December 9, 2013

Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Portfolio A Whole LOT of Eyeshadow

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Portfolio

If you ever found yourself wanting to own a crumb load of Sephora Eyeshadows this is your chance because the Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Portfolio is a whole LOT of eyeshadow loving!

But you won’t believe the price…!

Take a look!

The Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Portfolio is a selection of Sephora Eyeshadows in matte, shimmer, satin, and glitter finishes in an array of bright and neutral shades. It’s a just a striking set of shadows all tucked into a double tray portfolio style palette with a full size mirror.

The full size shadows can be removed easily from the palette and tucked into any of Sephora’s new Custom Palette cases for easy travel!

Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow Portfolio Spring 2014

The kicker?

It’ll set you back $599!!!!!!


Not sure I’m ready to shell out $600 for 80 eyeshadows quite yet but I’ll sleep on it.

If you are you can grab it at Sephora and

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Renu

    I’m not sure I’ll shell out either, though I’m certainly not averse to accepting it if some generous soul decides to gift it to me! I love those cute “keys” with which you lift out the shadow pans – they’ll come in handy for some de-panning!

  • CC

    No! Doesn’t costal or BH or someone have multiple trays for far less? No thank you, Sephora. I’m not even sure about the quality of these shadows.

  • Allie

    This is NOT a good deal. In Canada, Urban Decay’s Naked palette will set you back about $60. If you divide that price-point by 12 (the number of eyeshadows in the palette) the shadows will cost you around $5. In Canada, this gigantic Sephora palette costs $719. Divide that by 80 shadows and get a cost of $8.90 per shadow. I think I’d rather stick to Urban Decay, which is not only a name brand, but is actually cheaper! Even if you get the US price of 600, you still pay $7.50 per Sephora shadow as opposed to $4.10 per shadow in the Naked palette. Not worth it, guys. Want a ton of multi-coloured shadows? Try Coastal Scents or even Elf. The quality would be quite similar too.

    • Joyce

      Actually, it is a bargain. Each of these eyeshadows are .07 oz big, UD eyeshadows are .05 oz big. Individual sephora eyeshadows are $13 each. UD is $18 each. Technically, Sephora is cheaper. Have you tried ELF eyeshadows? There’s so much fallout with ELF. Sephora eyeshadows are pretty decent quality, they aren’t cheap like ELF, so don’t even say ELF and sephora have the same quality because that is not true at all lmao. While it is really unrealistic for everyday women to spend this much on a palette full of bright colors, I think it’s great for professional makeup artists who need and use these colors.

      • megan

        With a good primer (UD Primer Potion) e.l.f.’s pigments are actually pretty good. I just pat it on to minimize fallout and sweep the rest away with a fan brush. Not that I don’t adore Urban Decay…

      • Christi

        I’m a professional makeup artist & I’d never spend this on Sephora eyeshadows.

      • Allie

        In my experience, Elf shadows are actually quite nice. Obviously, they aren’t Urban Decay shadows, but they’re definitely wearable and usable. The price of this palette is absolutely ridiculous and cannot be justified. I have no idea why a makeup artist would pay this much for a palette of sub-par eyeshadows when many brands offer discounts to makeup artists on quality palettes that are made for professionals. I would never go to a makeup artist who used Sephora shadows. Even if you get a little more per eyeshadow in this palette, it is far from worth it.

  • Cait

    What are you thinking Sephora? This is $7.50 per shadow…hardly a deal considering you have to buy tons of colors most people won’t use regularly. I guess they figure it’s a better deal because you can easily depot them but still. I doubt they’ll sell many of these.

  • melissa

    hahaha you got me! I thought it was gonna be like $10 or something silly cheap. I was like oooh lets see .. and then bam $599 – no thanks. The only blockbuster set I considered wasn’t all shadows was the $300 makeupforever set but when I got down to it, there were too many dupes in it for me to really get a value out of it.

  • Michelle D

    Pricey! I’m thinking perhaps it’s supposed to be priced $59. They have a 70 shadow palette for $35. Why would this one be so much more expensive?

  • Miranda

    The heck!!????? that’s more expensive than high end palettes with just as many shadows seriously, sephora???

  • amy

    I’m a big fan of pre-made palettes, and if there’s a shade or two I don’t like, I’m still OK with that, especially if there are 8-10 I *do* like, and I’m only shelling out $50. However, if we’re talking this kind of pricepoint, I’d better like ALL of them!

    That said, when you consider these shadows are full-size, and go for about $15 each, the pricetag is pretty decent, *if* all of them would be worn.


    I think the shadows are beautiful colors, but $600 is alot especially for a Sephora palette especially when it is only 80 eyeshadows!!!

    I think if it was 200-$250 it would be alot easier to swallow.

  • Karen

    Holy crap!!! $600?!?!?! I will gladly take my coastal scents 252 pallet for a very small fraction of that. The shadows are decent quality, and the array of colors and finishes is astounding.

  • Becca C.

    Hope they didn’t mass produce these! I’m thinking more “produced upon order” due to that crazy price! Even if it is a “good deal,” you have to really love Sephora shadows to play $600 for a palette. Eeek!

  • Beauty Maven

    OMG WHAT?! Sephora eyeshadows are NOT worth that!! I had no clue they were $13 a piece, but they are so not high quality… that’s like asking me to pay $500 for a Maybelline palette or something. No way!! Are they trying to compete with Urban Decay or something?? Cause they won’t win…. WOOWWWWW I am in shock right now. And kind of angry, ha!

  • Lily

    Yikes! At that point I would rather get the UD shadow vault which is even slightly cheaper haha!

  • breyerchic04

    Urban Decay’s motherlode was 68 shadows for $595, if I were spending that much money, I think I prefer UD’s quality.

  • telle

    this is now the second round of this reappearing for sale on they had this bad boy when they did a relaunch of their shadows but it was a little less expensive canadian- its 719 vs. your 599 (which, is a huge savings in and of itself). i wish upon a star for this (and i know i will keep on dreaming…*LOL*). A muse haul??!

  • Georgia

    Seriously Sephora?! That eyeshadow palette is not worth buying. I would rather spend 600 dollars on the Urban Decay motherlode eyeshadow set.

  • Telle

    im not really sure why this palette is being compared to BH/Coastal Scents/elf–those shadows are all the size of a dime–these S/C shadows are the f/s shadows that are purchased individually or to make a 3 or 6 palette. As for UD comparisons, one cant compare a chicken to an ostrich. They are both birds but thats it; someone else made a really great point about the size of these vs the UD and thats a HUGE point and then the price breakdown too. This palette is 80 shadows and its giant (think 8×11 to 14″ measurements) which would house MANY naked palettes….and also, UD has some most FANTASTIC shadows and ahhhmazing quality but they dont have anything like the various finishes of the S/C (which many shades have been reviewed and been given good reviews). I would choose this buy this over the motherlode, any day.