January 8, 2014

At This Point It’s Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey BS

doctor who

It’s not the actor it’s the writer so please Moff, for the fans, for me, get your act together man! You’re writing for Peter Capaldi now, don’t eff it up!

I still love you even after the dribble of the Time of the Doctor. We can agree that Matt Smith’s exit deserved better right? I mean seriously the Doctor pairing up with the Silence and working as a team!? What the hell! Cats and dogs living together! Its happened! Venkman was right!

Get it together Moff. I’ve been watching this show since childhood stop ruining it for me.

k, thanks!

And don’t mess up Sherlock either or I will have to hunt you down!


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  • Somayea Arefin

    finally someone else who has seen the light. It irritated the crap out of me when people said they didn’t like Matt Smith because “he wasn’t a good Doctor”. Matt was BRILLIANT and my favorite Doctor so far, because he embodies so many sides. The young child, the old soul, the ruthless and unforgiving man, so many sides. I was so pissed with his exit. My boyfriend was like “oh but he got to say a lot more before he regenerated” yeah I guess, but so did David. It just felt so rushed and not emotional like “LOL bye”. My heart broke so much because Matt deserved a better exit especially after all the hate he had endured.

    I have heard so many people say that Moffat’s writing is horrible on it’s own. But with someone else it’s really good. I agree with that. In DW he writes it by himself basically, but with Sherlock he has another person he writes with. That’s how Sherlock is done pretty well, that and Benedict’s acting is just..words can’t describe his talent because it’s too amazing.

    I really hope Peter does the Doctor well and that Moffat gets his shizz together and writes better scripts. Some of Matt’s episodes were great but so many of them seemed filler in my opinion.

    As you can tell I feel very strongly about Matt 😛
    I just wished that he got the respect and episodes he deserved and he was capable of so much more had Moffat written better episodes.

    • Isabella Muse

      I was waiting for your reply Somayea 🙂 hehe! I think there was a whole lot of hoopla with major blogs reviewing the episode (cough ahem DotG I’m talking to you) that had a preview of it and felt compelled to give it a rave but let’s be honest, it was crap! Matt was great…he really did have an enough way of investing emotionally into the role. When he was mad you saw that anger but he could still also keep that whimsical childlike persona of the Doctor too! As if he’s just seeing the world for the very first time as a young man versus a 900+ year old Time Lord that has seen it all 🙂 He definitely got that emotion across beautifully and he made a great Doctor. Young yet old…! It’s difficult to believe that a 20 something year old man is actually 900 plus years old but Matt did make me believe that his face might have been young and hell sometimes his childlike wonderment was also young but in the end he was an old man with a good deal of adventure under his belt. However, he got a bit screwed because there were epic episodes to be had here but they ended up have terrible plot holes. That’s Moff’s standard….build, build, build and rush the end….:( sigh! I couldn’t agree more about Benedict he takes pretty much anything and makes it solid gold. does Mark Gatiss have any handle in the writing elements of Sherlock? Curious minds…! I couldn’t agree more!!!!!!! He’s a great actor he just didn’t get the good enough episodes for his talent!

  • diane

    i literally watched all the matt smith episodes in a 2 week time span and i also was unhappy with his exit episode! they could have done better. And now I am oh so obsessed with this show seriously all i want to do is watch it. We are starting with the 9th doctor and working our way back up to current and then are going to start the classics with the 1st doctor when done! I really enjoyed the “Day of the Doctor” episode with matt smith, david tennant and the war doctor. Matt & David together were making me luagh so much. Who is your favorite??

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed sometimes I catch myself also questioning Ten’s demise as well. Oh have fun! 😀 It’s a wild ride. I didn’t like Day of the Doctor sadly, the two of them together was destined for greater things but it fell flat for me 🙁 It just seemed a way to reintroduce Time Lords and erase RtD’s Time War. Tom Baker is my absolute favorite Doctor no question, he was the Doctor I was introduced as a child and he is always in my heart…I did LOVE his cameo in Day of the Doctor and had a fan girl squeal at seeing him 🙂

      • diane

        Once I watch ten’s regeneration we can discuss! i’m sure it won’t be that far into the future at this point LOL! Tom Baker is my boyfriend’s favorite too! =) i’m kind of mad at myself for not watching this show until recently- i mean i’ve read your blogs mentioning it for years now! ::face palm::

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh yes! 😀 I’d love to hear your thoughts….! 😀 lol…aw that’s ok, now you get to have fun catching up! If you can def watch some of PD and TB’s old episodes they are so fab…!

  • Steph

    Ahahaha, yes! I’m scared for the well-being of Sherlock and New Doctor!

    • Isabella Muse

      well thankfully his has a good companion writer on Sherlock! 🙂

  • Victoria

    the writing on this show has gotten so bad! In my opinion the last good episode/story arc was the wedding of river song. Also, have you seen the 2nd Sherlock episode? Not as good. I think Moffat does epic adventures waaaaayyy better than character development. But, I love that you talk about it on this blog haha

    • Isabella Muse

      which 2nd episode? this season’s you mean? The Wedding of River Song had great elements I agree completely! Moffat has had his good points but sadly most are bad 🙁 lol…yeah, so much for makeup right?

      • Victoria

        Yeah, sorry, The Sign of Three. The episode came together pretty well, but the beginning just seemed like an awkward mess… I guess that was the point?

  • Sheltiemama

    OMG, yes! And Capaldi deserved a more dramatic introduction. I can’t stand Clara. River is my favorite character. Moff should have written Clara more like a little sister. And for the love of God, don’t have her cry in every episode!

