July 19, 2013

Stila Countless Color Pigments Review & Swatches

Stila Countless Color Pigments

Stila Countless Color Pigments are the type of product that visually draw you in. The kaleidoscope of tie dyed shades really captures the eye and makes you want them rather badly. However, Stila Countless Color Pigments aren’t just about the pretty! They are also quite an interesting concept and are made for not only eyes but cheeks as well which make them quite appealing. Who doesn’t love a multitasking product?

As much as I wanted to love them I found in the end they weren’t all that great.

Le sigh! Countless Color Pigments in theory not only look great but sound it too! These vibrant color pigments contain three shades each which you can use individually or together to create a variety of looks.

You can swirl a brush in all the shades and sweep it across your cheek bones or pick up color with your shadow brush and apply them together or individually for a variety of eye looks. The great thing about them is they never go muddy in the pan. So even though you’re swirling shades together you can simply brush a large powder brush across the surface of the shadows once you’re done and the original design is restored. Nifty eh? I can’t say many highlighter and shadows that merge colors into one pan like this can say the same!

I think the colors are stunning! Truly works of art! For example, I purchased Finale and thought it would make a stunning blush! And even Lyric which also had me thinking of ways to use it on my face. I honestly purchased many of the shades with blush use in mind. Unfortunately, I find the colors are a little too bright and apply a little too patchy on my cheeks to look natural. It could be a case of a little too much pigmentation? I’m not really sure but no matter what I do I end up with clown cheeks. The formula is a little chalky with a satiny feel but aren’t like Stila’s traditional velvety, buttery eyeshadow formula in the least.

Stila Countless Color Pigments Swatches

Lyric, Encore, Finale, Acoustic

Above is how the swatches look when swatched together and below you’ll find them individually swatched.

After my poor experience using the shades as a blush I decided to go ahead and start creating eye looks. Again, I experience a rather poor application. I’m really not sure what it is but the shades just lay on my lid wrong. They look un-blended, dry, and age my eyes slightly. Even though I wanted to use different shades in the pot to contrast with I found it impossible to do as the shades won’t blend out well together. If you want to use all three shades or even two in an eye look you end up with one shade only as they all blend together and in some cases end up looking muddy! You’re also going to realize at some point the colors don’t go so well together anyway…like the bright pink and lovely orange of Lyric look beautiful in the pan but creating a contrasting eye look with these shades is 1. difficult and 2. if you do end up blending them out correctly it’s more of a clown-y look like you’re headed to the circus. I’ve learned pink and orange look amazing in the pot just not together on my eyes.

Stila Countless Color Pigments Lyric

Stila Countless Color Pigments Lyric Swatches


Stila Countless Color Pigments Finale

Stila Countless Color Pigments Finale Swatches


Stila Countless Color Pigments Encore

Stila Countless Color Pigments Encore Swatches


Stila Countless Color Pigments Acoustic

Stila Countless Color Pigments Acoustic Swatches


In the end, Stila Countless Color Pigments reel you in with beauty but not a quality formula. The performance on these shadows slash blushes is just a challenging and poor user experience. The colors look stunning but applying them seemed impossible to get down correctly.

Skip them unless you find them on sale.

Tried ’em?

Love to hear your thoughts!

I purchased this item.

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  • Sara

    I bought Encore a few months ago when these first came out and I’ve been mostly happy with it. I find that the colors go together better than a lot of the other color pigments since it’s a peach, pink and raspberry/mauve color. They did tend to blur together a bit on my lid and they did kinda crease by the end of the day with primer. Overall, it’s handy to throw in my travel makeup bag since it’s one look in a tiny little package.

    • the Muse

      happy to hear it sara 🙂 didn’t have great success with it tbh 🙁

      • krenee27

        I originally purchased Tie Dye and was immediately in love. I now own 9 out of the 10 colors and wear them daily in all different combinations. I have not tried them on the cheeks at all, but have created amazing eye effects! My first experience with wearing them included a two hour swim and going down water slides in 115 degree Vegas summer heat. The shadow did not even fade a bit. I did not even have to do an eye retouch after the swim. I do use the Stila prime pot underneath though, so maybe that is part of the great success? At any rate, I own Tie Dye, Center Stage, Groupie, Indie, Melody, Light Show, Acoustic, Encore and Lyric. The only one I am missing is Finale, which I have been unable to find now that they are gone since they were limited editions. I have never gotten so many compliments on my eyes as I have since I started wearing this product!

        • Christina

          Eight of the shades, including Finale, are available on the Stila website for only $8 each. I’m buying them all and am really excited to try them!

      • Renata

        I was not happy when I first tried it. But then I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo as a base in the shade 65 pink gold and swirl over the Stila Encore. Do the wash of colour over the lid. The result was amazing and very unique which I cannot achieve with any other eyeshadow that I have. Really stunnig pinky gold brown eyeshadow! Do not forget they are pigments..not an usual eyeshadow so you can play with them. I have not tried them as a blush and would not risk that:)

  • Bree

    I thought these would be so neat so when ulta had them on sale for $15 I bought finale. I used it once and wasn’t impressed. I thought I could make a pretty plum smokey eye….umm no I found they didn’t blend well and just looked muddy on my eye. The color just wasn’t very flattering either. Wish I would have returned it!

  • The Angel

    I had a feeling i would not like these especially when i
    saw them at Norstrom rack for 8 bucks.

  • Cindy Ramirez

    What a disappointment. These were the ones you were super excited about right? I played with them at Sephora and wasn’t impressed. I think this is a pretty neat looking product thought.

  • Kimmwc03

    I had good luck with mine. I bought two different ones than any of the ones mentioned here (Tie Dye and something else). I used a sponge applicator and found them to make pretty blue and purple shadows. I primed my lids first so maybe that is the difference. I was tempted to get another at Ulta when I saw them on sale but I probably won’t.

  • Fuu

    I knew something was up when I saw them for $8 at Nordstrom Rack yesterday.

    • amarus

      I saw them too! Even if they are a flop, I was so surprised to see them so discounted already.

  • Lulle

    Same experience here. I feel like they’re too pigmented for a blush, but not enough for eyeshadows… Finale is really hard to blend on the cheeks, although I manage to make it wearable if I apply it with a VERY light hand.

    • the Muse

      lulle so glad I’m not crazy! had a really hard time with them as blushes and disappointed bc they are so pretty 🙁

  • amy

    Are these LE? I’m quite intrigued by the last 3, but they’re just not in the budget for the next couple of months… I have a serious weakness for red shadows, so if I find them on shelves, I’ll probably buy them anyway, if they’re still available.

    • the Muse

      they are but I imagine they’ll keep popping up everywhere on sale at some point 🙂

  • Smurfette123

    I actually have indie in my purse and find that, while not my favorite product, in a pinch I did eyes, lips, and cheeks with the different colors. (Morning daycare drop off turned into an outing…)

  • Jamie

    Just purchased Acoustic at Nordstrom Rack for $8! And the After Glow Lip Color, for about the same price 🙂

  • Annie

    I found these at Nordstrom Rack for like $9! I didn’t buy them and I am for sure regretting it! It was such a good deal and they are SOOOOO pretty. I also found some very cheap urban decay products there too;)

  • krenee27

    Stila has all of them on sale for $4 on their website right now. Too bad they don’t ship to Canada, or I would start purchasing doubles of the ones I already have!