December 18, 2013

Bath & Body Works Winter Vanilla Latte Luxury Hand Soap Review

Bath & Body Works Winter Vanilla Latte Luxury Hand Soap

Bath & Body Works Winter Vanilla Latte Luxury Hand Soap ($14.50) needed to come home with me because I am utterly obsessed with the candle version.

It’s all creamy vanilla bean, caramel, and whipped cream deliciousness! Mmmm! SMELLS so damn good I want to eat it. Needless to sat I promptly got to stockpiling the candle because I said in the past when the zombie plague hits there won’t be any electricity. And if I’m gonna have to sit around in the dark it would be AT LEAST nice to have some super smelling relaxing candles to do so with.

Anyway, I was delighted Winter Vanilla Latte was available in a shower gel and a hand soap. I got to purchasing the hand soap on the quick!

I should say Bath & Body Works Winter Vanilla Latte Luxury Hand Soap isn’t an antibacterial formula so I mean if you are stocking piling for the apocalypse chances are you’re going to want an antibacterial hand soap to wash away blood and guts.

But since we’re all safe and sound SO far I was kinda ok with the formula and my OCD only acted balked slightly at the idea of it.

This is pretty expensive compared to the crumbs we pay for the regular hand soap line as it is $14.50 but it also happens to be over 15 oz. By the time I get to using 16 oz of hand soap I’ll get tired of the scent so I only purchased one.

And on that note I’m glad I did only purchase one because it isn’t that great.

At first washing my hands was rather pleasant…it smelled nice but as you rub your hands together the scent QUICKLY disappears and is replaced with no fragrance at all. It doesn’t even really leave the pretty Vanilla Latte scent on your hands after a complete rinse!


Moral of the story?

Save your $14.50 for the day it goes on sale for a buck.

This one disappointed.

Tried it?

Loved it?

Do share!

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  • AnniLau

    If it helps, there have been several studies that indicate antibacterial soap doesn’t kill germs any better than regular soap.

    I need to give this a sniff though…it sounds right up my alley.

  • kate

    the lady at the store was pushing this like crazy the other day.
    expensive at 14 bucks, but with the news about anti bac soaps under review I bet they sell tons. I will take a look after Christmas. I love the packaging.

  • Shelly

    It also comes in a body wash/lotion gift set
    I had to get it for the lotion alone! I’m not a vanilla scent
    Person but I do love this one

  • Ryou

    I think Pink Sith wrote a while back that antibacterial soaps don’t really kill more bacteria than regular soap, it’s really a marketing ploy, not unlike the great paraben scare. At best, the active ingredients need to be left on for far too long for a regular handwash, in which case your hands would get so, SO dry.

    The good news is, I think FDA is going to require proof that antibacterial handwashes actually work before companies can slap it on the label.

  • Iris

    Thank you for the review. I was going to get this product in Limoncello but the store ran out before I had a chance. I was waiting for them to go on sale for $10. The scent quickly disappearing makes me feel less bad about not being able to catch a bottle.