January 23, 2014

Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Wet Cloths Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Wet Clothes

Dry skin? YOU NEED Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Wet Cloths like now! Get them! Immediately!

Best cleansing wipe evers for dry skin!

Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Wet Cloths are one of several brand new permanent skincare products that are launching for Spring 2014 at drugstores.

These wipes are available in a 7 pack for beauty budgeters or travel friendly ladies and lads for $1.99 or for those who need the extra big guns haul a 25 pack for $5.99.

Sure, these suckers remove basic makeup easily when you just get home at the end of the night, throw up your hands, and think, “Oh god I can’t even think about doing the entire skin cleansing thing tonight!” They won’t remove waterproof mascara too well and I think they are a bit too rough for the area around your eye but for basic makeup they do a nifty clean up job. Heck, I should know about tired as I went to bed last night and realized, “wait a sec, my shirt is on backwards…” and I was so tired I left it like that. Sometimes you just wanna clean off makeup in the hooray and makeup wipes are great for that purpose.


Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Wet Clothes take makeup wipes to a whole new and exciting level. Don’t get me wrong I’ve tried exfoliating makeup wipes in the past but nothing as crazy good as this.

What’s so special about ’em?

They feel like they have tiny scrubbing crystals embedded right into the wipe! No joke! These aren’t a gentle wipe. One side is a very smooth, soft cotton but the other side has is made from a rougher fiber which when used correctly can easily whisk away dry, flaky areas and gently exfoliate your skin. Hell, I even used them on my knees and elbows. The fiber feels very grainy for lack of a better description and you can use this side of the wipe to gently wipe your face and exfoliate away drier areas in a snap! I have dry, patchier areas on my cheeks and I simply rub the wipes gently across these areas a few times to smooth them over even when I’m not wearing makeup! After I apply moisturizer and my skin feels quite a good deal softer.

Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Wet Clothes1

So cool!

They do have a very fresh scent and contain honeysuckle and white tea which is exactly what they are scented like, it’s a tea and floral type smell! I like the scent but it might be a bit much for those sensitive to fragrance so beware. Also if you suffer from redness on your face be careful when using these as they aren’t gentle as your normal makeup wipe.

For the dry skin ladies and lads though, Olay Fresh Effects Exfoliating Wet Cloths are a winner! An easy way to scrub away flaky skin in a flash!

Loves these!

Do grab them your next trip to the drugstore.

Tried ’em already?



This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • anon

    hey, you’ve been spelling “cloths” as “clothes.” “ClothES” are articles of clothing, like dresses, skirts, shirts, etc. “ClothS” are pieces of fabric in general. Just thought you’d like to know. You don’t have to approve this comment if you don’t want, I just wanted to let you know.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks amanda, it’s been a busy month so sometimes I make mistakes here and there, my hands think a lot faster than my brains sometimes.

      • Nat

        I am *such* a stickler for grammar; it drives me nuts when I send out an email and then later realize I used “your” instead of “you’re” or something like that, lolz! 😀

        • Isabella Muse

          i wish I can be but sometimes I am too busy to notice…I’m multitasking and playing too many hands sometimes so I make mistakes constantly on Musings. If I did it full time I’d have a lot more time to actually sit, read through, and correct but sometimes I am rushed to get content out and have other things happening in my office as I am trying to edit/etc so you’ll def see mistakes from yours truly….!

          • Nat

            I don’t know how you’re able to put out as much as you do now with this few mistakes! If I was putting out that much content on a tight schedule like you do, it would be riddled with typos! 😀

          • Isabella Muse

            it is already isn’t it!? hehe! Honestly if I did this full time I’d try to make more of an effort but as is my life is a little crazy with life, full time job, and Musings
            so typos are going to happen plus hey, this isn’t vogue or elle 🙂 It’s just Musings of a Muse, homegrown blog, if I make mistakes it gives it a little personality lol!

  • Ashley

    These sound interesting. I love white tea! So clean and refreshing. Never tried an exfoliating wipes before, these would be fun to try! It’s ok muse if you spell things wrong, we knew what you really meant. You’re just so excited to tell us about this amazing product, your blog is my favorite always up to date on products and detailed which I like. You have a great blog and great pictures which are important too.

    • Isabella Muse

      lol ashley that’s pretty true….! and my hands think a heck of a lot faster than this brain is thinking sometimes ;-D thank you Ashley you’re very kind 🙂 I promise I know the difference between clothes that you wear and cloths that you use to wipe something LOL I’m not that much of an idiot! PROMISE! ;-D

  • DT

    These seem great, I want to purchase them to try!
    Just a question though, do you think it’d be okay to use to wipe off bb-cream? I always use the Lioele Waterdrop so it’s really lightweight and not heavy like regular bb creams.

    Great review!

    • Isabella Muse

      you can use the soft side to wipe away your bb cream DT and just your the reverse side to exfoliate!

  • Nicole

    I definitely have to try these out! I’m curious about what your daily skin care routine is like. Because I have dry skin as well and would love to know how you treat yours on the daily!

    • Isabella Muse

      that might take a bible nicole lol! I have a super crazy regime ;-D

  • mindy

    gotta get these, sound great..
    p.s. anyone who knows you from this blog knows are making spelling errors duh!

  • mkdallas

    Hmmm…I am a hardcore devotee of “Yes To Blueberries” wipes, but your review intrigues me! I’m gonna lay out the big bucks and try a pack; I like the idea of getting a little extra exfoliation in. Side note (and meant in a sincerely snark free tone): I am saddened that a reader who enjoys the prolific and exceedingly well-written output of reviews, swatches and information on your blog felt compelled to publicly point out a typo. That is all. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      lol dallas I’ve gotten worst than that pointed out about what people do and don’t like about musings (Read the etude house eyeshadow palette review there’s a fun comment in there) and myself personally it’s ok though! It happens! Count it as occupational habit of blogging hehe but thanks that made me feel slightly better about my typos 😀

  • MJ

    Thanks Muse, these look interesting. I’ve been using the Simple exfoliating wipes for a while – have you tried those and if so can you compare them?