September 12, 2013

Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Boscia Cool Blue Calming Facial Mask

The Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask ($34) is a peel off facial mask is a calming, cooling, moisturizing mask formulated with anti-inflammatory ingridents to help and sooth redness as well as aloe vera for moisture.

I was curious and decided to give this a whirl but I don’t fit into the exact demographic for the mask, here’s a few thought anyway.

Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask

The Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask is marketed towards skin that experiences issues with redness however, if you desire some moisturizing benefits it also delivers that as well as promotes skin firming. I have drier skin with no visible redness or issues with the problem however, I decided to try the mask anyway to see how it moisturized.

It’s a bright shade of blue with a thicker, sticky formula. You’ll apply an opaque layer onto your skin, wait 25-30 minutes, and peel it off. It creates a second-skin like texture which peels away easily without being painful or messy.

The thing that bothered and surprised me about the mask was the fact it contained peppermint. After initial application my face had a strong tingle that almost felt like a burn due to the peppermint in the mix. I was uncomfortable and a bit worried at first but I decided to stick it out and see how things progressed. Things got progressively more uncomfortable for me but I still kept on. After about twenty minutes I started to grow comfortable with the unusual tingle and enjoyed the cool, refreshing feel but for a mask that’s supposed to calm redness I couldn’t help but think it would upset things further with this much of a tingle. After I peeled the mask off I rinses with cool water which is a little shocking as it felt like I splashed ice water in my face. You don’t have to rinse afterwards but I felt a little stick so I decided to rinse away anything that I missed peeling off. My face didn’t look different or more moist after use but I did notice my skin was smoother especially where my drier areas are like my cheeks. After the next twenty minutes my skin looked quite glow-y and healthy. Since I suffer from dullness this was a delightful surprise!

Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask Swatches

I must say I both loved and hated this mask. I’m unsure if I can sit through the tingle again…! It was odd! But I think it might be worth the effort if it continues to give my skin the beautiful glow it typically lacks. For those with sensitive skin or redness I’d highly suggest a patch test because this seems like a product that would upset skin further. Although I will say reading reviews it apparently does sooth redness…which surprised me to say the least.

If you need to super charge tired skin this mask definitely revitalizes if you can stand the tingle!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • CIndy

    I bought and tried this mask from Sephora awhile ago. I promptly returned it. I have rosacea and liked the whole “cooling” and “peel-off” thing, so I thought I’d give it a try. I liked the peppermint feeling, but in order for it to peel off easily, you need to put a LOT on. The $34 tube would use up in a flash! I had a hard time getting it off even though I did use a lot, and that negated the whole “redness calming” effect. It left my skin all red! Didn’t work for me . . .

  • Libby

    Same thing happened to me in regards to the tingle, Muse!! I couldn’t bear with it though and after about 5 minutes, I took it off my face 🙁 It was tingling to the point of feeling like it was burning and I decided that it wasn’t worth it for me. Someone once told me that a tingle doesn’t actually mean it works, it simply means your skin is getting irritated. I have no idea if that is true or not but I decided I might as well not take the risk xD

    I do have somewhat sensitive skin and a bit of redness on my cheek so perhaps that’s why.

    • the Muse

      libby it feels horrifying at first lol! I imagine it is true 😀 thankfully I didn’t break out or anything, my skin isn’t really sensitive….I liked what it did for me but didn’t love the feel of it as it was doing that thing lol! ;-D

    • Alanna

      lots of brands like to add menthol to products, that’s all the tingle is. it’s a major irritant for ANY skin type but especially sensitive. menthol does not do a single good thing for skin except fool you into thinking something is “working”.

  • Kimmwc03

    I’ve tried it a few times and I like it. It feels refreshing to me and only slightly tingly.

  • Maggie

    Muse: I highly appreciate your knowledge and honesty about whether you think skincare products are acceptable for sensitive skin. I always cringe when products I stay away from are “highly recommended” by reviewers for sensitive skin. That tingle is one of them.

    Thank you again.

    • the Muse

      aw thanks maggie I’m not skincare expert in all honesty but I like experimenting and sharing my experience with skincare products 😀 I’m glad you found it helpful!

  • Robin

    I have redness and I think this would destroy my skin. Thanks for the review, will stick The Body Shops Aloe mask.

  • Emiree

    I tried this mask too and had the exact same reaction with the burning. I was so close to taking this mask off, but it finally subsided after about 15 minutes. My skin was smooth afterwards, but didn’t really help with the redness I have been experiencing lately. Wouldn’t purchase this mask again and will stick with the Boscia Bright White Mask that I have had better results with.

  • Ashley

    I played with this product at Sephora on my hand. I read reviews online and peopl either loved it or hated it. Every time I think about purchasing it I talk myself out of it. I’m very fair and sometimes deal with redness.The gal at Sephora said if I was unsure I should buy the 3pack of all of Boscia’s masks near checkout counter. For $15 you could try all of theirs. I just wanted this one!So $15 is silly to pay. I should just ask for a sample of this next time and really test it out at home.