December 3, 2013

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder Review & Swatches

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder is basically savior, my makeup messiah if you will! As you know I adore Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder but for reasons unknown to me Skin Food discontinued it! Skin Food Salmon Concealer, Eye Cream, and Serum are still very much alive and kicking but the powder has disappeared completely.


I’ve worked hard at finding a few replacements and some worked, some not so much! Many readers have asked me if I ever tried Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder but they were referencing my face not a replacement for my beloved Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder.

So I recently purchased Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder and I was delighted that it ended up being a fairly nice replacement for Skin Food’s version!

I specifically purchased Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder after reading about it and seeing swatches to replace my Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder and I’m delighted that it does a beautiful job doing the same thing that Skin Food’s formula did!

This is considerably a darker yellow compared to Skin Food’s version and the texture is slightly different as well but it does a beautiful job brightening up my eyes and setting my concealer almost as well as Skin Food’s formula so I’m not complaining too much!

It comes in a 1.5 oz shaker jar for around $10-$20 depending where you purchase it. I believe Ricky’s carries it but I haven’t had a chance to hop into Ricky’s recently because I’ve been running crazy so I just got it off of Amazon for $15 bucks and with Prime the shipping was free (it isn’t sold by Amazon but it was sold by a seller who supported Prime Shipping).

The packaging is a little goofy as you’ll be sprinkling into the lid and buffing onto your eyes or face. I have a few back ups of Skin Food Powder so a near empty one I dumped into another and just used the now empty jar to shake some of the Banana Powder into! Ah much better!

Ben Nye Luxury Powder

It’s understandable why people swear by this for use on their face as it is a talc base which means it does wonders for shine. For those of us with drier skin the powder is finely milled and fairly silky so it’ll blend out very well without clinging to drier areas of our face. Your best bet though is proper prepping and priming prior to applying anywhere on your face.

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder Swatches

But as I said I didn’t purchase it for setting my makeup and rarely do I use setting powder! This one was for concealer use only. After applying my cream concealer I follow up with my eye makeup and finish up my entire face. I typically dust on Salmon Dark Circle Powder as the very last step in my makeup application even after I apply lipstick so I did the same with Banana Powder.

I used a small blending brush to simply sweep a little under my eyes and done! It sets my concealer for an all day finish and most importantly it isn’t completely transparent so it does have a little brightening power to it. And since it is yellow it diffuses the look of darkness while brightening so you can use it on bare, concealer-free eyes as well!

Absolutely loves it.

If you never tried Skin Food Dark Circle Powder this is an excellent replacement because you won’t know what you’re missing! If you have used Skin Food Dark Circle Powder and are missing it this isn’t an exact dupe BUT it is a fairly great replacement.

If you have issues with an oily under eye area that has issues with creasing concealer or even if your concealer simply won’t last all day or even if you have drier eyes don’t be scared of this! You’ll love it! Promise!

Awesome stuff.

Muse Approved!


I purchased this item.

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  • Laney

    I know this sounds crazy but I use baby powder! I’m very very fair so I can use it as a over all powder to absorb oil. I also put it under my eyes after my concealer to set it, it actually brightens up the area a bit as well. I know Ben nye makes other colors of the luxury powder as well. Has anyone else used them? And what for?

    • anna

      Wow, baby powder? Does it keep you shine free? For how long? I’m pretty fair too, so I think I would get away with that.

  • Siri

    Wondering if you could share the link to the Amazon seller who does prime? I did a search and have been wanting to try this powder for a while. Didn’t see any seller supporting prime. Any insights appreciated! Thank you. =)

    • the Muse

      actually don’t bother siri! Look in the comments Twirly recommended a seller that’s cheaper! 🙂

      • Siri

        Thank you for the heads up! I did find it on as Twirly said…did some extra search! =) Wondering if you had advice on which shade to get or is the Banana one good for all skin tones?

        • the Muse

          i don’t know your skin tone siri so can’t really recommend? plus only tried the Banana 🙂 I only got it for under my eyes and my skin medium fair, neutral undertones and it worked great under my eyes and was fairly transparent on my face with a bit of brightening. As an under eye concealer set powder it should work fairly well on most skin tones but especially for warmer ones. Unfortunately haven’t tried the other shades so can’t really recommend any of them.

          • Siri

            Miss Muse you are awesome on your quick response. =) I have asian skin, so its fair to medium with yellow undertones (not super pale). I currently use Bare Escentuals powder foundation in light. When I saw your post I was curious about using it for under eye as well. I might just get the Banana one since I hear so many good things. Thank you! =)

          • the Muse

            I try! 🙂 mmm Banana might be ok but you might want to take a look at the other shades, I haven’t tried them but they might be more suitable for your skin tone! my pleasure!

