August 14, 2013

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Avon Mega Effects Mascara 2

Avon Mega Effects Mascara is a new innovative mascara with a large comb applicator to give lashes, well, a mega effect! Avon Mega Effects Mascara’s “Wonderbrush” bends and adjusts at different angles allowing you to capture all your lashes and produces more darker, denser, dramatic lashes.

Does it work?

Mmmmmmmm it’s ok? Mega Effects Mascara quite reminds me of Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes Mascara just with a different shaped applicator. In some ways the Wonderbrush as Avon dubs it is a lot like the spiked ball the Phenomen’Eyes Mascara has but just in a comb style. The comb has tiny spiked spokes that capture lashes to add length and volume as you comb it through.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara 3

The actual mascara is a pocket size contraption that’s a little smaller than a pack of Tic Tacs. You snap off the top and wriggle the brush free from the bottom portion. The actual mascara handle is easy enough to move at any angle you want so you can swivel it up or down but I’m not really sure this really aids any in application simply because I find the handle a little too short to get the best application. The shorter handle is an issue for me and I felt like I had no control over the applicator as I worked and I was a little worried I’d end up poking it into my eye because of this. It combs through lashes alright but I find it makes a mess if I’m not extra slow during the process. My lashes end up sticking together, clumping, and generally looking like I have a goop of mascara on them if I stroke too quickly. The brush has some uniqueness that’s for sure but in theory the unique nature of the brush is a mess waiting to happen.

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

I’d say it produces nice results on a whole. Lashes are fuller, length is just not bad either, and I wouldn’t say it added or kept curl all that much.

In the end Avon Mega Effects Mascara has more gimmick going for it than anything. You can get pretty much the same results it produces from a drugstore mascara or possibly better results really and you aren’t risking poking an eye out or creating a clumpy mess of your lashes. I don’t have the patience for slow application otherwise I’d say it was quite a nice mascara. I tend to want to get mascara on and done not spend too much time applying and worrying if I am going to make a mess or if my lashes are going to look good that day or if I am going to chance messing up my entire eye look because of some small mistake during the application process!

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Before After

It’s worth a try if you happen to find it on sale just for the sake of trying it ya know? And who knows really you might actually love it….!

As for me I’ll stick to regular mascaras for now.

Tried it?

Love to hear how it worked out for you!

I purchased this item.

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  • tirednurseok

    I really like this-once I figured out how to get the applicator out of the package. A little tricky to apply the first time I used it, but it has gotten easier. I would buy again.

  • Debbie

    I’m with you Muse (sticking with regular mascara wands)! That thing looks like a freakin torture device! Yowsa,,,Stay Away!!(while making a cross with fingers in front of me). lol.

  • catazure

    I agree completely, Muse. The lady who cleans my house sells Avon so I bought this to see if as good as appeared. Nope. I’ve poked myself in the eye, made a mess by blinking before the slow-drying tint dries and am only continuing to use it because I bought it. And even THAT may end soon!

  • ash

    I’ve tried it several times, but still hated it!! I agree, it definitely is unique. It gave me good length, but it’s volume/thickness I’m after and this gave me neither πŸ™ The super wet formula also ended up being quite messy on me and even though it promised not to, the Mega Effects did clump! I’m a fan of applying two coats of mascara, but the clumping just got worse when I tried to do it with this new formula… I’m not sure why fellow reps are raving about it…

    • the Muse

      i had the same experience ash, the slow dry down def mucks it up and creates a mess πŸ™

  • KC Owens

    I appreciate your review. I had a different opinion. I was worried that this would be another mascarathat was all talk and no results. I went ahead and splurged anyway. I find the applicator a cinch to use, I’m not concerned of poking my eye, because it can be adjusted to what is comfortable. What I got was defined lashes and the illusion that I have spent an excessive amount of time tight lining my upper lids. I am so glad I took a chance on this.

  • Amy

    Wow!!!! That looks amazing , do you have any ideas about when it will be available in the UK? Love your blog btw xxx

    • the Muse

      I’m not sure amy if I hear anything will update! thanks!!!!!!!!! <3!

    • Tracey

      Amy, it will be available from brochure 15 in the UK. I’m currently distributing number 14 so you should be able to get it from a rep or the website soon πŸ™‚

  • Ladymoonlight

    Just got this in my Glossybox, but now that I see the result on your lashes I’m not sure if it’s even worth giving a go.

  • Marlee

    I bought this about a month ago and found out that it works better as it dries out just a little bit. Love the length it gives to my lashes but you do have to take your time while applying.

  • Lisa

    I actually like it. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t really go in and touch up one little area with that huge brush if that makes sense.

  • Faiza Qaiser

    Nah i am going to leave it , already have a difficult time apply a regular mascara. I would probably poke my eye or smear my eye makeup using this one

  • jenn

    this contraptions is major scary. all these little tentacles trying to claw your eyes out. no thanks!

  • Nantajit

    I have to say that it looks pretty good on your lashes Muse!!! After seeing your picture I really want to try it πŸ™‚

  • Renee

    Tried mine out earlier this week, it’s a fail for me. Purchased out of pure curiousity, and just being a I also poked my eye, mascara was everywhere. First swipe was to fast and too much product on the brush had my lashes looking like only 3 really thick hairs. A quick combing with a spoolie fixed it, but you do have to slow it down to work with this mascara. Good part is I had no burning with my sensitive eyes. Bad part is it’s not water resistant/proof and did not survive watery allergy eyes. (My eyes sound so sickly. Ha) I will have to stay with my Blinc primer and Blinc mascara. Ever since I found the original Blinc mascara several years back, it has been my one and only. Now I love their Amplified mascara…I get no flaking or running problems. When Avon comes out with the waterproof version of this I’ll probably try it too. Damn curiosity!

  • Mel

    I just received one today! I’m still confused of how to get the wand out. My aunt’s a regular user and really likes it though. Unfortunately I don’t live with her.

  • Becky

    Hey – good review. I’ve had my Mega Effects Mascara for a while now and I love it. Think it takes a lot of getting used to. Check out my review if you like