November 13, 2013

I’m Not Really a J-Law Fan But…

I don’t really get the hype that surrounds Jennifer Lawrence. She seems to have popped out of no where and suddenly is everywhere. That isn’t a bad thing but I just don’t get it and kinda sit and scratch my head. I love the Hunger Games books but I admit she did nothing for me as Katniss.


But she has her own little fandom and that’s cool and I have too many fangurlisms to get into just none that include Jennifer.

However…I saw a video of her earlier in the year with her friend Andy and was just so terribly moved. Fast forward to her recent appearance and her just walking off the reservation to sit, chat, take photos, sign an autograph, and hug a disabled girl and I was just moved to tears. What a lovely, down to earth person. Hollywood needs a little more Jennifers in it.

And let’s not forget her statement about how girls are just so unsupportive of each other. Amen Jennifer amen! I couldn’t agree more. Where’s the sisterly love!?

P.S. Did you ever see her fangurling out when she meets Jeff Bridges? Ha!


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  • Eula

    I love how down to earth and incredibly FUNNY she is in interviews. I’m not a fan of The Hunger Games, it was her other movies that endeared her to me. Her fangirling over Jack Nicholson was PRECIOUS.

  • Chynna

    I really like her, and not because of The Hunger Games. I think she sends a lot of positive messages to girls and women. I love her messages about body image and how she wanted her Katniss to look fit, strong and healthy and not skinny. Plus, she seems a little zany and isn’t ashamed of it. 🙂

  • rachel

    i’m so on board with this and really like jennifer lawrence. however, the comment about girls being mean to each other is really due to patriarchal standards and oppression and how women are pitted against each other in a pseudo-competition: so much of the media and the ways women are privileged (from being hired to being asked to dance) are very real ways in which we are rewarded and/or punished for how we do/do not look and other superficial aspects (did we flirt or not did we do it the right way or not). the fact that there is not one right way that a woman can look and act to be rewarded in every situation is evidence that no one can win. despite wanting to end the ways in which we are oppressed, knowing that other women might be rewarded is what makes us evil towards one another. it doesn’t all boil down to looks but lawrence’s statement was followed with words about how women call each other ugly and fat.

      • Jenna

        I don’t really see how Rachel’s comment was overly analytical? It’s important to understand where these attitudes come from and how they function in our society.

        But seriously, I love JLaw. Even though I take issue with some of her comments, because they seem to over simplify huge issues, I know she’s coming from a good place and I’m happy that she sets such a good influence for other girls and women.
        Plus, how fab is her new haircut?

    • mindy

      Rachel, without swerving too afar from beauty products into the realm of “Beauty” no one “out there” can oppress your mind or heart without your permission, so let’s take responsibility back where it belongs within us, and don’t give your Divine Selfhood away to anyone or anything. It’s not an intellectual act it’s a Being thing. Be real, and that equates to kindness to ALL/One….. will shut up now….

  • kellly

    I only saw her in “Winter’s Bone” and was pretty impressed. I’m not into the entire premise of “Hunger Games” but from the press about her, I think she has her head screwed on straight. I hope becoming such a big “celeb” won’t change that about her.

  • G

    Agreed. Totally on board with Jennifer Lawrence. She’s always appeared down to earth (not to mention sweet, goofy, funny, geeky, totally real and candid, despite the glitz & glamour) and promotes positive messages for girls and women. She’s been extremely vocal about her refusal to buy into the beauty myth and double standards in Hollywood (and everywhere else) regarding looks, self-worth, and weight. Google her quotes about being a “fat actress”, for example, or any of her quotes or interviews really. At just 23, she’s smart, tough, outspoken, and a good actress who I think will only get better at her craft as the years pass. She was FANTASTIC in Silver Linings Playbook. I’m looking forward to seeing her in American Hustle and the many others she has coming up in 2014. Team J-Law all the way!

  • kimmyyy

    It’s funny, she never did anything for me either. I hated Winter’s Bone and I didn’t think she was all that amazing as Katniss. I kind of feel like she’s a lackluster actress in general…but then I started seeing silly interviews and how adorable she is with her fans that I just kind of started to get a girl crush on her. I still haven’t really changed my mind about her acting skill, but hey, at least she seems to be a genuinely good person! I’d rather she be an okay actress and a great girl, than like so many actors/actresses out there that’re great at their job but way too high and mighty. Jennifer seems SO sweet and just, well, normal! I’d be willing to bet good money that she would be an awesome gal friend to hang out with.

    • the Muse

      I’ve watched films with her that I do enjoy SLB being one and I enjoyed Winter’s Bone. But I agree what really sealed the deal is seeing her in videos and interviews. She’s so down to earth which is so rare for an actress of her age. It’s refreshing 🙂 AGREED! I bet she’d be a blast to hang with!

      • mindy

        musekin, can i hang with you two or am i not good enuf ’cause i hate tight jeans? lol,
        amen little sista

        • the Muse

          exactly…sister, Mindy 🙂 that’s what we all are and yes absolutely you can hang with me anytime hehe 😀 even if you hate tight jeans lol!