November 20, 2013

Sonia Kashuk Lavish Luxe Brush Set Review

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set

The new limited edition Sonia Kashuk Lavish Luxe Brush Set ($29.99) for Holiday 2013 is probably one of the prettiest brush sets (the Sephora Pantone one MIGHT give it a run for the money but not by much because this set is gorgeous darling!) I’ve run across the season and the biggest (except maybe a little competition from the Coastal Scents Elite Brush Set Bamboo Collection).

This set includes 10 Sonia Kashuk signature makeup brushes dressed up with beautiful fluted gold handles and ivory bristles. Hell it’s too pretty to use!

Take a look!

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set holiday 2013

At $29.99 this works out to a mere $3 per a brush! That’s an incredible bargain. I questions purchasing it because I have so many brushes at this point in my makeup life however, I decided it was absolutely a must have.

It’s the perfect selection of brushes and aside from the lash/brow groomer which I end up never using it has an excellent assortment of essential brushes. I’m unsure what material the brushes are made of but they did make a point to say that the pointed eye liner is a synthetic brush so I imagine the others are animal hair.

If you don’t have a ton of brushes this an excellent way to grab a brilliant set of brushes that includes everything you’ll need for face and eyes. It’s also a great gift for a beauty lover because I can’t imagine anyone not loving this set. The handles are nice and heavy and the quality of the brushes is simply wonderful.

You get:

  • Domed Powder Brush
  • Pointed Foundation Brush
  • Fan Brush
  • Pointed Blending Brush
  • Small Eye Shadow Brush
  • Angled Crease Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Brow Brush
  • Pointed Eye Liner Brush
  • Lash/Brow Groomer

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 9

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 10

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 11

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 12

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 13

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 14

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 15

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 16

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 17

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 18

I have plenty of Sonia’s brushes some from as short a time as last year and some from years ago and they have all had an excellent life and lived through plenty of washings.

This collection is no different. I washed the brushes a few times prior to reviewing to see how they stood up and they dry back to their original shape, the handles are sturdy, the bristles soft, and they do not shed.

sonia kashuk lavish luxe brush set 19

Aren’t the handles pretty?

The only brush I had a problem with was the Domed Powder Brush as the bristles split a little bit down the sides but nothing too dramatic!

All in all the Sonia Kashuk Lavish Luxe Brush Set is an EXCELLENT value.

This is a brush set that makes a beautiful gift (FOR YOURSELF! Only kidding…remember gifting is nicer than giving!).

It’s available now at Target and

Anyone see it yet?

What are your thoughts on Sonia’s brush sets?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Zoë

    I NEED these and the shimmer/matte palette but sadly my Target doesn’t have any of the Kashuk holiday stuff yet, I hope they don’t sell out too fast when they actually get it, it’s not nearby to me 🙁

  • AnniLau

    Despite my ridiculous stock of makeup brushes, I might be tempted if the eyelash comb weren’t plastic. They don’t work or wash up as well as metal, and the tines tend to break. Also, I have no idea what to do with a fan brush.

  • amy

    I really hope I come across these! I frequent several Target locations, so the odds are in my favor, but I think I’d even be willing to order online. I love the SK brushes I have, and I find the ones that come in sets to be just as good as the individual ones (white & black handles). I’m also a fan of white bristles, as it makes it sooo much easier to know when they’re clean!

  • Christina

    I saw this set but was afraid to pick it up. The only brush I’ve ever owned from Sonia is the bent liner brush, but I hear so many good things about her brushes in general. I think the split hairs on the domed powder brush scared me off. If Muse says it’s not bad, the it must not be bad. Back to the store I go to pick up a set.

    • the Muse

      yeah that disappointed me a little bit Christina 🙁 you can reshape them with your hand but they keep splitting a bit on the bottom but aside from that the set was REALLY nice. If you get it let me know what you think?!

  • Britni

    I have a Sonia Kashuk brush and I absolutely hate it. It’s probably the worst piece of crap I’ve ever bought. It’s the small duo fiber stippling brush, it sheds and does absolutely no kind of blending or product transfer. I want to try more because of all the hype but I’m SO scared to waste money on another disappointment! #conflicted But these do look nice like MAC brush dupes and they look pretty!

    • the Muse

      sorry to hear it 🙁 that’s awful! I’ve always had great success with her brush sets!

      • Tammie

        Maybe the sets are better quality than the singles, I too have had bad luck with SK brushes shedding :/

        • Britni

          I told my bf I wanted these for Christmas but he had no luck finding them. I finally found them last night and bought them for him to give me on Christmas (yes, I know that’s silly). Well, I got to play with them for a little bit before he took them away, and I’m in loooooove 😍 They’re so soft and exceeded my expectations (even though my expectations were low)! I cannot wait to use them on Christmas!!!

          • the Muse

            yay happy to hear it britni! self gifting encouraged here haha!

  • Tennyoceres

    Sonia hit this set out of the park. Feels really lux and the brushes are soft. Hefty but not heavy. Oh yeah the random ~stray hairs~ but it’s nothing I can’t reshape. The eyebrow/eyelash wand is flimsy but I usually don’t use those. The white hairs are going to make my OCD bonkers (NEVER clean enough!) but it’ll easily tell me if I used a brush already.

    • the Muse

      YAY I’m glad you loved as much as I did Tenny I thought it was a steal! I got one for a friend as well 😀

  • Renu

    Ow! I need this set! Just when I was looking for a decent brush set to treat myself after being booored with seeing my Real Techniques set every day. Now if only I can figure out where I can get them or a website that ships worldwide 🙁

  • Tina

    I was able to pick up this set and the magenta fall set at my local target. However, both of them went back. They were just too scratchy for my liking. Its too bad, they all looked so pretty on my vanity!

  • fancie

    Okay I LOVE Sonia Kashuk brushes so I must have this set!! Her brushes are such great quality for the price and her sets are always so cute and chic. This set would make a beautiful addition to my collection. I love gold!

  • Sara

    I had really high hopes for this set. But the bristles are by far the scratchiest i have had on a brush. I have sigma, mac, and real techniques. The powder brush is very scratchy as well as a few eye brushes. Its a nice brush set but i want them to feel great as well, not just look good.

  • Cara

    I got this set for Christmas, but I don’t know how to use/what each brush is used for. Please help.