August 7, 2013

Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Pond's Luminous Finish BB Cream

Yes, I love it…! Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream is a winner however, not in the sense that it has a ton of coverage. Sorry kids, this is a sheer BB Cream….! But I love it because it does exactly what it promises! Provides luminous coverage that basically perfects your face and makes for a flawless experience.


Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream ($8.99-$9.99 depending where you purchase) that was created with a Tone Perfect Complex that works on dark spots and visible fades them. No I can’t say if this is working but I generally like the idea that it might just be treating my dark spots during application.

Let’s take a look!

Pond's Luminous Finish BB Cream Fall 2013

In all honesty if you’re a chronic user of BB Creams and have experience Korean BB Cream formulas you are in for a little disappointment with Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream because it does run sheerer. When you’re used to the coverage of a Korea BB Cream it is backpedaling slightly when you’re using something this sheer as it feels more like a tinted moisturizer. Another disappointing aspect is the lower SPF 15. However, if you can get past both these issues I think you’ll love this formula as much as I do.

Honestly, it’s like a high quality tinted moisturizer for ten fracking bucks. SCORE! It comes in a Light and Medium shade selection so it does limit options to who can use it but since it is so sheer it’ll likely universally fit a broad range of shades without look too pasty or unnatural.

This comes in a squeeze tube that’s a generous 1.5 oz size. It has a soft delicate rose scent which is very subtle. The formula is rich, very creamy, and applies easily onto skin. It has a very hydrating finish at first application and really provides some nice moisture during that time. But no worries it sets to a soft, satiny finish that doesn’t cling to drier areas or accentuate pores. I don’t need a lot of coverage and this works more as a CC Cream would as it corrects your skin tone, evens it out, brightens, and creates a more uniformed, flawless finish. There are SO many BB Creams on the market at the moment that promises to brighten but the shades are such duller beige shades that they end up making my complexion look lackluster and they cover up any natural glow my skin already has. Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream provides the luminosity and brightening that my duller skin needs.

Pond's Luminous Finish BB Cream Swatches 1

Pond's Luminous Finish BB Cream Swatches

Light and Medium

The formula supposedly targets dark spots as well to reduce their appearance over time but I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and can’t say if that is working or not as of yet as fading dark spots is sometimes a full time job and requires constant use to see any real difference.

Overall, Pond’s Luminous Finish BB Cream is probably one of the nicest BB Creams I’ve run across in drugstores and it does in fact gain a Muse Approval. I think that the sheerness of the product will prove a little disappointing but overall, this is a winner for those who desire a more weightless lighter coverage that perfects but doesn’t necessarily conceal!

It’s available now at drugstores.

Muse Approved for this one.

Tried it?

Do share!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • amy

    I was going to ask you about this one, LOL! I just got a $2 off coupon in the newspaper, but I accidentally left it at home when I went grocery shopping; however, I have a $4 off my next purchase at the market, so combining the 2 will give $6 off, which will make it worth it, even if it does run sheer. I usually apply MPF over it anyway, so if I need extra coverage and/or SPF, that’s taken care of.

    • the Muse

      that’s a deal in the half! well worth picking up with that much $$ off Amy. I like it. It’s sheer but quite lovely at this price…not really a traditional BB Cream but the lightweight coverage is just enough for a hot Summer day 😀

      • Lillie

        I ordered a sample of the Pond’s BB Cream. I love it. It is just what I have been looking for. I am so excited to go and buy some now. I have been skimping and using the sample as many times as I can until I can get to the store. Thanks for the review, it was great to hear from someone that agrees with what I was thinking.

  • Diana

    Wow! That medium shade is dark for a medium! I was disappointed at first since it only comes in two shades but after seeing how dark the medium is, maybe I’ll give it a try.

  • Theresa

    thanks for the review! what product that you’ve tried do you think is the best for lightening dark spots? not necessarily cc creams, but serums or treatments too. i have a lot of old acne scars that just don’t seem to fade. thanks!

    • the Muse

      the only product I tried and liked that worked for me was Philosophy’s Miracle Worker Brightener

  • Saiba

    Yay! I was waiting for your review! Compared to Korean BB’s most drugstore ones here disappoint me 🙁 I’m glad it’s Muse Approved 😀 This one was one of the more interesting drugstore American BB creams that had my eye. My mother also wants to try it out. Time to get it hehehe ^^ Thank you!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure saiba would love to hear what you think when you tried!

  • Julie

    Hmmm…interesting. It seems like a great product to try out. I love trying out BB creams so I’ll def check on this one.

  • L

    Hi, how would you say this compares to Garnier’s BB cream in terms of coverage?
    Thanks! <3

    • the Muse

      I think Garnier has a smidge more coverage but I dislike Garnier so much because the shades are dull and it leaves my face like an oil slick so def prefer this.

