October 28, 2013

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set for Holiday 2013

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set Holiday 2013

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set for Holiday 2013 ($595) will set you back a PRETTY penny but it contains 68 full size Urban Decay Eyeshadows.

Can I tempt you?

This has to be the most ultimate Holiday gift ever agreed?

The Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set (thanks to reader Tiffany for telling me about it) is available for a limited time and is loaded with 68 shades of Urban Decay’s best selling eyeshadow along with a four pan Build Your Own Palette that’s exclusive to this set (yes, all the shades pop out so you can travel easily with your fav colors).

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set

Shades include:

  • Blackout (blackest black matte)
  • Gunmetal (dark metallic gray shimmer w/silver micro-glitter)
  • Bust (pale sable brown satin)
  • Darkhorse (deep mocha shimmer)
  • Lost (medium metallic brown shimmer)
  • Snakebite (dark bronze shimmer)
  • Smog (deep coppery bronze shimmer)
  • Tease (creamy pale brown matte)
  • Stray Dog (cool metallic ash brown shimmer)
  • Toasted (antique copper penny shimmer)
  • Sin (champagne shimmer)
  • Oil Slick (black matte w/silver micro-glitter)
  • S&M (steel gray shimmer)
  • Pistol (light grayish brown shimmer)
  • Busted (deep brown shimmer)
  • Twice Baked (rich brown satin w/gold micro-glitter)
  • Secret Service (soft cool brown matte)
  • Suspect (pale golden beige shimmer)
  • Roach (deep metallic burgundy brown shimmer)
  • Chopper (copper shimmer w/silver micro-glitter)
  • Midnight Rodeo (taupe shimmer w/silver glitter)
  • Scratch (rose-gold shimmer)
  • Gravity (deep violet shimmer w/multicolored micro-glitter)
  • Grifter (sheer lavender shimmer w/silver micro-glitter)
  • Flash (bright iridescent purple shimmer)
  • Rockstar (deep aubergine shimmer)
  • Evidence (deep navy blue shimmer)
  • Loaded (deep metallic emerald)
  • Cobra (black matte w/gold micro-glitter)
  • Mushroom (warm gray shimmer)
  • Last Call (metallic plum shimmer)
  • Woodstock (saturated deep pink shimmer)
  • Fishnet (bright pink shimmer w/purple shift)
  • Psychedelic Sister (deep amethyst shimmer)
  • Radium (peacock blue shimmer)
  • Peace (bright turquoise shimmer)
  • Shattered (turquoise shimmer w/gold shift)
  • Haight (mermaid blue shimmer)
  • SWF (pale cotton candy pink shimmer w/silver micro-glitter)
  • Bordello (pale mauve shimmer w/gold micro-glitter)
  • Asphyxia (hyacinth shimmer w/blue shift)
  • ACDC (smoky grayish purple shimmer)
  • Hijack (deep metallic teal shimmer)
  • Bender (metallic forest green shimmer w/gold micro-glitter)
  • Mildew (mossy green shimmer w/gold shift)
  • Kush (grass green shimmer w/gold micro-glitter)
  • Buck (fawn brown matte)
  • Chase (bright bronze shimmer)
  • Baked (rich bronze shimmer)
  • X (peach shimmer w/gold shift)
  • ABC Gum (pale peach matte)
  • Freelove (golden vibrant peach shimmer)
  • Sellout (pinky champagne shimmer)
  • Virgin (cool pale beige satin)
  • Foxy (cream bisque matte)
  • Polyester Bride (white snow shimmer w/silver micro-glitter)
  • Vanilla (golden pearl shimmer)
  • YDK (cool bronze shimmer)
  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (light pink champagne shimmer w/silver glitter)
  • Naked (nude matte), Half Baked (golden bronze shimmer)
  • Blunt (light golden bronze shimmer)
  • Snatch (pale peach shimmer w/gold glitter)
  • Midnight Cowboy (pink champagne shimmer w/silver glitter)
  • Verve (oyster shimmer)
  • Midnight Cowgirl (warm sand shimmer w/multicolored glitter)
  • Maui Wowie (metallic golden beige shimmer w/silver glitter)
  • Zephyr (natural pearl shimmer)

This is surely the holiday palette to end ALL holiday palettes yes?

Available now at Sephora.com for the big spenders out there!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Nicoco Chanel

    I think I know when I’m addicted to eyeshadow. When I see this and think “okay release it in the UK and I’ll buy it even though I have no money”

  • Cindy

    This is epic! Too bad even the Sephora 20% can’t help me say I’M BUYING THIS!! But OMG! WANT THIS!

  • Tiffany

    I’m glad I was able to inform you of something for once. I check your blog daily along with one other. I’m always finding out about great products and beauty steals from you. Thank you for all the work you put into this blog.

