November 18, 2013

Lush 2013 Exclusive Perfume Collection

Lush 2013 Exclusive Perfume Collection

It’s that time of the year again kids! The Lush 2013 Exclusive Perfume Collection is a limited edition fragrance round and Chat Party that features your favorite Lush fragrances available in a custom blended perfume that are only available for a limited time.

Here’s info about which scents will be made into perfumes this year!

Starting 5PM EST/2PM PST on Friday, November 22nd you can join the gang at for a Fragrance Chat Party to celebrate the launch of the yearly Lush Perfume fragrances!

Available fragrances:

  • Rose Jam – the decadent scent of Turkish rose and uplifting citrus
  • Snow Fairy – a sweet and cheery combination of cotton candy and vanilla
  • Snowcake – the comforting scent of almond icing and marzipan
  • Ponche – inspired by traditional Mexican punch, this smells of fresh berries and fruits plus warming spices
  • And one special, yet-to-be-announced fan favorite!

Lush 2013 Exclusive Fragrance Collection

This is a limited edition round up that Lush does every Holiday season!

I actually already have Rose Jam, Snow Fairly, and Snowcake so I’m adding Ponce on my list because I love the shower gel and I’m eager to find out the fan favorite (I hope it is another round of Catrina!).

Tune in November 22nd at for more details!

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  • Zoë

    yum! can’t wait to grab my rose jam! and probably snow fairy and snowcake as well 🙂

  • hong le

    wow, i can’t wait to grab snow fairy and rose jam!! <3 btw, do you by any chance know how much they sell for a bottle ?

    • the Muse

      i don’t have prices yet hong le but it is generally between $27-$37 a bottle…Rose Jam was the highest last year at 47 I believe? but prices may have changed this year, promise to post when info becomes available!

  • lyz

    I like lush but everytime I go in there the employees are too pushy. I’ve ust given up with them and found etsy alternative. :/

    • rae

      weird you think Lush employees are ”pushy” especially because they are not commission based I always find the employees genuinely just want to help me and want to express as much as they can because of there passion for amazing company they work for!

  • MM Curator

    Oooh, thanks for the heads up! I have Snowcake and Rose Jam from last year (Snowcake smelled off to me, sigh) but I will definitely be getting Ponche this year! And I hope the unnamed fragrance is Honey I Washed the Kids or Strawberry Feels Forever.

  • Misty

    So these perfumes are only available online through the chat party? Can they be purchased or won through Trivia only?

    • the Muse

      they aren’t giving away perfumes Misty you have to buy them. They’ll be online and available on the day of the chat party and available until the sell out but Lush isn’t giving away anything for free in regards to the fragrances. Perhaps they might have a trivia round and gift away some holiday bath/bubble bars items but not the fragrances.

  • Braelyn

    Snowcake for the win! This will be my very first bottle! I already have the soap! Yessssssss!

  • Misty

    Thanks so much!!! Have no problem purchasing it am just happy to get me some Rose Jam😀

    • the Muse

      no problem, me neither they are always an excellent value with good throw/linger! Enjoy! Rose Jame is quite strong and lovely!

  • melissa

    I really don’t have $50 to spend on fragrance right now – sigh 🙁 Maybe the Rose jam won’t sell out by next pay day day LOL. Some of the ones from last year seemed to be around a week or two and some sold out immediately.

  • Janelle

    I don’t understand….and I don’t have the time to join the chat party. Will they be available in stores? How do I get them?! Lol

  • Kadie Lee

    I hope these land closer in fragrance to their permanent range counterparts than the other perfumes do. I LOVE Karma in the bubble bar, but I can’t get with the perfume version of it. Sad =(

  • Lilie


    When will collection be released on the uk website? I cannot find any info :((

    I bought Snowcake last year but I want another one!

    • the Muse

      i dont have any details about the UK fragrance round, typically they launch the news of a fragrance round on the forums so you’ll have to join the forums and check up. I haven’t been active there in a bit and haven’t followed but check with Hilliary or sometimes Big or Simon posts about it.

      • Lilie

        Oh ok, I registered.
        It’s just that last year, you give us the date, for the Uk launch too. So I thought maybe you’d know 🙂

        God I hate that kind of rush “Oh-my-god-i-have-to order-this-very-second-or-all-is lost”. I wish they had a different process.

        Anyway I DO hope they changed the bottle, mine is leaking and it’s making the black paint come off, gross. Am I the only one with this issue?

        • the Muse

          I honestly suck because I haven’t been hanging out on the forum Lilie, been too busy so I def do typically but this year I’m clueless. Let me know what you find out 😀 LOL I know I totes understand! Same here, the bottles were awful last year but they did change them this year! This was especially the case due to airmail! 🙁 they leaked everywhere!

          • Lilie

            Apparently it’s also on the 22nd!

            But I also found that they will be sold in France too (that’s where I live). So Yay for not paying the equivalent of the price of the perfume in shipping fee.
            Silly me, I thought they were US/UK exclusive!

            Anyway I take this opportunity to thank you for all the information you provide us, the news, the reviews etc… It all seems incredibly time consuming yet you’re always lovely with everyone who asks you something. Bravo! 🙂

          • the Muse

            thanks for sharing Lilie! Typically the UK launch is for Europe so NICE to hear France is getting them 😀 awwww thank YOU xoxoxo 🙂 I TRY I try! 🙂

  • Kilikina

    It looks like they finally listened and changed the bottles!!! Yay! Maybe this year I will actually buy one!

  • Lilie

    Guys I got my Snowcake perfume yesterday and I thought I’d let you know that they have changed the formulas and it does not smell like it used to!

    I tried it and immediately smelled something was off: the scent starts off with a fake chemical candy smell, very acidic, nothing like Snowcake. Then it smells a bit more like it, but it’s still not as good.

    I sent the customer service an email regarding this and they revealed that they changed the formulas of the perfumes this year, offering me to exchange its or something else.

    I’m quite disappointed and I might hold on to my old, leaking bottle like treasure then.

    • the Muse

      oh no! that’s awful! I didn’t order tbh! I got ponce x 2 and day of the dead as I have three or four bottles of each of the others. that’s terrible sorry Lilie!