January 14, 2014

Tarte Hints at New Customizable Palettes

tarte custom palette

Tarte has taken to the Instagram airwaves to hint at a brand new customizable blush and eyeshadow palette just like the Z Palette. They posted a photo recently displaying eight shades of Amazonian 12 Hour Blushes as well as well as an eyeshadow palette featuring a variety of shades.

The palettes have the customary Tarte purple packaging with a clear window for viewing.

Guess you depotting devils are happy about this one eh?

Unsure when this launches but let’s hope Tarte keeps us in the loop with all these great pictures!

photo via Tarte Instagram


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  • Kimmwc03

    I’d buy this for all my Amazonian clay blushes. The packaging for the blushes is OK but nothing special so I won’t mind trashing.

  • amy

    I’m just surprised it has taken this long. If you have seen any of rhe 10-pan palettes, you’ll notice that the pans are magnetic & removable/replaceable, and tarte actually sold replacement pans at one point. In fact, even on the outer packaging there was a whole spiel about “sustainable packaging”, recycling, etc… I was actually surprised when the later products came along with the pans glued in. Hopefully, the pans will once again be sold individually, too!

  • Kaitlyn

    I wonder if they’re doing it with zpalette. Especially since they did a special Sephora zpalette.

  • Abbey W.

    Their blushes are super easy to depot (and seem to be designed that way–there is a pinhole at the bottom to push them out). I hope they’re going to offer the blush pans at a bit of a discount without the outer packaging.

    • Staryu

      I agree, it would be nice if they started selling the blush pans on their own. I’d like to reduce the amount of compacts ending up in a landfill.

  • Kimberly

    I’ve paid anywhere from $18 to $26 for my Tarte blushes, most from Sephora, some from Tarte themselves, and 2 off Amazon from reliable sellers that broke apart limited edition sets.

    Sure I might depot my $2 to $5 Wet n’ Wild eye shadow palettes, but even for convenience I’m not depotting my Tarte blushes heck they are to expensive to just toss or set aside the packaging.

    • alm

      completely agree, I feel like I am paying for packaging as well, so I am keeping my tarte blushes as is. And knowing me I would do something to my blushes as soon as I decide to depot them.

  • Katie

    Yay! I love Tarte so much, all their blush compacts just have a magnet at the bottom, so no glue grossness to mess with, they pop right out! Same for the old eyeshadows that came in singles and duos, they both just had a magnet at the bottom. Not sure about the larger palettes though. Really nice since you can make a palette and if you only want to bring one blush you just pop it back into the compact, easy!

  • beautybabbling

    Exciting!!! I’m glad Z Palettes are becoming more available. I like this design better than the Sephora ones.

  • Suselew

    I was thinking the same thing as Kaitlyn. This is too close to ZPalettes and possible patent infringement for Tarte to be doing them on their own. I’ve been depotting Tarte for over a year now and avoid their holiday blush sets because they are not easily depottable.

    • amy

      Patents are often in effect for a set amount of time, depending on the product. Since this isn’t such an “original” concept, the patent was likely for only a few years. Now that others are allowed to startdoing them, they took advantage of gaining a partnership with Sephora, kknowing Sephora would likely do their own. I think tarte is flying solo, though, as they had a similar concept a few years back.

      • anonymouse

        Z palette has a design patent, which lasts for 14 years, and was granted a couple of years ago. Put very simply, unless the design is pretty identical, there is no infringement. Z palette lost a case against Mac late last year on precisely this issue (the mere existence of a hinged framed window is not enough). Interesting to see if this is Tarte taking advantage of the court’s reading of Z Palette’s patent.

  • Lisa T

    At least their full-sized blushes are easy to depot since there’s a hole in the back to just push it out because it’s magnetic and not glued onto it.

  • Ellie

    Just a coincidence but I found this post exactly one year later… Did I miss these or did they not come out?

  • Rosie

    Okay I know this was a while ago….but did they ever come out with it? Cause I’ve been looking for it ….but no luck ): plz respond