    • the Muse

      aw my pleasure tiffany thank YOU so much for the info! these sets are gorgeous 😀

  • CC

    When I see sets like this at that price, I think of the Smashbox Mega Palette that was a QVC TSV almost 2 years ago. This had every single eyeshadow color in their regular line at a bit Larger! size, plus other goodies included for under $100, I think. The whole palette was very travel friendly and high quality. It just makes me wonder why we have to pay so much for this? I know that one was a QVc exclusive! but QVC isn’t so exclusive in itself.

    • the Muse

      were they full size? I remember the set but don’t recall them being full size…and not sure it was larger…? Urban Decay shadows are $18 each and this broken down makes them $8.80 each so there’s def value here it’s just that no one really wants to pay that much in one go 🙂

      • rachel

        $8.80 each is still terrible considering a naked palette makes them $4.17 each. this is a HUGE reason why i convince anyone wearing drugstore eyeshadows to make the switch. i wouldn’t expect UD to go lower than that because making a vault means people wouldn’t purchase any palettes without them containing new shades… that would still put this just under $300 for $4.17 each. i imagine that they know they’re overcharging for eyeshadow but keeping the price elevated means most of the makeup shopping population will be priced-out of owning it and still interested in purchasing smaller palettes.

    • allie

      If you think of how good of quality Urban Decay IS, and also the eyeshadows alone are $20… the price would be about $1,300 if u were to buy 68 of UD shadows… and this is $585.. i agree it is totally crazy expensive.. but if u think about it, its getting each shadow for what, $8? pretty damn good~ 🙂

  • Michelle

    Wow, I really LOVE this! Too bad my bank account isn’t in concurrence! LOL. Ah well. I think the main purpose of this is that it’s pretty eye candy – seeing all those gorgeous colors lined up in such lovely shades … ahhhh, sorry caught myself drooling.

  • amy

    I love this, but I have at least 40 of the shades, and of the ones I don’t, I either don’t want them, or it’s of the shades UD has 3 of which are nearly identical. Still, if I had the $$$, LOL!

  • Lisa

    I already own many of these shades from my various UD palettes. And many of these shades I don’t actually want. But the OCD in me is OBSESSED with the idea of having this giant kit to hold all of them, with each having it’s own special place.

  • Nat

    I think I’ll just go crawl in the corner and cry now. Want it soooo bad! 🙁

  • Deb

    No way. Not a chance. I wont even live long enough to use up that many shadows.

  • Nancy

    If I won the Lottery I could splurge on it
    lol! The case is awesome,I would be set for life on eye shadows 😉

  • Michelle

    I am literally dying at this very moment. I have the Vault 24/7 pencil collection and the hoarder in me absolutely needs this. However, I cannot justify the price tag especially at a time of year where I incur so many other costs for holiday shopping for friends and family. Although, I really really want to break down and get this gorgeous baby. Ah well….if only!

  • Ruby

    I am a hard core UD fan, I don’t even live in the US, I’m actually from the UK. As soon as i saw this set on the UD website, i was electrocuted “THIS HAS TO BE MINE” I just got it from my local UD counter and OH BOY… any Make-up Artist, UD Fan will fall in Love 10 times over… This is not only UD’s entire eyeshadow collection, ITS LESS THAN HALF PRICE OF WHAT IT SHOULD BE… If you love beautiful & colourful eyeshadows with a GREAT PIGMENT PAYOFF… you better get this set, RIGHT NOW. I got mine this morning absolutely IN LOVE !!!!!!!

  • kimmyyy

    No matter how gorgeous and great the value(for this brand, at least), I just couldn’t justify spending $600(!!!!!!!!!!) on this! I guess I’m just not enough of a junkie! I would think this would be an amazing buy for a professional makeup artist, though! I can’t wait to see someone swatch out this whole thing! Two arms won’t be enough for all of these to test on! 😛

  • Diane Rosenblum

    OMG!!!!! First I almost fainted when I saw the UD pencil set. Now, I’m just lying on the floor and need to be revived. This is the most excited I’ve been over a makeup product in a long time. It truly is the Mother Lode. Too bad I can’t afford it. I’ll just drool in private.

  • Kelley

    Holy cow! I love UD, but $600 is a lot of cash! Even if I had the money, I would have a difficult time justifying spending that much! I am super happy for those who can afford to get it, though! But since I already have both Vice palettes, the ammo palette, one other small UD palette (I can’t remember the name of it) and am planning on ordering the Glinda palette from the UD website for $24, I don’t think I should get this one; even though I would love to! I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that it goes on sale! Maybe then I’ll snatch it up! Haha

  • Jessalynn

    Bought the eyeshadow vault!!! Can’t wait to play with all these colors!! Eeeek 🙂