February 3, 2014

Chapstick Pomegranate Gumdrop Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Chapstick Pomegranate Gumdrop

Snow outside my office window today but Chapstick Pomegranate Gumdrop on my lips reminds me Spring might just be on the way in a few weeks.

I hope.

I wish.

Chapstick Pomegranate Gumdrop along with Chapstick Citrus Jelly Bean are two new, limited edition flavors from Chapstick launching this March at drugstores.

Chap Stick Pomegranate Gumdrop

Between Chapstick Pomegranate Gumdrop and Citrus Jelly Bean I’m having a hard time decide which is more a delicious flavor! I can’t stress enough how much the Chapstick formula has changed. I really disliked it several years ago as I felt it was too waxy but these new flavors really showcase a new softer, moisturizing formula that keeps lips soft, supple, and moist through the wear.

Pomegranate Gumdrop is a sweet, fruity flavor that kinda tastes like a fruity candy piece of gum! It’s quite delicious. It isn’t tart like a pomegranate nor as spicy as a gumdrop. To me it tastes like a piece of fruit gum of some sort. It’s quite nice!

It actually leaves my lips slightly tinted as well!

If you’re looking for a tasty balm that keeps lips soft and moisturized this one is worth the haul!

Total cheap thrill!

Loves it!

Muse Approved.

This flavor is exclusively available at Walgreens in March.