December 30, 2013

Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleaning Oil Review

Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleaning Oil

Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleaning Oil is one of several new Garnier + Clean Skincare products that have launched in drugstores for Spring 2014 (I picked mine up at Walgreens for $9.99).

I always complain about the lack of Cleansing Oil in US drugstores so this is a welcome product that will be easy to pick up at your local drugstore!

Take a look!

Ponds, Biore, Maybelline, etc all have Cleansing Oils available at the drugstore but the problem is they are exclusive to drugstores within Asia. Nary a one has been released here in the US! Sadness!

Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oil (4.2 oz) is actually recommended for dry skin which surprised me as typically cleansing oils can be used by most all skin types as they rinse clean away. The first thought that enters anyone’s mind who hasn’t tried cleansing oil before is, “Oh that’s going to leave my skin so shiny!” But that’s not the case at all as cleansing oil emulsifies and rinses clean away!

Unfortunately the main ingrident here is mineral oil. Most cleansing oils are mineral oil based however, some folks have sensitive skin or feel like mineral oil breaks them out or clogs there pores, etc…etc…I personally don’t have an issue with the ingredient myself.

I admit when I purchased this I expected it to make my skin tight or dry after use but I was pleasantly surprised it did not. It’s almost as nice as Fancl’s Cleansing Oil in the fact that it has absolutely no effect on my skin at all. It doesn’t hydrate nor does it dry out my skin, it merely whisks away makeup and that’s it. That’s just right for me! It has a soft, floral scent which surprised me as Garnier is legendary for creating very powerfully scented skincare products. Apparently it contains Jojoba and Macadamia Oils to replenish moisture but I didn’t really feel it added any moisture or too any away from my skin.

This is used like any Cleansing Oil formula! I personally remove my eye makeup prior to using cleansing oil. After that step I take about two to three pumps of the oil and massage it on my dry face now I use a little water to emulsify the cleansing oil and I keep massaging around my face. As the cleansing oil emulsifies you’ll notice it’ll go milky. After this step simply rinse! The formula does leave my eyes slightly cloudy after use but most do so this isn’t anything to worry about.

The oil is a thicker yet runny consistency that feels very moisturizing going on but rinses clean away after use. It doesn’t leave a film, stickiness, or oiliness after use. It removes all my makeup beautifully and easily.

Garnier recommends following up with a cream cleanser after. Typically I do a pre-wash with cleansing oil and follow up with a foaming cleanser of some sort but if you’re feeling lazy this does a fairly perfect job of makeup in a flash so no need for a secondary cleanser!

I wouldn’t say this will break down harder to remove waterproof mascara but as I mentioned above I remove my eye makeup prior anyway with an oil based eye makeup remover so don’t rely on it to completely get off eye makeup!

Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleaning Oil is really good. I don’t love the smaller size (4.2 oz) and the bigger price tag ($9.99)….I’d love an 8 oz bottle at this price but overall, the formula is excellent and worked beautifully for me. I’m quite happy about this as I’m sure I’ll still want to buy any and all new Asian Cleansing Oils that release but I love that if I need to restock on cleansing oil I won’t be waiting on airmail anymore! I can simply hop to the drugstore and grab this up! I’ll def be repurchasing in the future.

Tried it?

Love to hear your thoughts!


Garnier Nourishing Cleaning Oil

I purchased this item.

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  • Karen

    I’m so excited! I’ve been dishing out a lot of money for Shiseido, Origins, Shu Uemura, etc. cleansing oils because they’re so difficult to find in the United States. I’ve never noticed too much of a difference between the different cleansing oils I’ve used, so I’m excited to see a more cost-effective one. Thanks for posting this!

  • Holly Tonolli

    Was really excited to try this, but it made my face break out. Maybe I need to follow up with another cleanser? Seems annoying to use two, but I’d like to use this up.

  • Aurora

    I got this last week and I do like it. It does not compare to my awesome MAC cleansing oil , but it does the job. Still not sure if it’s going to replace MAC. let’s see

  • Rachel

    I got this at Target for $5.99! Will definitely repurchase at that price…but it will not keep me from my true love (Josie Maran Cleansing Oil).

  • Victoria

    I just brought this! I got it at walmart for less than $6! I love it. I love how it takes off all my makeup!

