November 12, 2013

Revlon Racy Rose Powder Blush Review & Swatches

revlon racy rose powder blush

Revlon Racy Rose Powder Blush is one of several new blushes that popped up in a special display entitled Revlon Cheek Boutique. I suspect that this is a revamp and repackage of Revlon’s original powder blush collection for Spring 2014. But you never know! These new shades could be some sort of limited edition release but I doubt it.

I saw the display at Bed, Bath, and Beyond as well as Harmons so far but not at general drugstores like CVS and Walgreens.

Looking at the display and the range of colors there’s quite a lot to get excited about here. They all look incredibly pigmented and the shades look unique and very pretty.

Revlon Racy Rose Powder Blush was one of the first shades that caught my eye. It’s a very pretty cool coral. Yeah, I know, Racy Rose….not very fitting for a coral shade but to me it’s pure coral. It quite reminds me a little bit of Bobbi Brown Apricot blush or even a more popping version of Bobbi Brown Pink Coral Blush.

Let’s take a look!

revlon racy rose powder blush swatches

Revlon Racy Rose Powder Blush looks simply stunning in the pan. This is the type coral that I navigate towards! It’s a satin finish without any sparkle or shimmer of any kind.

Unfortunately, I found the texture was very odd. It’s a bit powdery, a bit chalky, and it blends horribly. Oh lord. I used my trusty Bobbi Brown domed blush brush to apply which never fails me. But in this case…it failed. I just couldn’t get the color applied without it going completely clown-y on my cheeks. The color ended up making my cheeks look very ruddy. The texture seems to literally slip and slide around my face as I apply it and it ends up going considerably sheerer once applied so building is essential. Even swatching as very difficult as you can see below it swatches very sheer.

revlon racy rose powder blush fotd

I was shocked.

In the pan the color, texture, and product overall looks like it’ll perform very well but it turned into a rather big headache. As you can see from my photo above with it on my cheeks it is barely noticeable. A shade like this should have more pop on my cheeks but it’s so very subtle.

I was disappointed to say the least and I surely hope the other shades from this collection end up a bit better than Racy Rose did.

Skip it.

It’s gorgeous in the pan but dreadful to apply!