October 17, 2013

Ulta Holiday 2013 Beauty Smoothie Body Wash

Ulta Holiday 2013 Beauty Smoothie Body Wash

Cheers to a wonderful Holiday ahead and may your shower stalls all have wonderful smelling goodies in them like the Ulta Holiday 2013 Beauty Smoothie Body Wash Collection!

Three new, limited edition Ulta Holiday 2013 Beauty Smooth Body Washes have launched and I shouldn’t indulge but I can lem from afar. These three in one washes can be used as a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath just like Philosophy’s version. And the best part is Ulta ALWAYS has them on sale so you can purchase two and get two free when they are on sale. Or each is $12.50 so they are a cheap and inexpensive pick up if you want to skip Philosophy’s $16 and up price tag.

Just a disclaimer one of the body washes has spelled macaroon wrong. Anytime this happens in a beauty product I typically spell it the way it appears but the wraith of macaron lovers comes down on my head to tell me I don’t know how to spell, I don’t know what a macaron is, yada, yada, yada….so just a note, I realize it is spelled wrong but this is how Ulta has spelled it thus I am spelling it that way. And yes I realize the difference between the two treats, I have been to France a few times and indulged in many a macaron so at this point I’m as obsessed with them as everyone else. Don’t shoot the messenger…I don’t work for Ulta, I haven’t e-mailed them to inform them of their mistake, and I haven’t vetoed their body washes because of the misspelling. Try not to hurt anyone because of this….all is still right with the universe even though macaron was spelled macaroon. No one was harmed in the making of this post or this body wash.


Scents Available:

  • Ulta Berry Macaroon Beauty Smoothie
  • Ulta Candy Cane Kiss Beauty Smoothie
  • Ulta Pink Sparkles Beauty Smoothie

All three of these are popped into my cart right now but I’ll prob wait for them to hit a sale as I typically get them to gift my sister and a few distant friends by including them in a cute bag with other bathing essentials like a shower puff, etc…it makes for a quick and easy gift or secret santa pressie as you can really dress up the bag and include some fun stuff

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  • Ashley

    wow there must be some hardcore macaron fans for you to have to write a disclaimer! Are the ulta smoothies as good as the philosophy ones or do you notice a difference?

    • the Muse

      yeah, typically I end up with hundreds of comments whenever macaron is spelled wrong…so I def disclosed this time lol! 😀 I think philosophy’s are a bit thicker and great a bit more lather but overall, I think Ulta has a nicer shower gel because the scent lingers a little longer!

      • Ashley

        so silly. macaroons and macarons are both delicious, why get panties in a bunch? good to know about the shower gels! will def check out the ulta ones soon. Thanks!

  • renu

    macaroon in english, macaron in french and maccarone in italian, so it’s quite alright.

    • the Muse

      i think everyone automatically associates macaroon with the coconut “cookie”/dessert so they get crazed when it is spelled wrong 🙂

  • Cj

    Do people seriously get on you that much for typos? Geez people are crazy lol. Should use a water bottle spray every time someone tries to correct you lol

    • the Muse

      yeah…lol! 😀 already it started on the Laura Geller post as well so I decided I’d best disclaim now to avoid people coming down on my head about how to correctly spell it 😀 LOL like a cat?! 😀

  • Robin

    Thank you! The disclaimer made me laugh!! 4th quarter is killing me at work and I needed a giggle. 😀

    • the Muse

      boggles the mind sometimes how much you have to explain yourself on a blog post because things get quickly dramatic ;D

  • Rachel Clyne

    Your spelling disclaimer just made my day! I will admit as soon as I saw the spelling on the bottle that I almost moved on, but the *bold* print of the disclaimer gave me pause. Thanks for being through and having a sense of humor. Regards

    • the Muse

      lol no worries rachel…I kinda knew that everyone would start telling me what a horrible person I was for destroying the macaron namesake 😀 so I said to myself, yup, best disclose…:-D

  • Nat

    OMG Muse do you have “Cako Bakery” in your neck of the woods? They make some goooood macarons. ALSO BACON MAPLE CUPCAKES ooooooh so good and soooooo naughty. 😀

    • the Muse

      I thought cako only had the one shop in the bay area…we def don’t have on the east coast :-/ but we do have bacon maple cupcakes hehe…! quite a few places do those as well as donuts in the same flavor (I actually like the donuts better than the cupcakes). I don’t even LIKE bacon but I love it on a donut or a cupcake lol!

      • Nat

        Ah, you might be right. I saw two of them in San Fran, one in Westfield mall and one like two blocks away in this poopy mall with no good shopping.

        I LOVE bacon, but funnily enough that was not the best part of the cupcake (only bacon was a tiny bit crumbled on top, and it was moist and chewy instead of crisp like I was hoping). The maple flavour (and usually I’m not big on maple) was just freaking FANTASTIC. Next time you come to our side of the country you should check it out! Plus Westfield mall is like my FAVE place to go, heehee. 😀

        • the Muse

          I’d travel to hell in a hand basket for good cupcakes 😀 hehe! sorry super delayed reply!

  • telle

    ha ha ha ha! love the bolded addendum! *chuckles* Pink Sprinkles looks BEYOND amazing….mmm! Yum! Bath and Body works has their awesome (but always the same) holiday collection and i wish they’d take a hint from ulta and make their vanilla buttercream/frosted cupcake (or both, yay!) into an actual body care line instead of just room fragrances, candles and other such likes.

  • Cookie

    Ha ha ha ha ha!! I was reading this early in bed and laughed so hard I woke up my hubby. He asked what was wrong, I said macaron. He was still half asleep and thought I called him a moron.😄😄😄