December 2, 2013

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream Review & Swatches

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream SPF 30 ($45) takes BB Cream and creates BBB Cream. Triple the fun kids! This skin perfecting, HD foundation, and moisturizing with sunscreen is available in two shade selection with a natural true to skin finish that supposedly contains anti-aging ingredients.

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Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream is a hybrid HD foundation that acts as a multitasking base which primers skin, corrects it, evens it, and manages to reflect light to brighten it. Created with blueberry seed oils, green tea extract and a blend of marine minerals it protects skin against free radicals. It also contains snail mucus which is known for its anti-aging properties.

I’ve been using it for several months now in the Light/Medium shade (the shade was a tad too yellow so I mixed a bit of a darker BB Cream to get the color just right) and I love it but I dislike the price. It’s one of the nicest BB Cream formulas I’ve run across in the mid-range brand category. The gel-like consistency is very creamy and quite hydrating on my drier skin. It absorbs in a snap and leaves behind a soft, smooth finish that isn’t semi-matte or matte but more of a satin/dewy finish hybrid. It has a very light fragrance that’s barely noticeable and shouldn’t disturb sensitive skin types.

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream swatches

I was a little worried about the HD formula being shimmery or producing a glow-y finish but thankfully there is no sparkle or shimmer here however, it does brighten my entire collection and eases dullness considerably which was one of the key reasons I liked it so much.

This is a BB Cream that runs sheerer so I recommend it if you already have decent skin. It’ll even out your complexion, brighten up your complexion and ease dullness, and give skin a more flawless finish. It’s basically your own skin but a better version of it. If you have redness it should ease it, darkness it should ease as well, but major problems such as blemishes, acne scarring, etc might not do well with this lighter coverage.

If you’re looking for a BB Cream that brightens, smooths, softens, and creates an overall beautiful finish Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot BBB Cream is a fairly nice option! But I’d LOVE if they shaved off $15 or so off the $45 price tag! That would make it perfect.

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What’s your fav BB Cream formula right now?