  • sara

    I thought the scent was actually quite strong and lingered to long for me..This would have been a lot better without the unnecessary fragrance 🙁

  • Marybeth

    I have seen several reviews of people that really like this product. How does it wear as the day goes on? Does it become greasy? That is my problem and I am also afraid of breakouts on my skin. I would quite possibly consider this for winter. My skin is to tanned now for a medium shade. Thanks for your review 🙂

    • the Muse

      no issues with oil as the day progresses, remains fairly smooth, shorter wear time at four hours for me. My pleasure 🙂

      • Cj

        Damn so it won’t work for me lol. Have you tried the new smashbox foundation yet?

        • the Muse

          awww my little Casper the friendly ghost 😀 I haven’t…I hate glow-y foundations :-/ so didn’t try 😀

          • Cj

            I always powder so the glow doesn’t worry me 😛 I keep hearing people compare it as a lighter MUFE hd foundation.

          • the Muse

            that’s a big no for me because MUFE HD hates me so much ;D

  • Laura

    I love Pond’s and I love sheer! But looks to me like I need both shades and mix them – once again the light looks too light and the medium too dark

  • PetitChocolat89

    So glad you did this review! I’ve been on the hunt for a decent drugstore bb cream. How would you say that this compares to the Lumene Vitamin C+ BB cream?

    • the Muse

      I like Lumene better in terms of coverage Petit but if you’re looking for lighter/less coverage and something that perfects but not necessarily something to conceal I’d recommend Pond’s

  • Nina

    Which Korean BB Cream are you talking about? What’s the brand and where can we get it?

  • prettyfull

    Hi, I have a morena complexion and I want my face to look lighter, which shade of pond’s bb cream best suits me. I have read from one of the reviews that if you’re going to use the darker shade it will make my face look dark as well… hmmmm need help! thank U

  • Jazmin

    yes! I have this and it’s amazing ! It does provide sheer coverage but I love how it makes my skin feel I just use this with powder and concealer and a little mascara and I’m good to go 😀
    I’m glad you have approved!

  • Mai

    I recently tried this product due to all the hype, but unfortunately it did not work for me. The only Pro I found in this product was how it perfectly matched my skin tone. Other than that, after trying it for a day or two, I broke out with cystic acne. I really wanted to like it, but it’s just not for me.

  • Violet

    The Diorskin Nude BB cream has been on my wish list for a while. I know you weren’t a fan of that but can you compare them?

  • Kate

    Hi – I love your reviews and honest opinion on products. I just got this and completely agree with your review, it feels great and gives a sheer, glowing finish. Question – I love the color and coverage from my Skin 79 hot pink BB cream, but need one that’s oil-free/non-comedogenic (and available in America). What BB/CC cream do you think is most similar to the Korean ones? Thanks and keep up the great reviews!

  • Angie R

    So, after reading this review (about an hour ago) I immediately ran out to cvs and purchased it ($14 here). I tried it on, and I love it. I admit, though I went make up free today, I hadn’t washed my face before I tried it on, so the results may be different on a clean face and being out and about, but regardless, I do like it. I hope it stays consistent over time

  • Cherry

    Hi! I really love to try this cream and buy it tomorrow however Im worried to use this bec. I have an acne prone skin..:( So Im wondering if this cream is okay for me to use .

  • Laurie

    Hi, given that the cream is sheer coverage, could it be used with powdered make-up and which do you recommend?


  • Laurie

    Since the medium BB cream has sheer coverage do you recommend using a powdered make-up over it and which one do you recommend?

    Thank you.

  • Love

    Do you think this Ponds BB Cream would be good for oily skin? I’ve tried Kiehls and Smashbox and Garnier (however, I haven’t tried the oil-free one yet)… and at about $40 each (except Garnier), I hate that it still makes me feel and look so greasy, even after a powder touch up.

    • the Muse

      should work fine Love…it’s not so hydrating that it’ll make oily skin shiny and it has a soft, satiny dry down. so it should be a ok!

      • amy

        I have “normal” skin that leans a bit dry, and I find this to actually be a bit too drying for me. If you have oilier skin, this may work well for you. Have you tried the Aveeno? That one is *very* drying for me. I’m in the serious minority, but I quite like the Garnier, if that helps put things in perspective. HTH

  • DonnaJ

    Hey Muse! I got a sample in the mail and tried this today. I like it too. I had to come and see what you had to say about it though, I just knew you would review it! lol

    I waited for it to dry down and then used a bit more to give me more coverage, it is buildable and I had more like medium coverage without looking cakey at all. I also liked how it filled in most of my pores to give me nice smooth skin. The only problem, I had the light, and it was too light for my skin tone. I’ll have to pick up the medium or maybe both and mix, but it’s definitely a winner to me.

