October 2, 2013

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Review & Swatches

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set 4

The Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set ($45) is an exclusive Holiday 2013 Eyeliner Set from Tarte that recently launched exclusively at QVC.com.

This set includes 12 (0.043 oz each) Amazonian Clay Eyeliners, a sharpener, and a pretty golden bow makeup roll for stashing all your new pretty pencils.

Take a look!

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners

Eyeliner sets are huge around the Holidays as you already know, hello, Urban Decay Ocho Loco 2! And of course, sets like the Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Collection are cause for instant excitement. It’s kinda that same feeling you used to have as a kid when your mum brought you a shiny new box of crayons. God, I cherish those moments! Nothing like the smell of a box of crayons! Plus the little sharpener that used to be located in the back of the box but by the way never really worked that great! I used to take them all out of the box and arrange them and rearrange them into different color selections. Needless to say no real coloring took place but hours and hours were spent on the arrangement of the shades in the box.

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set

The same goes for eyeliners I guess….! I have tons! Literally enough to line a small nations eyes but I still love that wonderful feeling of getting my hands on a set of Holiday Eyeliners! It’s like a new box of crayons all over again.

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set is a twelve piece selection of fairly wearable, essential shades of eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong I love bright aqua eyeliner as much as the next guy or girl but I do use shades like brown, black, etc more daily than I do aqua. This set has wearable colors you’ll likely use daily!

You get:

  • Navy
  • Nude
  • Hunter Green
  • Charcoal
  • Brown
  • Golden Plum
  • Bronze
  • Antique Gold
  • Plum
  • Black
  • Golden Green

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday 2013 Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set 14

The set comes with a really cute brush roll done up in gold. There’s a spot inside the roll for each liner and it rolls up and snaps closed for secure travel with a decorative little bow. It’s really quite small so it doesn’t take a ton of space in your purse or tote if you’re looking to travel with an array of eyeliner shades in one small space!

So I own, love, and use a variety of Tarte eyeliners! They have improved greatly on the Amazonian Clay Eyeliner formula since I first tried it. It’s creamy, pigmented, and quite long wearing. Mmmmm the eyeliners in this set aren’t QUITE the normal Amazonian Clay Eyeliner formula. Some of the shades are very pigmented and creamy but others I felt were a little on the drier side. Typically I get a certain glossy creaminess from Tarte’s eyeliner formula but some of these colors had a more drier texture. Thankfully the dryness doesn’t translate during application so I can easily apply without tugging or skipping across my lash line. Colors are all very vibrant and pigmented on a single stroke.

Wear time is a little iffy as typically I can get a full five or six hours from Tarte eyeliners on my lower waterline but some of the shades I only saw about three hours of wear before they faded. I noticed on the QVC boards they were some reviews that said they smeared and smudged but on my drier eyes I had absolutely no problems with them lasting all day. They didn’t migrate, didn’t smear, nor did I look like a raccoon at the end of a long day.

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Swatches

Bronze, Antique Gold, Plum, Black, Jungle Green, Navy

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Swatches

Nude, Hunter Green, Charcoal, Brown, Chocolate, Golden Plum

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Antique Gold

Antique Gold

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Black


Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Bronze


Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Plum


Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Nude


Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Navy


Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Jungle Green

Jungle Green

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Hunter Green

Hunter Green

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Golden Plum

Golden Plum

Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Charcoal


Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set Brown


Overall, you have to prepare yourself for a slightly different formula when purchasing the Tarte Eye Opening Holiday Amazonian Clay Eyeliners Set. I don’t think these are quite the same consistency, texture, or formulation that Tarte uses in their permanent eyeliner collection. There were some minor hiccups here but nothing that made the set completely bad however, it deserves to be mentioned prior to your purchase that you might feel this formula isn’t quite the same as Tarte’s permanent range of eyeliners!

It’s available now at QVC.com

Are you (or did you) indulging?

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  • Stephanie C.

    This is probably nit-picky but I wish these had the sponge-tip end that came on the permanent eyeliners. I love using those to help wing eyeliner out at the outer corners! I am a little glad you mentioned some of these are on the dry side- it seems like the other Amazonian Clay eyeliners are SO creamy.

