January 8, 2014

Beat Dry Skin and Have Time Left Over to Save the World!

So you live in below zero temperatures and the cold is killing your plans to save the world! I know I can’t plan anything when it’s cold because my skin is dry, patchy, and flaky. I mean seriously, think about it for a second, if you’re going to take over the world you want to look your very best right?

So here’s my solution to beat your dry skin and still have time left to take over the world!

All in a few steps!

So let me give you the deets….

It’s been very cold in New York lately and my skin is a suffering. My forehead is a little flaky but for the most part normal as is the rest of my face however, my cheeks are kinda chapped and rough thus they look patchy and flaky when I apply makeup. Ugh…this also means my skin is hecka dull and lackluster. It’s the type of dry skin that feels rough and almost crepy.

If you don’t have sensitive skin and you’re simply dry try this solution and thank me in the morning when you’re master of the universe.

Step 1 The Scrub Down

I can’t believe I’m saying this but use St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub. Yes, I know, I too have experienced the phenomenon of this making my skin drier than when I started. Fact is, it is one of the scrubbiest scrubs I’ve come across and has a very grainy texture. This means it does super double duty attacking really rough, flaky skin areas. I take a HUGE dollop and I go to town on my rough areas. Generally I try to avoid using it on my forehead because as I said sometimes it actually worsens the problem so I stick to my cheeks. I use the palms of my hands to rub it in. Don’t be shy, especially if you aren’t sensitive, use a little elbow grease to scrub, scrub, scrub…you wanna whisk away as much of that rough, dead skin as you can. I do this for about one or two minutes and rinse.

St Ives Apricot Scrub

Step 3 Toweling Off

You may have run across special Asian towels used for exfoliation. These are sold in a variety of online shops and Asian beauty stores. These have a rougher texture than a typical towel and can be used to dry and gently exfoliate your face. But no worries…a simple wash cloth will do. Take a wash cloth and dry all the water from your face. Now roll it up and scrub your drier areas with it. Your face will be slightly dewy after washing your face and now is a good time to gently scrub rough areas with the towel to whisk away any dryness that your scrub might not have gotten to. Really take time out to work on the rough areas of your skin even if they are softened by water still use the towel to buff them.

Step 4 Mist Me

Grab your favorite most hydrating facial mist and mist away! I have a variety of facial mists I use but in the Winter one of my favorites is Shiseido Hadasui Face & Body Lotion Spray or Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Mist.

Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Moisturizing Lotion Mist 1

Step 5 The Most Important Step

This is the MOST important step of this regime and the real “cure” to getting skin perfectly smooth and super soft again. My Beauty Diary 2 Step Africa Hydrating Facial Pack is a two step system that includes a facial sheet mask and a small packet of hydrating lotion to follow up with after using the mask. This mask is an absolutely GOD sent and totally eliminates dry skin in as little as 20 minutes. It’s a typical Asian sheet mask which has cut outs for eyes, mouth, and nose. The fiber is super saturated with essence so it gives a very moist, hydrating facial mask experience during the wear. I sit around with it for 20/30 minutes before removing it and following up by applying the extra essence lotion that’s located in a small rip off envelope on top of the mask. Simply pat the thicker lotion into your skin and you’re done.

My Beauty Diary 2 Step Africa Hydrating Pack 2

Step 6 Congratulate Yourself

Head to sleep. Wake up in the morning. Smile in the mirror and admire your beautiful soft skin.

Step 7

Resume taking over the world plans because you’re back to being pretty again.

Good Luck!

And feel free to share your dry skin remedies!

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  • melissa

    I thank you for the tips. When my skin is crocodile dry (usually due to sinus issues, not weather, although I do live in the desert), I use ponds cold cream or plain vaseline to remove my makeup then proceed to scrubbing, washing etc. The old school removers seem to keep the tightness away.Lush ultra-bland worked well too, if they still make that. I can’t say this is regular or even weekly thing, but when I’m crazy, dry, I do that. AND don’t forget to drink lots of water because hydrated inside = hydrated outside.

    • Isabella Muse

      they do they do it’s still great as every I love ultra bland ๐Ÿ˜€ def water! agreed !

  • MK

    The St. Ives scrub is actually really bad for your skin. Sensitive or not, the little shell shards are so sharp they can cause microtears in your skin. It seems to work for you, but I’d advise pretty much everyone to find a safer alternative, be it chemical exfoliation with AHAs/BHAs or a gentler form of physical exfoliation.

  • Nat

    You’re missing phase #2! Just like the underpants gnomes from South Park. ๐Ÿ™‚