January 30, 2014

Ulta Rewards Program Updated for 2014

Ulta Rewards
I’m half asleep so help a sister out today and don’t point out too many of my errors 🙂 How’s your week been? Mine in INSANE! I’ve been working hard for a living.

Anyway, beauty news of the day is Ulta is updating their Rewards Program for 2014 kids.

Here’s the deets!

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Earn one point for every dollar your spend in store or for online purchases dears. Special Bonus Points will be available on certain purchased and can be redeemed for a special free gift and double points during your birthday month. Spend $400 in a calender year and you’ll be upgraded to Platinum status that means you’ll ear point faster and they’ll never expire!

You’ll be able to redeem to your points on high end skincare, flat irons, fragrances, and more! You won’t have to wait on a paper certificate to redeem the points, they’ll be available to use anytime you want to use them!

Nifty right?

You don’t have to do anything because as of February 23rd your old Ulta Rewards account will switch over to the new one.

For more deets go ahead and visit ulta.com/rewards

P.S. WAKE UP! And have a little jig on the Devil’s Dance Floor! It’s Thursday and the weekend is looming!

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  • Bree

    Does this mean points will no longer have a store cash value? I’ve never had to wait for a certificate to redeem points. Sorry Muse, I don’t get what your trying to say is different here. I’ve I just woke up too so maybe that’s it lol

    I love Ulta’s reward program. I bought my too faced Chocolate bar palette with my points!! I love being able to redeem them anytime on anything. If they change to only let you redeem them on certain things I’m going to be very angry!!!

      • Bree

        Yay! I see now they got rid of the part where you can redeem them for salon services.

    • Lenor

      I am very disappointed that I can no longer redeem my points for Facials. It was the one thing my daughter and I loved to do. Mother and Daughter spa day, so to speak. If I had known they were making this change I would of booked quite a few to use up all my points. Yes they send out e-mails, but, with the amount of mail I get it’s hard to tell what is sales and what is critical policy change…..Thank you for letting me vent…

  • Nikki

    I just found out the other day that Ulta has different rewards programs depending on where you live. Where I live, we have the Club At Ulta program. You achieve a certain Level at the end of a 3-month-period based on the amount you spent during that time. I’m assuming this change is primarily for people in this program? Sounds like it’s going to be like the sephora rewards system?

  • Yessey J

    I have a question, for those of us that currently have The Club at Ulta and get the quarterly certificate will we get a last certificate for what we have spent this quarter or are those points grandfathered into the new system? Any information would be great.

    • V

      From what I gather, the Feb rollout date corresponds with the end of the fiscal quarter for numbered points certificates. You’ll get your certificate for the past fiscal quarter (December through Feb, available to redeem through March). Points accrued from Feb 23 forward will go into your ULTAmate Rewards bank.

  • Cindy

    This will beat Sephora’s high and wide. Instead of having to redeem the points for s%$tty samples that should be free anyway, they are letting you redeem them for ACTUAL PRODUCTS (which you could before anyway, but it looks like now you can choose what you want instead of having to pick from their flyer).

  • Christine

    Well, this sucks that they increased the amount you need to spend in a calendar year to achieve Platinum status. I already “have” to spend $350 at Sephora for V.I.B. I do like that you can redeem your points for whatever you want, but I feel like Sephora carries better products.

  • Ashley Pena

    We have had this program now for a little over a year and it rocks ESPECIALLLY if you get your hair done at Ulta. You earn 1 point for every dollar spent ($1 = $1.25 for Platinum members) and those points are redeemed like a coupon towards ANY purchase. Throughout the year they send 3-5 times bonus point offers and coupons. I have not paid full price at Ulta in a while and if I can buy itat Ulta vs Sephora (Urban Decay) I will. It is leaps and bounds better than Sephora’s points for deluxe sample sized items in my opinion. Welcome to the fold Muse!

    • Isabella Muse

      not sure if I’m in the fold as I don’t shop Ulta all that much 🙂 just wanted to share the news on the new program but guess it isn’t really all that new oh well at least folks can see the slight updates ;-D

  • Linda

    I used to think Ulta was a low rent Sephora, but I’ve changed my mind. Ulta has a few lines that Sephora doesn’t have, like IT Cosmetics, which I love, and Lorac. Ulta’s rewards are SO MUCH better than Sephora. I have to spend $100 at Sephora for ONE deluxe sample. If I spend $100 at Ulta, I get a decent discount on products I want AND they almost always give me Deluxe samples at checkout for free. Earlier this week, I got another 20% off certificate in the mail from Ulta and the only restriction was Naked3, Dermalogica, and Lancome. I bought a Stila BB creme and some UD pencils and saved like $12. On my receipt was a certificate for $5 off a $15 purchase. I do wish they carried Kat Von D but that will never happen….

