀

  • Meg

    I’ve finished a bottle of Secret Wish and I’m now on my 2nd bottle. I have the blue-green one though. I didn’t know a pink bottle existed but I really love the fruity scent of this! 😀

    Though right now, I am loving Lanvin Jeanne (pink bottle) more. I keep smelling myself it’s weird. HAHA.

  • Susan

    These are beautiful. I love all things magical and fairy related. If these were still available I would have to have them just for the bottle’s alone. Thanks for the pics.

  • Catherine

    Love these – I strangely also have both but am not so keen on the actual fragrance either, bought them when I was much younger! I initially thought Magic Romance was going to be a different scent but oh well they do look lovely on athe perfume shelf 🙂

    • the Muse

      i can’t really place what it smells like but it smells like another fragrance I dislike Catherine, happy to know I am not alone…love the bottles but the scent is yak!

  • T

    I actually like Secret Wish and I own the blue bottle. It was also the first fragrance I found that actually had everything I liked in it (citrusy, fresh, not floral). I’ve been using it sparingly, but I always end up pulling it out during the spring/early summer.

  • Daniela

    You’re not alone..I go nuts buying fall/Halloween anything because I’m obsessed with that time of year…even if I hate the smell I just NEED to be surrounded by bottles and candles that relate to the season. BBW and Haus of Gloi just destroy my wallet once the temps start dropping.

  • Irene

    You are not alone…I also have both Fragrances and I don’t like the smells also. Just got crazy because of that small fairy 😀