    • Isabella Muse

      i don’t mind clara so much, I think she’s quite cute however, I would have thought her cuter if my theory that she was Susan somehow turned out to be true. Moff killed my jive when she made that speech about “fancying the Doctor” because up until this point I thought they had more of a family relationship. He always seemed to care about her in a family sort of way, kissing her forehead etc…but of course, they have to throw in romance and kinda kill things. I actually got the little sis thing but even more a grandfather/granddaughter type of relationship but certain times that just went out the window because he’d write the Doctor playing the love sick puppy dog around Clara…blah! River is a strong character and they write her very well wish they’d give the same courtesy to the Doctor.

  • Arielle from Tangled Musings

    I agree whole heartedly with you, Moffat got a bit lazy with Doctor Who. Hell, Clara was the worst plot device ever, and the dinosaurs just left a bunch of unanswered questions.
    I was disappointed in the recent episodes of Sherlock as well (not enough plot compared to the past two seaons), so let me know your opinion when you watch them.


    • Isabella Muse

      don’t forget that most of his episodes have major plot wholes…he tends to build, build, and build, and rushes away what happened and how it happened and why it happened in the last 10 to 15 minutes of the show. So here you have this epic episode and that eppy is building to a climax and building and building and building and suddenly the air goes all out of it at the end. SUCKS. It’s his standard writing. I haven’t seen season 3 yet, I prebooked it but it doesn’t release until jan 20th and by that time it’ll already be available on PBS 😀 so I’ll let ya know when I do watch!

  • TwirlyGirly

    I’m really hoping I’ll grow to love Capaldi over time. But right now I can’t help but wish The Doctor had left him to burn in Pompeii. Does that make me a bad person????

    Ms. Muse, have you seen this:


    It has to be the BEST fan made Doctor Who video EVER!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol not at all but I think you’ll be surprised by Peter. He’s a great actor 😀 THAT was epic thanks for sharing 😀

  • kate

    Yeah I wasn’t crazy about that last ep either other than the last 15 minutes.

  • Whimsical Kelly

    If I didn’t love you already, I’d have fallen in love with you for this post alone. I do admit some tearing up at the end of the episode with Amy and Eleven, but I swear, if my Sherlock goes wrong, it is so ON with Moffat.

  • Angela

    I am so glad you posted this! My friend and I were just discussing Matt’s farewell episode, and how we expected so much more! I was excited about the Moffat written episode (I hold everything to “Blink” standards), and when I watched it, I thought for sure I had DVR’d the wrong thing! I really hope things turn around in the series for Peter, but I’m not holding out much hope. Especially since the first episode of Sherlock’s new season was so mishandled 🙁

    • Isabella Muse

      gosh you’ll be severely disappointed if you hold everything up to Blink, he never recaptured that kind of storyline again in any WA episode! 🙁 ugh! that doesn’t sound promising…le sigh!

  • Littlecreek81

    This may be very petty of me, but I wanted my Christmas special to be Christmasy! Just because you call a town Christmas does not a Christmas special make. I was bored. I like Clara and thought there could have been a lot of laughs with her family, but no. And he abandoned her TWICE, I don’t care if it was for her safety. TWICE! Seemed out of place. I’ve seen the Doctor lock up/trap/etc a companion for their own good before, but when they found their way back to him he always let them stay, not pull the same trick twice. (maybe I’m wrong there) I felt like the defending of the town was boring. Just the Doctor waving around a screwdriver. Look, he wins! (Duh) It was Trenzalor for goodness sake. It had an epic prophecy thing! IDK. And this is also very petty, but we had the big “blazing fire Doctor” before he actually changed and when he did change it was just “pop,” I have new kidneys. Ok, I’m done griping. I’m very excited for 12 and just wish 11 had a better story line. So much potential went poof. 🙁 Here’s to awesome River Song plotlines, and if they don’t go that direction I will be so very very sad.

  • Pamela

    I too didn’t really care for 11’s exit but I’m going to watch the special again. (I only saw it on initial airing.) I know they were trying to wrap up all Matt’s storylines. But I was excited when this picture came out yesterday. I think a fresh start is exactly what this show needs. I’m very interested to see how Clara and 12 will interact with each other.

    Also, I’m surprised to see that people didn’t enjoy the new Sherlock episodes. (I’ve seen the first two eps of season 3.) My sister and I both adored them and can’t stop recapping our favorite moments. Like others have said, there’s a lot more humor added to the show, the format is slightly altered, and the focus is on the characters (which might be why some people don’t care for the new season.) But I like the direction it’s headed.

  • Angela

    Lol that’s true, Blink is one of his best! I thought he did an excellent job with Day of the Moon, however. I get quite a lot of unexplained scratches, and I am so much more aware of them now 😉
    Hopefully Moffat gets back to his genius ways soon for DW, and Gatiss helps get Sherlock back on track as well!

  • plue

    big sis, i was crying like mad when Matt made his exit, it was so short, so abrupt and i dunno, it’s just not what it’s supposed to be!

    matt’s doctor is my first doctor and he will always remain as my favourite. I can’t understand why people keep comparing him to David, because essentially they are playing 2 different doctors, in terms of personality. It made it even more so when The Moment’s consience (50th special) who said David’s a doctor who regrets, and Matt’s the doctor who forgets, hence the different personality. One who’s so upbeat and cheerful to the point it’s like he’s trying to mask his sadness by forgetting it, and another a little more regretful, a little more serious because the massive killing in Time War was a bit more recent for him.

    and erm… did David regenerated twice? I cannot seem to recall that he did! Enlighten me please if you know any details 😀

    and really, I do miss Matt, he’s such a sweetie pie but I do find a little over protective towards Amy and Clara, which is sometimes tad annoying LOL