February 4, 2014

I Could Be Alone In This Fandom But…

Jonathan strange tv series

I’m terribly excited for the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell TV Mini Series. BBC has done such a great job with stuff like Gormenghast and Neverwhere so I have complete confidence they can bring this novel to life and do it justice!

The series is supposed to air on BBC America when it completes filming but hopefully Amazon UK will have a set available prior as I dislike how BBC America cuts everything up! Blah!

Needless to say I’m excited about this one…!

Anyone ever ready the book?

It’s quite delightful!


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  • nancy

    Thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know about the series. I loved this book. I bought the audio book and listened on my commute, often rewinding parts. So good! BTW, I love your site. I just started a blog to document the “greening” of my makeup bag. It’s so fun!

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure! 😀 aw thank YOU! and congrats on the new blog/good luck!

  • Julia

    Absolutely not alone! That’s one of my favourite books of all time, and I was thrilled when they announced the miniseries. My only one itsy bitsy complaint is that Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t playing Jonathan Strange. I mean come on people. IT’S NOT LIKE HE’S BUSY OR ANYTHING.

  • nskrl

    You are not alone in this fandom! I too am a fan of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I’ve been lurking on your blog but upon reading this, I couldn’t help but to comment! Great book, looking forward for the series, too.

    • Isabella Muse

      hi nskrl! nice to have a fellow fan to chat with 😀 I love it as well and I’m quite exited about the series, curious how it’ll pan out! I love that it is a mini series and not a short movie ;-D!

  • Jess

    Oh man, I’m unbelievably excited for this! It’s been a few years since I read the book so I’m thinking a reread is in order. I love that it’s a miniseries too. I miss the 90’s when network miniseries were popular. US tv doesn’t seem to do them much anymore buTUnfortunately I’ll probably end up watching it in a less-than-legal manner because I hate BBC America. I still haven’t forgiven them for adding subtitles when they aired Skins a few years ago.

    • Isabella Muse

      i couldn’t agree more remember all that great stephen king ones, it, storm of the century, the stand…and of course, 80’s ones like Lace ;-D unfortunately networks seem more interested in stupid reality tv like the bachelor, god…It’s a same we don’t see more books into mini series because I think mini series do better than some major books come movies. I appreciate everything BBC America does but HATE them for splicing shows up so badly, they cut to commercial and snip seconds and sometimes even minutes off of tv shows and it drives me bonkers. I just order the dvd from amazon uk and call it a day sometimes it isn’t worth it. this is especially the case who Doctor Who, drives me crazy!

      • Lindsay

        I remember the first time I saw an episode of Doctor Who that wasn’t on BBC America. I was APPALLED that I was missing whole minutes of DW because of stupid american commercials! I still haven’t forgiven them for that.

  • lisette

    I loved this book but always thought a follow-up was expected. Was I wrong?