    Also, to the above commenter. I have a very oily t-zone and because I’m older and having hot flashes, I tend to perspire. Ugh. Anyways, this held up pretty well for me without leaving me like an oil slick or sliding off my face! (Worn for about 5-6 hrs to run errands and do shopping.)

    • the Muse

      donna I had the same issue the light was just a touch too light but mixing the medium/light together I had success so I think it’ll work for you! I’m so glad you like it 😀 I really enjoyed it as well very lightweight, wears strong, and brightens! just what I need for a quick face look! Enjoy it!

  • Joanie

    this is the first bb cream ive tried so far. been using this for about a month. when i.need extra coverage mix in a little of my foundation and its perfect. does give a nice flawless finish. what would you recommend for a full coverage bb cream if there is one? 😉

  • Bella

    Muse i love this stuff! it is the perfect bb cream. i have very oily skin with a lot of acne scarring & this does the job. light matches my skin perfectly, it blends really well and same for setting. around my acne scarring, i build it up a little bit. it evens out my skin tone and i can put a little under my dark circles. it really brightens them up with some coverage. it dries to a semi matte finish, but you can use powder. it lasts me all day without sliding off my oily face. can not get enough of this stuff!

  • Christine Joy Luikuo

    Hi, Miss Muse! The BB creams being sold in the Philippines are named as Flawless White BB + Cream, so I’m not sure if they’re two different products or Pond’s only renamed the product to make it more appealing to the consumers. Anyways, I bought it weeks ago and I like it so much! It’s my first time to buy a BB cream and it does a difference. My skin looked fairer and almost flawless. But it doesn’t totally control my oiliness. Still, I like it and I’m using it every single day. =)

    • Isabella Muse

      hey christine it’s actually the same product (ingredients may be slightly different though)! 😀 I’m so glad you got a chance to try it! i really like it too, nice lightweight coverage 😀 Enjoy!

      • Christine Joy Luikuo

        Ooh, I see! We also have the Age Miracle BB Cream (the red one). I’m not sure if US has that one. It’s a bit more expensive than this one. =P

        On another note, I’ve seen new NYX products in malls, except for the eyeshadows and chubby pencils. I think they’re waiting for the discontinued eyeshadow singles to be sold out. I’m so tempted to buy the Butter Lipstick but then I want to buy them online ’cause it’s way cheaper. And the Dream catcher palette looks lovely but I’ve found no tester.

        • Isabella Muse

          that we don’t have but I have heard of it. have you tried it? buy ’em online 😀 way cheaper! The Dream Catcher Palette is disappointing imho. It’s a bit chalky 🙁

          • Christine Joy Luikuo

            I haven’t yet, Miss Muse. At 21, I feel I’m still young for age defying products.

            Boohoo! I thought the Dream Catcher Palette performed well. Good thing I haven’t placed an order yet. You’ve saved me some money! =) But will you be doing a review for it?

          • Isabella Muse

            girl you’re never too young for age defying products 🙂 listen to me, start as early as possible 😀 I’m not sure yet but I’ll try to get one up my dear!

  • Lisa C

    I LOVE this Pond’s Luminous BB Cream! After reading numerous reviews on various websites, I decided to try it, I was going to order in Medium on, however, decided for some instant gratification and went to my local drugstore. They only had the light color choice… so I sneaked a peak, and it was surprisingly darker than I figured it would be so I bought it, and madesure I kept the reciept. Well, it matches my skin tone perfectly, I wear Fairly Light in BM mineral loose foundation. I havediscovered that I use a light moisturizer after cleaning in the AM, then apply a pea size amount of the Ponds BB Cream, the my blush, bronzer, eye makeup then, the BM MIneral Veil and that’s it! I work an 8 hour day in AC office, and it looks great all day on my aging, combo skin!

  • Kristi

    I was looking all over this after reading so many positive reviews and I finally found it at Grocery Outlet for 3 bucks! I hope it hasn’t been discontinued.

    • A.R.

      I think they may have discontinued it =( It’s no longer on their website. I need to find something similar if that’s the case.

  • B

    Yes, they have discontinued it. Reach out to them on fb and email, sometimes they bring great products back when enough people ask!

  • Anna

    Yes, I just purchased the Ponds BB Cream in “Light” at Big Lots for $4!

  • Nikki

    I’m currently using pond’s detox face lotion and cream, the yellow one. I never used BB Cream before but i know it’s foundation and moisturizer in one bottle (correct me if I’m wrong). I just want to ask if it’s okay for me to use both at the same time?