August 5, 2013

New EOS Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

EOS Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

Dying for a new flavor of your favorite EOS Lip Balm? How about the new EOS Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm? Blueberry isn’t a really new flavor if you happen to own the EOS Alice in Wonderland Set. Originally the set included a flavor entitled Blueberry Potion and I have a feeling EOS Blueberry Acai will likely be a similar tasting balm.

But if you didn’t get in on the Alice in Wonderland Set now you can grab, at the very least, that particular flavor!

P.S. A little babble about the new Doctor after the jump!

The EOS Blueberry Acai Smooth Sphere Lip Balm contains soothing shea butter, jojoba, and the delicious taste of blueberries! It soothes moisturizers, and softens lips.

You can get this flavor now at as well as other EOS retailers such as Target.

Want it?

Doctor Who

P.S. There goes my theory! The good Doctor has grown younger with each regeneration hasn’t he? It was my theory somehow a Time Lord gets younger with each regeneration but I guess that theory is shock to hell in a handbag as news of the newest Doctor takes the Internet by storm (and will continue to do so until we actually meet this new Doctor). At 55 years of age Peter Capaldi is the oldest Doctor to grace the series since William Henry Hartnell played the first incarnation of the beloved Doctor. I guess our main worry will be how he’ll interact with Clara…I think he’ll do so rather famously. The 11th already treats her somewhat like a grandchild of sorts! An older Doctor might just be what we need as the whimsical nature of the Doctor and somewhat emo funk he’s been in for the past several years might be better placed on the shoulders of an older gent! This might bring better more mature story arcs to the table and the show might actually come out of its shell again and allow old fans as well as new to enjoy a series that’s more age appropriate versus “fun”. After all serious sci-fi can be brilliant too…we can do without all the corny jokes sometimes yes? And Peter isn’t very new to the Whovian universe anyway as he was in Torchwood 🙂

I welcome Peter with open arms and expect him to thrill me as much as he did in The Thick of It (if you haven’t it do catch up on this great series! Especially if you like britcoms like Twenty Twelve).

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  • kate

    Watched the live show yesterday, fun
    My daughter called this one, I think he will be good.

    I never warmed up to Matt, not that he was bad, but….

    • the Muse

      didn’t see it boo 🙁 hopefully will rerun or I’ll catch it online!

  • Cj

    I’m excited for an older doctor, I have a really good feeling about this guy, I re watched the old who and torch wood episodes he was in, he seems like a really good actor. Can’t wait! Blue eos is purty! *throws away the pink strawberry one*

  • muttmutti

    This looks cool, but I never got all the hype for eos. To me they feel a little too waxy?
    Has anyone tried the hand lotions though? Been wondering about those.

  • Somayea

    I am so excited about the new Doctor. I love Matt, he is my favorite one so far out of the new Who. I really felt and connected to Eleven. But honestly I am ready for a new Doctor. I am glad they made the Doctor older, I think it’ll be interesting 🙂

  • Emma

    I am excited about the new Doctor as well! I just hope that the newer and younger fans don’t suddenly turn around and decide they don’t like it any more because he’s older. I can’t wait to see what he does with the role! 😀

    • the Muse

      oh gosh that would suck as some of the older doctors were the best 😀 holler Tom Baker ;D

  • Marina

    Very excited to see what he will do! I liked Matt, but he never fully grew on me. Hoping this will take the show in a fresh direction. Plus he was already in an episode of Who (Fires of Pompeii) so that is promising!

  • Julia

    Yay! I love the Blueberry EOS from the Alice in Wonderland set – glad there will be something similar when I finally get to the bottom of the egg 😉

  • Lydia

    Blueberry Acai and Blueberry Potion from Alice in Wonderland are NOT the same.