October 17, 2013

Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot PRO Set for Holiday 2013

Lorac Rockin' Red Hot PRO Set

For those that wanted a palette from Lorac for the Holidays perhaps the Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot PRO Set for Holiday 2013 will rock your socks. Especially if you don’t already own the Lorac Pro Palette (but disappointing for those who do).

Take a peek!

The Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot PRO Set ($39) contains Lorac’s popular Pro Palette which includes eight shimmer and eight matte shades of shadow in the following shades:

  • White (Matte)
  • Cream (Matte)
  • Taupe (Matte)
  • Light Pink
  • Mauve (Matte)
  • Sable (Matte)
  • Espresso (Matte)
  • Black (Matte)
  • Nude (Shimmer)
  • Champagne (Sparkle)
  • Gold (Shimmer)
  • Lt. Bronze (Shimmer)
  • Pewter (Shimmer)
  • Garnet (Shimmer
  • Deep Purple (Shimmer)
  • Slate (Shimmer)

You also get a Lorac Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner as well as a Lorac Scenes Eye Primer (0.16 oz).

The nice thing about the set is typically the Pro Palette sold alone will run you $42 but this gets you a few bucks off and some extras!

I admit I’m a little disappointed since I already own the palette and was hoping for something special like the Lorac Bejeweled Palettes or the Sweet Temptations Set but for those who don’t already own this it’s an excellent deal!

It’s available exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com

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  • Gina

    I heard that Sephora will no longer carry Lorac brand, do you know if it is true?

    • the Muse

      haven’t heard that gina…they still have all items in stock, nothing is on sale so I imagine that’s a false rumor.

      • tracy

        the sephoras outside of the us have already dropped the brand for more than 2 years now…FYI

        • the Muse

          that’s outside the US tracy, I’m doubtful that’s the case here otherwise everything would start popping up on sale on the Sephora.com site and they wouldn’t bother stocking new products (which they are currently doing). But I’m not sure…sounds like a rumor but who knows, could be true πŸ™

          • amy

            It could be just some individual stores. Sephora/JCP will still likely carry it (they still carry Cargo), but the free-standing stores may be dropping the brand. I’m honestly becoming inceasingly disappointed with Sephora; it seems there are more & more shelves stocked with items/brands (LancΓ΄me, Dior, etc) that one could find in *any* department store, yet the harder to find brands are either not carried at all in-store, or the selection is so minimal.

          • Sara

            I actually asked a sales person about LORAC and she said it’s no longer carried in their regular stores (JC Penney stores have it for some reason) and it’s only online. But she didn’t say anything about not selling it anymore.

          • the Muse

            all the stores here in NY still have as far as I’ve seen..hm!

          • Shirley Chan

            I live in SF and my Sephora also doesn’t carry LORAC instores. It happened last March. Store rep said the same thing that LORAC was only going to be sold online and not instores.

    • Sha

      The stores close to me tell me they have stopped every time I ask. They may only sale it online.

  • Sara

    YES! I’ve been waiting to buy the Pro palette and this is perfect! I wish it was sold at Sephora since I have the 10% off coupon from the beauty fall promo, but this is still a great deal.

  • Bree

    Since I don’t own the pro palette this a definite purchase! Such a great deal and I have been wanting some more matte shadows since I have very few.

  • Twirishlady

    Gah…I just bought this after reading your post. Oh my. I was not going to get this palette. I had no intentions of ever buying it. But it’s kind of like if the Naked Palettes were to go on sale…you just can’t stop yourself! Can you relate??

  • CC

    Incentive! And Ulta has 20% off starting the 20th. My dD really wants this for Christmas.

    • Sara

      Is this like a Friends and Family sale for all their cosmetics? That would be awesome if I could wait and get this 20% off.

    • alma

      I am so excited for that time to get some Christmas gifts. I was wondering when they were going to have their 20%off anything again.

  • moja31

    Not sure if it’s a holiday item, but Sephora has a great package deal on the Lorac Unzipped palette on their site. The palette alone is great, but for a similar price you get a lip gloss, a makeup bag and one other extra I think, can’t remember. Made me wish I didn’t already own the palette.

  • lisette

    Is this the same quality as the original? I have heard that the quality is different in general for the holiday kits.

  • Lulubelle

    Finally, restraint pays off. I shall now get the Lorac Pro palette:-) I like their Liquid Pro Eye Liner as well, so double score!

  • amy

    I am so disappointed, this palette is less than the one that is already out and it has one more item then the other. And the sad thing is I already have the have this palette. πŸ™

  • amy

    I have a question does anyone own the Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes I am wanting to get it but I would like some opinions on it. If anyone has an opinion on it I would appreciate some input. Thanks

  • Shelby

    I’m in Canada and mine has never had LORAC in store. I went to the Sephora in times square in august looking for the pro palette. I asked an employee there and she said that all Sephoras are/were no longer going to be carrying the LORAC line in stores, online only.

    • Chelle

      That is so freaking annoying. I’m in Canada as well and have been trying to get my hands on these products! ARGH!

  • Gabby

    Ahhh! So excited…I purposefully switched my spending from Sephora to Ulta as much as possible this year (unlike last year when I was split evenly btwn the two when it came to brands that both stores carry) – and it’s going to massively pay off with all the saved up bonus points + 20%.