  • Brittany

    Would this be comparable to bare minerals well rested? It’s been the only thing I have ever come across that actually covers my disgustingly dark freckles rather than just make them look ashy or fade and let them show through halfway through the day, but it’s such a small container for $18….

    • the Muse

      um not really. I have well rested and I like it but I don’t really use it all that often. you’re better off with well rested for freckles because it is a more natural shade that matches lighter/medium skin tones versus this which is a brighter yellow. ALTHOUGH I will say Luxury Powder actually comes in several shades so you might be able to find a shade that matches well rested…! I only tried the Banana one!

  • Fatima

    Loved the review- I was waiting to hear something about this from you! do you think it can keep the face mattified if applied on face? thanks!

    • the Muse

      it’s actually theater makeup with a main base of talc so yup def good for shine!

  • Mariqia

    Wow, thanks for the review. I often have problems with powder creasing under my eye area.

  • sushiroll

    Have you tried the Maybelline Shine Free loose Powder? That’s been my HG loose powder for years. Does a good job of setting makeup and reducing shine. It’s a hidden gem from Maybelline.

  • AmandaM

    Thank you so much for the review of this product. I’m always on the look out for something that will help cover my awful dark circles. I may have to pick this one up!

  • TwirlyGirly

    For those who are interested in this product, or any of the powders in the Ben Nye Luxury Powders line, sells a 3 oz. container for 14.00 (the 1.5 oz is 10.00), plus 6.90 shipping (in the US). Twice as much product, for less than 5.00 more than you paid, Muse!

      • Krystle

        At you get the 3 oz for $14 as well but the shipping is $2.95. And while you are there, you can order the ultra pigmented La Femme blushes.

  • Joy

    This just entered my must try list, sub category dark circle arsenal. Oh oh oh and this could also shade-correct my Clarins UV Plus HP! Always wanted to try the Skin Food but I guess its too late. So many products, so little time LOL. Thanks Musey! You are a great resource for my beauty woes <3 XOXO

  • Susannah

    Ben Nye has provided makeup for actors for as long as I can remember. You should be able to find his entire line of products at any theatrical store — like one that rents costumes.

    He also has a complete catalogue with all his products in it.

    I’m going to try this. Your reader who commented on Maybelline’s loose powder is right — that is also a superb loose powder that is not expensive at all.

  • Maria

    I am unsuccessful at setting my concealer. Ladies, exactly how do you do it and not make it look cakey?

    • Cindy Ramirez

      With concealer, less is more for me! I do my foundation first, then go back and just stipple a small amount to cover my dark circles. I then set it with a translucent powder with a stiff concealer brush. I sort of pat the powder over the concealer paying close attention to where the fine lines are. Since using this technique I’ve never had any problem with the concealer creasing or fading. :]

      I use usually use NARS Radiant Creamy concealer, but recently started using MAC Pro Longwear concealer again. I set it with NARS Light Reflecting loose setting powder. Hope that helps Maria!

    • Joy

      Hi Maria, having had my share of concealer woes I feel ya and wanted to chime in. A lot of factors come into play (products, skin condition, technique, among others) but I agree with Cindy that less is more. Thin layers, to begin with. If you are finding that you need a lot of layers to bring the color to your skin tone, it might be that the shade you are using is not the optimum one for you. Now let’s say you are happy with the shade match of the concealer you’ve applied and blended in, try applying a light layer of powder using a brush. Very little powder on the brush and just a light tap will do. In my experience, too much concealer, too much powder and too much pressure on the brush = caking. Hope this helps!

  • Cindy Ramirez

    This is one of the products that has been on my list of things to try, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m really interested in trying this! Right now I’ve been using NARS Light Reflecting loose setting powder to set the concealer under my eyes (Works amazing for me) and also to set my highlight when I do a highlight and contour. I know a lot of people swear by this to set their makeup with as well. Thanks for the positive review, I surely have no excuse now. :]

    • the Muse

      I love the loose setting powder and the pressed good stuff ;-D my pleasure!

  • Susannah

    Dear Muse,

    Have you ever tried and/or reviewed Chanel’s loose powder? How does it compare to NARS’ Light Reflecting loose powder? Which one do you prefer?

    thank you so much!

    • the Muse

      I haven’t Susannah sorry 🙁 I’m not really sure how they compare as I never used Chanel’s, I’ve only ever used the LE sparkling loose powders but that can’t really be compared to the nars one.

  • erica

    i wonder if i could set my l’oreal mineral concealer (powder) with the ben nye luxury banana powder???

    • Isabella Muse

      sorry never heard of it siri or tried it…my pleasure hope you enjoy it!

      • belle

        Hi! I like to try this but which shade should i buy? Im NC 30-35 ..Pls reply