  • Anya

    I bought this a week ago and I really like it. Weirdly, my skin seems to love mineral oil, so the high percentage of it wasn’t a problem for me. This made my skin feel exceptionally clean and hydrated, and so far no breakouts! I love it! Great review!

  • Stephanie C.

    I have this and really like it, too! I haven’t tried many other cleansing oils, but this one removes my non-waterproof mascara (and other semi-heavy eye makeup) and leaves my skin feeling nice and hydrated- good in my mind. πŸ™‚

  • Veronica

    Thank you for the review Muse! I am currently using Jojoba oil exclusively for my oil cleansing. I will be on the look out for this!

  • melissa

    Thank you so much for the review… I get my softymo on amazon and it comes in a couple days (with prime). Say it with me softymo softymo softymo You know you can’t resist the chant. LOL Anyhow, when there is a coupon/sale or a cvs deal .. I definitely will try this one for the convenience factor but the price is killing me so I have to wait. (The Kose one is $13.99 for 7.8 ounces.) Thanks again and happy new year!

    • Isabella Muse

      you’re very welcome dear! πŸ˜€ LOL I love me some softymo just makes me feel all warm and cozy for some reason haha! πŸ˜€ they’ll def be one I’m sure! happy NY dear!

  • Littlecreek81

    I have always wanted to try a cleansing oil. Frankly I’ve just been too lazy to order one. :p I am very excited to have one I can just grab at the store. Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Kristina

    I got this the other day and tried it that night. Is it wrong that for the first time ever I was excited to take off my makeup? Lol I didn’t use eye makeup remover beforehand because I wanted to see how this would do. Well…I was really surprised! It worked beautifully! I do recommend taking off your eye makeup first if you’re heavy on the mascara as it did leave the smallest amount on my eyes after rinsing it away. I will say though that when patting/wiping my face dry after rinsing, the cloth did seem to grab what was left on my eye which shows me that the oil actually did break it down quite well! I have drier skin (only 30 so not really “mature” skin, but cursed with dry skin) and this was just lovely for that. No film, no tightness…just a clean feeling. I did use a regular cleanser after (I’m paranoid about breakouts lol), but as the lovely Muse said, if you’re in a rush or just want to crawl into bed then this is AMAZING for getting off that makeup in a hurry! Muse fangirl approved hehe

    • Isabella Muse

      ha kristina πŸ˜€ I’m glad to hear! I always do, I wear heavy mascara/eyeshadow so I remove it with an eye makeup remover prior to cleansing with the oil! you can also double cleanse if you want! hehe I’m HAPPY to hear it my dear!

  • Jessica

    I’m a cleansing oil junkie too, so I was super excited about this release, and I’m loving it so far, too! I even bought the accompanying cleanser, which I’m liking too!

  • Miranda

    I really like cleansing oils for my combo skin. I find that they even my skin out. This will be a nice alterntive to my well-loved Josie Maran Cleansing Oil, which is just too expensive for me to repurchase at the moment!

  • Susannah

    Erno Lazlo makes a great cleansing oil too. It’s expensive, but you get a lot of the product and a little goes a long way. I don’t think it has any mineral oil in it, hence the higher price. Well-heeled ladies have been using it for decades.

    Also, Philosophy has a cleansing oil called “Purity.”

    You can get both at Nordstrom’s. Ask for a sample — the cosmetics people are happy to oblige, so you can try it before you buy it.

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah I’ve reviewed/tried those already but those aren’t drugstore options Susannah, those are mid to high end πŸ™‚ we def have cleansing oils available like from Shu for example but nothing that is budget friendly like this one.

      • Susannah

        thanks dear Muse. I’m going to try to get to Nordstrom’s later today and get the Dior lipstick you recently reviewed. Thanks as always for the great advice.

  • kellly

    hmmmm…. i’ve been using Lumene cleansing oil for years and the only thing I like better is DHC but it’s more expensive. I have trouble finding Lumene lately (had to get it online) so I may give this a try. I tried the Maybelline eye makeup remover gel stuff when I couldn’t find Lumene, but wasn’t impressed so went back to Lumene. I love cleansing oils for takin off eye makeup without pulling or rubbing.

  • Sylirael

    Someday, I will try a cleansing oil…saldy the options aren’t particularly varied in my neck of the woods!

