October 2, 2013

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Balm Voyage Palette

The Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette ($42.50) is a new Holiday Palette that the Balm released this week which includes sixteen shades of eyeshadow and three Lip & Cheek Stains. If you love the Balm’s range of palettes you’re bound to find a spot in your heart for the Balm Voyage Makeup Palette especially since so much love goes into the formula of these shadows!

Take a look!

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette is a vacation themed palette featuring different exotic locals around the globe pictured on the palette. The inside flap reveals a cute mirror in the cut out of a passport and the eyeshadow shades are named in a seating chart arrangement (this can get confusing at times with names like C2 and B2, etc…)

the Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

The palette is two flap design so the upper flap opens to reveal sixteen shades of shadow in a variety of finishes where as the smaller flap below covers up three Lip and Cheek Stain Creams. Powders and creams in one palette can be messy but the flap allows you to cover the creams when not in use so you won’t make a mess during shadow application. The packaging is very cute and has that vintage Balm feel.

The shadows are nicely pigmented but they do have a softer, powdery texture so they kick up a fair bit of powder when you swipe a brush across them. I personally recommend a sponge applicator for packing on color and blending out with a brush. Even though they are powdery they still have a soft, silky texture with a very easy to blend texture. I was surprised I didn’t experience any major fall out as this powdery a shadow typically means I’d have a mess to contend with. But I had absolutely no problems during application and they applied flawlessly. I think some of the past palettes from the Balm the shadows have more of a velvety, denser texture…these have that velvety feel but there’s more of a buttery, silky smooth texture to them with a looser consistency. The shades aren’t in your face pigmented but they build easily and have a nice bit of pop to them plus there are available a wide range of finishes so you’ll get a few satin, a bit of sparkle, and some mattes as well. I highly recommend using a shadow primer prior as some of the shades loose intensity and slip away as the day progresses so have something handy to prep your lids with for the longest, strongest wear.

the Balm Balm Voyage Palette

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 7

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 8

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 5

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 4

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 11

D2, A2, B2, C2

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette Swatches

A4, B4, C4, D4

Balm Voyage Makeup Palette  Swatches

D1. A1, B1, D1

the Balm Voyage Makeup Swatches

A3, B3, C3, D3

the Balm Balm Voyage Palette Swatches

Second Officer, First Officer, Captain

They also included Lip & Cheek Stains which are fantastically long wearing on my cheeks with a solid 12 hours of wear without fading. They are a bit drier on lips so I suggest a balm under them or a gloss on top for added moisture. The finish is dewy to the touch but they don’t look greasy or shiny on my face and add a smooth flush of natural color!

The Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette is a little different from past palettes that the Balm has done and you’ll notice that right away in the texture of the shadows and difference from past formulas. However, overall, this is an excellent value with wide variety of eyeshadows and finishes to choose from. The brand has an excellent track record creating some outstanding palettes and Balm Voyage is just as wonderful yet a touch different from what you may already know and love.

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette FOTD

the Balm Balm Voyage Palette FOTD

Wearing Eyeshadows D4 and D3 with First Officer on Cheeks

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 16

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 17

Wearing B4 and C4 Eyeshadows

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 19

First Officer

the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 20


the Balm Balm Voyage Makeup Palette 18

Second Officer

This lovely little palette is available now at www.thebalm.com

Will you be indulging?

Seems like a perfect palette for gifting! 🙂

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Natalye

    I love the swatches! Why do all the holiday palettes have to look so nice? lol

  • Renu

    I love theBalm’s palettes, especially Balm Jovi, Nude Tude and Meet Matte but am kind of apprehensive about the texture difference and fallout. Some great shades there and I love the lip colours on you, especially Captain. Is it Limited Edition, though? If not, I have time to think! By the way, Muse, I love the shirt you’re wearing in the last 4-5 photos 🙂

    • the Muse

      I wanna say yes but I think it’ll be around for a bit Renu! Holiday palettes are typically LE but the Balm releases palettes so rarely that they prob will keep it on perm! Oh thanks!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Iryne

    Nice review Muse!

    I love thebalm palettes and blushers! Cant decide to get this one or the Balm Jovi palette…

      • amy

        I agree! Why not, I will just wait until their is a sell. That is a nice palette, I specially like the first row of colors seems like good fall colors.

      • Sara

        $19.50 on Hautelook, plus exorbitant (and slow!) shipping. Still, a pretty good deal. And while I don’t know what this palette is like, Balm Jovi is amazing so at least get that one.

        • Iryne

          Thanx! Balm Jovi it is. The Stroke and Rem look gorgeous… @[email protected]

          Lol. Must resist temptation ;D. Too many holiday palettes are coming out. I have lemmings for Benefit’s holiday palette. *dies*

          • the Muse

            i hear ya and I am too! Benefit’s entire Holiday collection looks adorbs!

  • Therese

    Yep, officially want! I’d talked myself out of it as some of the shades look really matte but your swatches are gorgeous and that first lip colour is FAB on you so it will be mine 🙂

  • rose

    Ha- awesome, that last one is all smoky and mysterious I want to ask you to tell my fortune!! Thanks for the review, love thebalm!

  • Teresa

    I’m loving the #4 row of shades. I don’t think there’s ever a time theBalm releases a palette I don’t want. I especially appreciate how they separate the cream and powder products. The creams never get gunky with powder.

  • SJ

    is anyone else a bit “meh” about this art style? i thought it was cute until i bought a few of thebalm’s hair products and now i am irritated by it everytime i look at it… just because boobs don’t work that way, and most the times the era they’re trying to reproduce wouldn’t even have silhouettes like that and guh! >.<


  • telle

    nice looks with this palette, Muse! Loves them all on you!!! hoping to maybe pick this up at local retailer on sale (the balm usually goes for 20% off every so often)….i esp love that purple (such a whore for purple…!).

    • the Muse

      thanks telle! 🙂 I love purple too, looks awful on me but LOVE the shade 😀

  • rose

    Yes yes purple we must all email thebalm asking for a purple palette!!

    because yum