August 12, 2013

Etude House Ice Shot Sleeping Mist Review

Etude House Ice Shot Sleeping Mist

Considering how fun, funky, and silly Etude House Ice Shot Freeze Foam is I was preparing myself for Etude House Ice Shot Sleeping Mist being more of the same.

But actually Etude House Ice Shot Sleeping Mist is a little more low key of a product and way more practical.

Take a peek!

Etude House Ice Shot Sleeping Mist is a new cooling jelly-like mist that you can use in the AM or PM to prep skin. Now this isn’t a facial mist is the traditional sense of the word as it is NOT a fine mist in the least. If anything it kinda sorta resembles the gelatin-like texture of the Nature Republic Tweety Jelly Moisturizer.

It the bottle it looks sorta solid but it mists out like a heavier facial spray so no worries about it being chunky somehow. It has a rather delightful lemon lime candy scent that’s very subtle so I don’t think it’ll be upsetting to sensitive users.

They recommend it for nightly use but personally I use in the day or the night without an issue. It’s basically a glycerin based mist so it gives a nice bit of hydrating that gives skin a soft, supple finish. After application you’ll want to gently tap your face so it absorbs fully. It’s rather idea for a lightweight moisturizer if you want or to use prior to moisturizer if you’re skin is drier. I think “ice shot” is slightly misleading as it isn’t terrible cooling unless you pop it in fridge prior to use.

You can use it any numbers of ways but not to set makeup as it is way too thick for that. Typically I apply prior to moisturizer because it helps my skincare to absorb easily or you can use it as a lightweight moisturizer of sorts as well if your skin needs less moisture but needs a little something to allow makeup to apply easier.

Honestly, I think Etude House Ice Shot Sleeping Mist is one of my favorite mists of the moment since it does provide considerably more hydration than any others I’ve tried or owned in the past so for that along I love it.

One thing I did dislike was the fact that it seems to run out very fast. I’ve used it for two weeks or so and I’m almost done with the bottle. This is with daily use. Other facial mists I get a way longer time out of them!

Outside of that I must say I Muse Approve this one!

Really liked it!

You can grab it from or E-bayer F2Plus 1 (not affiliated) for fairly close to retail.


I purchased this item.

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  • Sangy

    your review is kinda tempting me to get it!! But i have a sensitive skin and often tends to breakout, would glycerin aggravate breakouts??

    • sparklyblind

      Asian brands, especially Japanese really seem to work the best w my skin. I also worry about breakouts overload but these brands seem to really often be geared towards those of us prone to breakouts from both oily troublesome skin but also sensitive and allergic, and I’m both- dairy DESTROYS my skin all over, not just my face and I’m getting more and more allergic to more products as well as foods the older I get, too 🙁

      But, “YAAAYYY!!” Thank you, again for showcasing our prospects, Muse! It’s quite very Lovely<3

  • sparklyblind

    Hhhmm, this IS tempting! I’m all about mists these past few years, before I admit I thought they were just a waste of money and not another thing to have to spend $$$ on. But since I became allergic to dairy it took 2+ yrs to discover just wth was destroying my skin all over, especially my face, I’ve rehauled nearly everything in my face care routine. This lemonlime candy is a definite favorite yum scent of mine! I really would like to give this a try and also look into the other product of their’s that you reviewed.
    A jelly-like mist? Hhhmm, seems interesting, definitely new, did you ever have any issues w the spray clogging from this sort of texture, Muse? Plus, Asian brands, especially Japanese really seem to work the best w my skin. I also worry about breakouts overload but these brands seem to really often be geared towards those of us prone to breakouts from both oily troublesome skin but also sensitive and allergic, and I’m both, so “YAAYY!!” Thanks FOR ALWAYS NOT JUST “TEMPTING US, MUSE, BUT YOU REALLY DO HELP US when we really need solutions 🙂

    I like (I’m sure I’m mispelling this brand somehow) Icelandic Skyn’s mist, it’s not a fine, lovely mist like Caudalie (which I also adore but wow does that price keep jumping!!) Skin Icelandic mist is touted a a vitamin dose to use daily but honestly, it seems like a sort of spray on cleanser. I don’t get trouble if I leave it on overnight even though it’s quite thick in my opinion and even sort of “foams” up if you spray to cover face and neck without wanting to touch your face due to dirty hands worries. Also, it smells EXACTLY like their pre-moistened facial wipe clothes which I also love, and I REALLY LOVE their product appropriately named The Antidote for gentle clearing, decongesting, light moisture, nutrients, AND OMG- it actually DOES COOL!!
    I wish these companies cooling mists claims were more accurate, Caudalie is the only mist to ever be cooling in my uses.

    (But HEY!! btw about Caudalie- I found a great use, aside from cooling/EVERYTHING, ha 🙂 … it seems very wasteful but when you’re in bed, sick and totaly ALARMED at the sudden site of a swarm of ants… long story…. I had my Easter Basket close by w me…) Caudalie spray is a SERIOUS and ALL NATURAL ant repellant! Sounds crazy but obviously it will kill them, but if you take action BEFORE and spray where you know ants like to try to invade each Summer it keeps them AWAY for seriously months!! I think it’s the oils, they can’t walk in it, idk. But even the scent of it will keep them away! I keep my old, used but still scented bottles as well as the caps just placed strategically about. This sounds so silly and any1 reading will prob never think of Caudalies Beauty Elixer mist the same again, hopefully they’ll see it’s even greater than they already knew! Maybe the will first hv to encounter the scent followed by it’s negative affects on them to remember exactly hoe great it works to keep them away once, but once they do… they remember for years! I swear it’s like they tell their kids or something. Crazy to talk about on Muse’s site and sorry about this, but if anybody is like me and just CANNOT EVER be exposed to the “normal” cleaners, repellants, etc. even just a whiff and I hv a disabling migraine, try a spritz or 2 of this magic stuff and if ants usually try to invade, they will stop, it even stops them from trying to enter from another angle in the vicinty of at least the size of a bedroom!! )
    But, yes, I’m getting into mists ALOT these past 2yrs since my skin decided to just freakout and never stopped. Finally I was able to discover I had developed a reaction to dairy, it affects all of my skin but of course we must show our best face so it was TERRIBLE. It actually finally caused me to DESPERATELY break down and buy a FEW SK-II products and wow did they deliver, FINALLY!! I wish I had those 2yrs worth of $$$ I’d wasted to collect a few more SK-II items, but the 1 thing I hv not seen from them is a mist so I really am trying alot of mists and just lighter, outright liquid products after seeing how great the mostly liquid/very SK-II items I chose work.