  • LisaO

    I personally love the DHC cleansing oil products from Japan. The pore cleansing oil has a lovely fresh grapefruit smell & the Deep Cleansing oil actually removes my eye make up so I can skip a step. The only downfall is they have to be ordered online. I did try a sample of Josie Maran’s but didn’t like it. I’m leery of trying a drugstore brand unless i could sample it first.

    • Isabella Muse

      I really like DHC cleansing oil too πŸ™‚ but sadly not readily available at the drugstore. I enjoyed Josie’s, it became part of my daily removal but I never reordered for some reason hmm!

  • becca.anna

    Muse – I LOVE it! I picked it up on a whim (it was literally top-shelf at my Walgreens). This has totally streamlined my routine. I noticed too that its really getting some of the gunk out of my pores that was there before; I have very combination skin and nasty Midwest weather to boot. This is the first Garnier product I’ve really liked!

  • Katie

    The MAC Cleanse Off Oil is one of my favorite products ever. But I’m reaching the end of my bottle, and spending $10 for this vs $30 for the MAC sounds pretty good…

  • Jennifer

    I bought this yesterday after seeing yr review as I’ve also been looking for a replacement for he DHC (hard to get a hold of in a hurry n getting more & more pricey). I noticed that if u rinse with cool to lukewarm water, it does leave an oily film but if u up the tempt then it rinses off nicely without your skin feeling tight (I would say I hv normal to dry skin).
    I agree wi you Muse, this should come in bottle dbl the size to be more kind to environment (less plastic, less trips to CVS).

    • Isabella Muse

      hmmm I typically do lukewarm and didn’t have a problem with it. I really like the DHC but sometimes it makes my face rather tight! I know, more product would be nice, this is a little smallish πŸ™

  • faith

    I had never heard of cleansing oil until I read your review (just got on a beauty blog binge a few weeks ago and have been reading madly), but I’ve been trying to find some good cleanser that would make my skin soft. I picked up a bottle of this today, just washed my face with it, and cannot believe how soft my skin is feeling right now. I’m really pleased, particularly considering how little it cost in comparison to what I’ve been using. Thanks!!

  • Jess

    Saw this at target today for $5! I’m gonna pick it up next payday I think; it looks very nice.

  • Priscilla

    I love this stuff! I was using Neutrogena Natural Cleanser and it really dried my skin. I found this at Target and was very intrigued about the oil cleansing method. I am so happy I grabbed it! I will definitely repurchase. It leaves me skin so soft and smooth; not tight or dry at all. I immediately follow with Burt’s Bee’s moisturizer.

  • Chris

    I picked this up last week at Target for $5.99 and I’ve been using it every night. I have very dry skin. I was using baby wipes then Cerave Hydrating Cleanser every night to remove my long-wearing foundation but I still see traces of makeup after I pat my skin dry. I now use the Garnier Cleansing Oil then Cerave and I no longer see traces of makeup after cleansing. Plus my skin feels more hydrated. Will definitely repurchase!

  • victoria

    I dont know but bought this for take out my eye makeup at first but now i use it for all my face follow with my lancome cleanser and love it !!! My skin feel sooooooo gooood

  • Fenimore

    I wonder if they’ve changed the scent since you made this review or reformulated? I bought this a couple weeks ago and it is SO strongly scented and just reeks of cheap, AXE-type cologne to my nose – I don’t think I could ever imagine calling it floral. The scent really lingers, too, even after double-cleansing :/ It’s really, really, really strongly scented, to the point that I have no idea how they thought it was a good idea for a face care product.

    I’m using this just til another oil I purchased gets to me since I NEED something to remove my sunscreen with and as you mention, this was pretty much the only cleansing oil to be found locally on short notice without paying $$$$$$, but the scent is just so strong and disgusting and I find it doesn’t really do a good job fully removing my SPF, at least not compared to the other oils I’ve tried. I find it slightly irritating as well, most likely due to the absurd amount of fragrance. I’ll be dumping this the second my Skinfood shows up.

  • Ava

    Great review! I bought this today and I want to use it but the pump seems to be stuck shut. tried to twist it around/pull it up but it is still unable to be pumped and used. Help please?? Thanks. πŸ™‚

  • Crystal G

    This wonderful cleansing oil by GARNIER is now off the shelf!!! I purchased a discounted bottle @ $2.50 & really should have taken the whole lot. I LOVE IT! I NEED A COMPARABLE REPLACEMENT!!!