January 2, 2014

Lorac No Longer Available At Sephora

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Lorac Iconic Collection

Fare thee well my beloved Lorac. Lorac will not longer be available at Sephora.com sadly (grab some steals now with the little that is left online and perhaps grab a deal or two in store too) for the New Year ahead. This is devastating news as I adore the brand! But look ahead to the future as Lorac is now available at Kohls stores and of course, online at loraccosmetics.com.

Reader’s had reported Lorac going on sale earlier last year at their Sephora locations and even news of Lorac being no longer available at their stores was reported. Personally I hadn’t experienced it in my location until just recently. I’m hopeful the Sephora stores at JCPenny locations will continue to carry the brand as they do carry Cargo even after it was long gone from Sephora.com.

We shall see but this isn’t the end for Lorac just a new beginning!

I know many of you love the brand as much as I do so hopefully 2014 brings some great new products!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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    • sjgs

      Yeah, I actually think Ulta has always had the better Lorac selection.

      I agree with Amy’s comment on Sephora. I think they may have bitten off more than they can chew with this JCPenney business. I’d rather see them stay exclusive and have fewer large stores with a bigger selection.

    • Isabella Muse

      they’ve been on HSN for a while now but nothing is permanent I guess 🙁 but they are at Kohls now so that’s good news!

  • Erin

    I know Lorac Pro palette isn’t limited edition, so do you have any idea why it has disappeared from Kohl’s and Lorac’s websites?

      • Erin

        I am definitely kicking myself for not getting that Rockin’ Red Hot Pro set at Ulta! So many things to buy for the holiday season, though…

    • Jamie

      I saw some people ask this on Twitter and Lorac responded that it is just out of stock and will be back soon!

  • Danielle

    This is so sad! Lorac’s site does not ship to Canada, nor does Ulta or Kohl’s.

    I hope Lorac has a distributor lined up for those of us up here!…I had finally decided to get the Pro Palette but was waiting for after the holidays, and now it’s gone 🙁

    • Nat

      Same problem I ran into. I really wanted the 3d liquid lustre set from the Rockin’ Red series, but not only would those stores not ship to Canada they won’t even let you buy with a Canadian account (so I couldn’t send them to my mom in the states so she could send to me). Sadness! 🙁

      • Danielle

        I contacted Lorac customer service to see if they had any other distributors in Canada or if they were planning to start shipping here. Their response was disappointing – they referred me to mail forwarding services (which can get quite expensive).

        Oh well 🙁

        • Nat

          So frustrating. I have a sister-in-law who lives right by the border, and she has one of those US addresses that you can send US only merchandise to and then just pick it up – I would use that, but Lorac won’t even accept Canadian credit cards! Not sure what to do from there… 🙁

  • Susan K

    Lorac has been gone from my two Sephora stores for a few years now. It’s maybe my favorite brand. I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end…

  • Melissa

    I wonder if they have an exclusive deal with Kohl’s now? I saw a ton of LORAC there after Christmas.

  • Caroline

    I wondered if Sephora might be getting rid of Lorac! I noticed recently that they no longer had the Unzipped palette online. Sad! Oh, well – guess I’ll just buy it at Ulta or at the Lorac website (which does offer free shipping on every order!).

  • CC

    Just when it was getting majorly popular. Still at Ulta? And don’t forget HSN!

  • Sara

    I wish they take this opportunity and make it available worldwide. My dad got me the pro palette when he went to miami on vacation and I love it! Now I’m dying to get the unzipped palette but there’s no way I can get it in Europe. It’s so frustrating! It happens with a lot of brands. And even the ones we have here, usually only have some of the products and they’re much more expensive. Specially drugstore brands.
    There is that MyUS service, which recieves your packaging and ships it worldwide, but it’s crazy expensive. I simulated shipping one order and it was like 50$. No way.

  • Sarah B

    I was wondering about that! I just went to a Sephora and it wasn’t anywhere. I love LORAC, at least it is still at ulta.

  • Jessica

    Yeah, it was on clearance at my JCP Sephora too. The SA said it was just their location but then I looked online and almost everything I was gone. I was highly suspicious. Sad. Their I’m so sensitive primer is my fave. I’ll just have to venture out to Ulta more. 🙂

    • amy

      I hqven’t seen any on clearance at my Sephora/JCP, so it may well be select locations. I know that happened with Cargo, as well, and “my” store still carries that. Also, very few free-standing stores in the L.A.-area carried LORAC, so I relied on JCP.

      Honestly, Sephora is just becoming obsolete, IMO. I’d come to rely on them for brands noone else carries, but they’re slowly getting rid of everything. What’s been replacing those brands are those I can easily access at any Department Store, at any mall, like Lancôme, Diór, etc.; however, with stores like Macy’s now carrying Urban Decay, and ULTA giving actual discounts for customer-loyalty points, I have very little reason to even bother with Sephora. If not for NARS & Kat von D, I’d skip Sephora altogether…

      • nat

        sephora will NEVER become obsolete.. it is the number one store who racks in sales from jcpenny,ulta AND kohls.

      • Jenn

        I (kind of) agree. Everyone says Sephora > Ulta but I really like Ulta, especially because you can pick up drugstore items at the same time! I think Sephora employees are way nicer though… but if Ulta upped their employees’ pay or trained them to be helpful, they would definitely beat Sephora in my mind!

  • Kimberly

    So I saw it on sale online and after searching the internet because Sephora said they didn’t have information, I found out Lorac was going to be sold at Kohls. I went to my Sephora JCP and they told me it was all 25% off that they wouldn’t be carrying it, you’re right it’s like Cargo all over again especially since my JCP Sephora stopped carrying Cargo last year.

    When I went to Kohls and asked if or when they were getting Lorac products the woman goes “Oh I don’t know anything about that, that’s cool” I’m going to miss the beauty points I got from shopping Lorac on Sephora.com….on the bright said I got gel liners for $14.25 a piece 🙂

  • Ruby

    I think the reason why they are no longer at Sephora is because they are now found at Kohls. Some other brands like Cargo you can only get now at Ulta or Kohls.

  • Dymond

    I work at a Sephora inside JCP and I am sad to say yes, LORAC is going away…we currently have all items 25% off as does online.

  • Karla

    Lorac is also being discontinued from Ulta and I think Kohl’s will be picking up the brand

  • SamAWHAM

    Yeah, Lorac is going to Kohl’s. Lorac decided to exclusively sell their products there. No more Lorac at Ulta or Sephora!

    • Isabella Muse

      it’s actually not exclusive to Kohls, the brand reached out recently to me and explained it is at Ulta as well as Nordstrom and of course Kohls 🙂

  • Court

    I work for Ulta and as of now, there are no plans to get rid of it. We just did a reflow of prestige brands and it’s also part of the 21 Day of Beauty steals.

    • ECfromDC

      …can’t edit my other comment but I found other places it’s sold (and this blog) due to searching how to find the Lorac Porefection foundation to get swatched.