  • Ashley

    I hate how ULTA’s points expire if you don’t use em by a certain date. When you are spending money and supporting their store over another they should have the customers’ interests in mind. Finally they are getting a little smarter.

  • Hannah Baartmans

    Hasn’t it been this way for people who have the Ultamate rewards system? I have platinum at Ulta and it’s been this way for a while in my area. Other than the increase from $350 to $400 a year to keep platinum status?

    • Kathy

      It doesn’t sound different from the rewards you’ve been getting, but many people (me!) have still been suffering along with their older rewards program, so this will bring us up to this better program.

  • melissa

    Lately I’ve been loving ulta more and more.. I can get my NYX and drug store fix but if I HAVE to have IT or UD or TF or I cant think of any more acronyms but yea I can get a good variety and my local ulta is actually more convenient then sephora but there will be a new Las Vegas sephora opening soon that will be better located for me. Thanks for sharing the new program info!

  • cat

    I might shop at Ulta more if I had one near me but I end up making all the purchases I would make at Ulta at Sephora and occasionally lamenting the fact that Ulta carries a product that Sephora doesn’t but it’s not on sale and I also don’t feel like paying shipping.

    Also, I kind of love Harley. I don’t think I’m knowledgeable enough to call myself a geek girl but I did watch BTAS and as a fairly new character, Harley is one of the few characters you can talk about without getting into a huge argument with someone over a backstory you don’t know anything about. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh completely kidding! 🙂 I love Harley, she’s a fab character damn shame she had to start out life as a cartoon vs an actual character in a book! She’s come a really, really long way that’s for sure and nice she actually got recognized later in life in books, I think in BTAS she was slightly annoying though!

      • cat

        Yeah, it kind of says something about the state of female characters in media when Harley’s a great character for girls. Not that I don’t love her, but her character is super problematic. I don’t read comics. Did they develop her character a lot in other books?

        • Isabella Muse

          she’s a headcase lol! 😀 she actually grows some in the books and even has a conscious on some levels, she def develops further in the books, she had her own 38 series run and appears in quite a few other books including GCS. At one point she even tries to kill the Joker but unfortunately, her unusual obsession with him leads her to fall back into his graces yada yada…you do get a good deal of filler on her, she’s a unusual kickass character, her mental issues are what really makes her fun though as a villainous, she kinda reminds me of a rabid fangirl. She’s BFF with Poison Ivy, another of my fav dc girls so the two together are rather a brilliant duo imho! Don’t get me wrong there are some excellent headcases in the DC world but Harley is really up there with the weird! If you’re really interested you can prob snag 1-38 for around $200 or so in stores, it’s really not a rare series of books. I paid chump change for them when they originally came out so really the $200 isn’t too bad a deal and it would likely be a first print, maybe check with midtown comics…It’s been ages since I re-read them they are stockpiled in their casing in my attic now I feel the need to haul them out lol!

          • cat

            Eep! $200? No, that would cut into my nail polish/makeup/clothing budget too much. A girl can only have so many bad habits. 😉

  • megan

    We’ve had this rewards program for awhile in my area and it beats Sephora’s by a country mile. I wish Ulta carried a lot of the brands Sephora does but I find I keep my Ulta Platinum / Sephora VIB status with relative ease…I wait for the 20% off sales at both stores for the most part and splurge then. Just picked up a T3 hair dryer at Ulta today, UD Naked2, and Too Faced Haute Chocolate (along with a few drugstore brands) at 20% off. And I buy my favorite drugstore products here and there throughout the year using the $3.50 off $10 coupons they send me all the time. Most of the rest of my cosmetics $ gets saved for one or two MAC collections a year and the VIB 20% off sale around the holidays at Sephora.

  • Shelle Wahl

    This doesn’t seem any different to me. I have never gotten any sort of paper certificate, but I have been platinum 2 yrs running. I’m wondering if they were just using some of us as test subjects lol

  • Jenny

    Now maybe they can update their website! I find it incredibly frustrating and have so many issues with it, especially after shopping on a site like Sephora’s for many many years. I know they claimed to update it recently, but I think it’s terrible.

  • Serah

    I’m agitated about the fact that with the old program I had to spend $300 and would reach level 6 and could get $40 off of a fragrance. Now $300 rounds DOWN to 250 points, which equals out to $8 off of a product. Wtf.