    • the Muse

      no totes can relate stephanie not nit picky at all…sometimes I’m like gee, I don’t need the sponge tip but when it isn’t there I’m like damn I need that little smudger! 😀 they are…about 50% were super creamy but the other 50% had a bit of dryness to them. They didn’t really have the glossiness or SUPER creamy texture of the perm clay liners so I think the formula is slightly different.

  • Sammy Gallant

    Hi, Muse! I follow and adore your blog so very much. 🙂 I notice that you always say “guy or girl,” he or she,” etc. when referring to cosmetics and I just wanna say I truly appreciate that little touch to your reviews. Being a boy that’s interested in makeup artistry, it makes me happy that you include those pronouns. You seem so down-to-earth and sweet! Yeah just thought I’d throw that out there lol. ANYWAY, is that antique gold liner gorgeous or what?! Hehe 😀

    • the Muse

      hi sammy! I adore you back 🙂 thank you for following and making my day with your sweet comment. Makeup doesn’t discriminate, it’s for everyone to enjoy as far as I’m concerned! anyone who disagrees I fart in there general direction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWBUl7oT9sA hehe! aw thank you and right back atcha mister <3! LOVE love the antique gold but wait until you see the smoldereyes set which has this beautiful golden brown it's lovely! thanks again for making my night with your great comment <3!

  • Nida Moughal

    I really lOve the way you write honey,,
    Antique gold is gorgeous I am not a big fan of eyeliners but this set is so beautiful even I am tempted to buy one.

  • Michou

    Welp, there goes my wallet. Maybe. I ADORE more than half of these colors but some are a bit meh. I’m gonna have to pin this to my wishlist and think about it. The best thing about holiday collections is how much money can be saved in sets like this… the hard part is how MANY of them each company puts out!!!! Makes it hard to know where to spend my money hee hee.

    • the Muse

      so true so true…saves money but also you end up buying SO many sets you go for more money ;-D

  • Sara

    You spent hours organizing your crayon boxes too??? At least I wasn’t the only OCD kid out there that spent more time on that than coloring. And my evil little sister would dump out all my crayons on me when she got mad and I’d have to sort them all over! To this day, all 75+ of my eyeliners are lined up in color order on my dresser just like my Crayola crayons were in their 64 box… 🙂

    • the Muse

      yup LOL more than actually coloring with them lol! 😀 hehe…high five ^5 for OCD ;-D

  • Deb

    Hi Muse. I’m desperately shopping for an eyeliner set to put in my ready to go makeup bag. Yep, I’m so OCD that I have a makeup bag packed with dupes of my favorite products so when it’s time, I can just grab it and throw it in a suitcase. I was eyeing these (no pun intended) and have just one question for you: did they flake on you? This looks like a perfect set for travel because of the color variety but I cannot abide flaky eyeliners. Nothing worse than taking a break at a meeting, going to the bathroom, and finding eyeliner flakes all under your eyes and on your cheeks. Thanks, and if anybody hasn’t told you lately, you rock!

    • the Muse

      I totally understand deb 😀 no flaking but honestly I never really have an issue with flaky liners…..rare rare occurrence! But these def do not flake 🙂 hope this helps!? AW RIGHT BACKACTCHA ;-D you rock too \m/!

  • Leila

    I keep stumbling into this blog when looking for blogs about different makeup products. Great review! I’m sold and I just bought the new UD 10 pack. How big are the liners? Are they full size? the site says something like 0.023 and I have no clue what that means. Side note: ttarte has free shipping on everything till Nov 2. Anyway great post!

  • Leila

    Wish…I just discovered this set and this review is over a yr old…..I’m behind lol

  • Mimi

    Ok. I am certainly way way behind. I recently got hold of these. And they are horrible.
    Creamy, easy to apply, no tugging. But here comes the worst bit….they smudge horribly & last about 15 mins before turning me into a raccoon…sigh. I wish I had invested in something better.
    Drug store brand are so much better.