September 27, 2013

Maybelline Gilded in Gold Collection for Holiday 2013

Maybelline Gilded in Gold Collection Holiday 2013

Ok, so Jen just e-mailed me photos of the new Maybelline Gilded in Gold Collection for Holiday 2013 which features the new shades of Maybelline Color Tattoos I was just telling you about.

The display has three new, obviously limited edition colors of Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Matte Brown, Nude Pink, Just Beige as well as some very pretty pressed blushes and some shades of Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsitck. I haven’t seen the display for myself but as soon as I do I’ll be sure to pick up the pieces from it and review and swatches!

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Matte Brown, Nude Pink, Just Beige

Maybelline Color Tattoo New Shades Holiday 2013

Jen found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!


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  • K.B.

    Limited Edition?! Ugh. That means they’ll sell out in a hot minute and I’ll miss out on them.

  • Christina

    Why must these things be LE? I love Color Tattoos! Haven’t seem them in store yet and I just came from Harmon’s. FYI I was on the hunt for the new Revlon matte and laquer balms and YEAH! they had the display. Scored 4!

  • Dita

    Whoa I had no idea you could find make up at Bed, Bath and Beyond! It must have been found in the Beyond department 😉

  • monettex

    Do you know what finish the beige and pink have? The brown is obviously matte since it is in the name, but the others look matte too in the pics.

    • the Muse

      I’m not sure these aren’t my pics, haven’t even seen these anywhere yet…they appear matte but I can’t confirm. As soon as I find them I’ll be sure to update and swatch/review.

    • Jen_m_sunshine

      The finishes are all matte and the nude pink could be a close dupe for Mac painterly however a touch more purple and just beige similar to soft ochre. Sorry for picture overload on all the stuff ‘

  • Samantha M

    Oh gosh i want all of them! Too bad they’re limited edition, i probably won’t get them in time :/ Thanks so much for sharing though! x

  • Courtney

    I keep saying I’m not going to buy anymore color tattoos, but it’s matte brown! That’s an essential, right?

  • Emma

    I was waiting for Maybelline to come out with matte Color Tattoos! I want them ALL, haha

  • Sara

    Okay, I was giving an exam (on the social construction of gender, ha!) when i saw this. Afterward i had a moment of compulsion and went to my nearest BB&B doubting but hoping they’d have it, but miracle of miracles they did! Plus, while on the display they only had one left (full stop), over where the permanent ones were I was able to find the other two so yay!

    They’re all matte, and they seem to work as well as Tough As Taupe, though obviously I have had a chance to wear them for more than an hour. They seem like dupes for several of the Bobbi Brown shade sticks. Moral of the story is: go find them and buy them ASAP!

  • SirenPrincess

    Oh I am digging that nude pink. It looks a bit like MAC painterly! I’d definitely love to see it swatched when you find it.

  • Mia

    I wish I could find make-up at BB&B. All of mine don’t carry anything makeup related. For the most part it’s either CVS or Walgreens that gets makeup first. It’s rare but sometimes Target gets stuff first. Walmart never gets new products before the others.
    If it’s a new product I’m lucky if I’ll see it 3-6 months after seeing it on your website. Then when I am lucky enough to find it they’re sold out of everything (WnW Beauty Army display was horribly picked over). I also had to buy the LE WnW Spring palettes online!

  • jackieg02

    saw this and many other new collections at my BB&B yesterday. The two nail polishes in this collection are awesome. I picked up nude pink color tattoo and both polishes.

  • amy

    I think I may need all 3… These really are such *basic* shades, and should be added to the permanent range, IMO.

  • Lisa

    I’m on the grand search for these, so far nothing. West coast gets everything last :((((

  • Lisa Marie

    Please please please Maybelline—make some permanent matte shade additions to the color tattoo line. I hunted high and low for these today, alas, I am empty handed.

  • Hillarie

    I will be searching high and low for these. I want all three… it will be a challenge to not buy 2 of each!

  • Cindy Ramirez

    I’ve been waiting for Maybelline to make matte shades, JEEZ. Now only if they’d make a matte white… I will totally haul these as soon as I find them.

  • Amy Hoeh

    Hi Muse! I’ve been a hot mess looking for these 3 LE Color Tattoo’s. OMG. You don’t even know. Countless hours scouring the web, calling Maybellines HQ! (no help whatsoever!), driving from store to store..all to no avail. Today the clouds parted and the skies opened up. I watched a recent YouTube video of a girl who just found them at Harmon Face Value inside of a Christmas Tree Shop. A quick scan of their website (they have them spelled as Color Tatoo…duh) proved no luck. I looked online for a store and decided on a FL location (not even remotely near me. LOL. I’m in NY). The SUPER nice employee, Michael, said he had 1 Matte Brown, 2 Nude Pink and 2 Just Beige. Wait for it….he asked his District Manager to go against policy and allowed a phone order! YAY! I bought every one of them. Ok ladies. What does this mean for you? He told me that one store in Lancaster, PA had quite a few of each colorSND one other location in PA had limited stock but did have some. I’d say give it a shot!! He even waived the FedEx shipping for me. Like I said, MICHAEL rocks! <3. I hope that everyone looking for these finds a few! Have a great day. Oh! And MAC has their LE holiday collection open as of today. It is for the individual pieces. This is part 1. Next Thursday will be the palettes and sets. That's part 2. Happy happy day!

    • the Muse

      OH no amy so sorry! ugh! BUT I am SO happy you found them! thank god! that is SO very helpful and I am so sorry for the delayed reply I’ve been SWAMPED so been behind on comments! I’m just so happy you got them ;D