  • Beth

    Shelby same here..I just moved from NYC to Dallas TX and went into sephora in both cities with my coupon from my VIB renewing to get the palette and couldnt find anything Lorac at all. Asked the sales girl and she said its no longer in stores its only online and its sold out online right now. This Ulta deal is better though so Ill be getting this instead.

  • telle

    omg a breath a sigh of relief!! i was really getting concerned that lorac wasn’t going to do anything past the eyetransformer and gloss sets! lorac is one of the holiday releases i am always eager for!!

    i concur Muse, this is disappointing if one already has the pro palette (lucky me though, b/c i sure don’t! LOL). Hauling time, hauling time, all i wants is Lorac (to the tune of jingle bells)

    as for being carried in sephora….lorac hasn’t been carried in canadian stores for about 2 yrs now too, but can still be ordered online for in canada. And ulta seems to be vibrant and healthy with its lorac items (which is where i get most of mine, actually- props to my sister in law!).

    a glorious friday to you, Muse! πŸ˜€

  • telle

    ah bah! i just read that this is available at ulta only…waa! does ulta ever do like a sephora VIB sale?

    • the Muse

      they do but most times prestigious brands are excluded from the sale boo!

      • Telle

        Ah I see your boo, Muse and raise it to double boo! eh!
        (Lol-‘eh’ is not apart of how i speak unless i cant hear someone while they are speaking)

      • Amanda

        Most prestige brands WILL be included in the Friends and Family 20% off sale coming up on the 20th of October!

      • amy

        sometimes they do have a 20% off everything in their store and online and that includes prestigious brands. They had one in September for their reward members. Got a urban decay naked palette for my sister for christmas. I just don’t know when they will be having another one before the year is out. But I do hope they do.

  • anne

    I think Lorac is being taken out of some stores, but possibly remaining online. I usually get most of my lorac palettes from haute look with the exception of the pro
    Im a little disappointed they lowered the price on this one and included a liner for the holidays. they should have just made a pro 2 instead. I assume most people have this

  • Liz

    Wish there were some new colors, but… I sure hope Sephora keeps this. My fave eyeshadow kits by far.

  • Karen

    Tried to buy at my local Ulta on 10/18. All they had was an empty display. Salesgirl said the store never received the product and the latest word was that they were not going to get it at all. She indicated that there was some problem but she didn’t know what. I went home and ordered it at Ulta.com but it was hard to find. Haven’t received it yet–hoping there’s nothing wrong with the product.

  • Nicole

    I just bought it with my 20% off at Ulta.com They have it in their palette section deep in it but I found it.

      • amy

        you have to be an ulta member and they send it to your email or through the mail. This 20% off coupon is good until November 2. It is easy to sign up and all you have to be is a member

  • chell

    is this the same as the regular pro palette?
    just want to make sure, because this is cheaper..


  • Hannah

    I just bought this with a discount from ULTA. I should be getting in the mail tomorrow. So excited! Sooo glad I waited πŸ˜‰

  • Shars

    LORAC are actually running two limited edition palettes with Kohl’s that are really reasonably priced. One is called the LORAC Rockin’ Red Hot Eyeshadow & Lip Gloss 3-Palette Gift Set (retails for ONLY $25.00) and it’s basically two individual eye shadow palettes with 10 shadows each (20 shadows in total) plus one lip colour palette with 10 lipglosses. The other palette is called the Sweet Temptations Natural Eyeshadow Palette Set. It includes 4 individual eyeshadow palettes wrapped like candy bars and contain 4 shadows each. So a total of 16 shadows. That one is priced at at $36.00. Hope this helps any LORAC enthusiasts.

      • Shars

        Yeah I realised that it was from last year after I posted. It’s still a good steal though. Also, dermstore.com has both the pro and unzipped palettes in stock and have a 25% off coupon plus free 1-3 day shipping that works for all their stock. The code is SAVE25DERMCS. I’m a happy camper cause I never get the Ulta discounts for the prestige brands for some reason and I am not yet Sephora VIB.
        (Your blog is awesome by the way. I always come here for the new scoops! πŸ™‚

        • the Muse

          NICE! πŸ˜€ thanks again Shars awesome deal! πŸ˜€ and now you’re giving me scoops hehe πŸ˜€ thanks girl! HUGS!

          • Hannah

            I just took a look at the Lorac Rockin’ Red Hot Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss from Kohl’s. Great, I now want it! Wish it was available in the stores in my area πŸ™

  • Hipvelma

    I just picked up the Pro set at Uta and was able to use the 20% coupon I got via email, yeah!!! Cost was $32, such a deal. I love this set in so many ways. The liner once dry doesn’t budge. Silky shadows. Love it.

  • Hannah

    Stopped by the Sephora in JCPenny in NYC and found this kit which includes the mascara for $48. Also, noticed that several Sephora stores in NYC don’t carry Lorac products anymore.

  • Mithila

    I’m so glad I waited a bit longer because I had some Ulta points racked up and got a few more dollars off. πŸ™‚
    The palette is full size!

  • Sabrina

    yeah i live in CA and in myhometown sephora’s don’t carry LORAC anymore…bummer

  • Michelle

    For anyone still wanting this for the holidays, Ulta is still carrying it, although it’s unavailable online, but stores are still receiving shipments.
    PLUS, Ulta just released a 20% off everything (excluding certain prestige brands, but including most!!) coupon, making this set $31.20 with a free mini Lorac face primer with purchase!

  • Tiffany

    I can’t find this anywhere! I guess I’ll just have to get the palette on its own!