February 17, 2014

New Line of Crest Flavored Toothpastes for Spring 2014

Crest Flavored Toothpastes

Ready for a new flavor experience? Crest Flavor Experience Toothpaste takes on flavors like Lime Spearmint and Mint Chocolate Trek or Spring 2014 with a new line up of exciting toothpaste flavors.

Hmmmm dunno how I feel about mint chocolate toothpaste but hey, there’s bacon flavored toothpaste so why can’t there be chocolate?!

Don’t feel guilt, your dentist will be quite alright with these new flavors! Promise!

Crest’s new flavors take a departure from the normal mint and cinnamon flavors and venture into the realms of chocolate and and even vanilla for Spring 2014.

I dunno if brushing my teeth is all that exciting but if you’re giving me a Lime Spearmint flavored toothpaste, well, I could foam up a little excitement for ya!

Crest Be Dynamic Lime Spearmint Zest Toothpaste
A bold burst of tart lime combined with zesty minty freshness!

Crest Be Adventurous Mint Chocolate Trek Toothpaste
Smooth decadent chocolate infused with refreshing mint.

Crest Be Inspired Vanilla Mint Spark Toothpaste
Calm, relaxing vanilla with a jolt of fresh mint!

These new flavors will be available at drugstores shortly.

Flavored Toothpaste is for kids right?

Or is it?

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  • Nicole

    Yum! I will give them a try! I have a niece who will think they are fun too… Lots of people love chocolate and mint together (not myself) so I can see people enjoying it. I am more interested in the other two falavors. 😀

  • Lura

    Just picked these up at my local CVS! (there’s a extrabuck promo going on w/ crest, if you like that sort of bargaining thing, and some matching coupons over at coupons.com).

    In any case, kid favorite (locally) is chocolate & grown-ups digging the lime flavor.

    Nice to try something new! 🙂

  • Florence

    I’m sure they all taste pretty good. But you shouldn’t be encouraging companies such as Crest. They put very bad products inside their toothpastes cause they do not care for our health. Second ingredient; sodium laureth sulfate. I don’t even want that kind of product on my hai, or skin, imagine in my mouth! There are very nice yummy, sls-free toothpastes out there on the market 🙂
    I love your blog, Muse, but there are so many bad products for which you give good reviews 🙁 maybe you should consider giving your opinion about the composent of the products you try as well, that would be nice 🙂
    Anyway, good day, love.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Florence unfortunately if I limited myself to blogging only about certain products and brands I probably wouldn’t have a lot to write about. It’s very difficult limiting yourself to certain products, makeup, skincare on a blog as big as mine. You’re basically asking me to cut off on blogging a lot about brands that my readers want to hear about. I actually pride myself on NOT limiting myself…I blog all beauty. Drugstore, high end, low end, etc…I want this blog to be a beauty resource. Ultimately, it’s you as the consumer, who decide what you will and will not purchase. There are tons of natural based beauty blogs out there who I applaud for their ability to avoid writing about many products, unfortunately I am not that blogger. I’m not a chemist or a scientist 🙂 nor have I ever claimed to be one so you likely won’t get blog posts where I am describing ingredients in a product, what they do, how they may or may not be bad for you, etc…..I’m sure somewhere on the vast Internet you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for I’m so sorry I’m not it! I hope you’ll enjoy Musings of a Muse for what it is, a beauty blog that features products I discover and enjoy sharing with everyone!

        • Isabella Muse

          aw thanks PLF! As a blogger I find it very challenging to simply stop blogging something because of a certain ingredient, etc…it REALLY limits me and I can’t see myself doing that. The only thing I can suggest if a brand or a post isn’t to your liking, just jump it, move on to the next post that interests 😀

          • Lacy

            Good Job Muse :)I love your blog and always look forward to reading all your new post. I love having a resource to go to for what’s new and discover things I didn’t even know were out like these great new flavored toothpaste or to get an opinion on a product I want but value thoughts and opinions before dropping money whether it be high end or low budget. As soon as I find something I’m interested in I go to your blog, even it’s for a product that was released months or even years ago. It’s new to me so reading your post and responses helps me gauge whether or not to take the plunge for myself. When it comes to a product and it’s ingredients I think that for individual consumers to decide if they want it and what may or may not be in it that doesn’t appeal to them. FTW

          • Isabella Muse

            thanks lacy this is always great to hear truly. I’m super flattered and also this blog isn’t really anything without reader’s like you that contribute helpful information as well! I understand Florence’s point about her desire to avoid certain ingredients etc and that’s all about personal choice. Unfortunately, what she is suggesting doesn’t seem quite possible if I want to cover a wide array of products….If I limit myself to products, beauty, makeup, and skincare that are say not tested on animals and only contain awesome ingredients, well, I wouldn’t have a ton of information to share with anyone because a wide array of brands both high and low end embrace philosophies, testing, and include ingredients in their products that aren’t quite up to standards. There’s so much wide spread fear about everything lately that I’m scared to breath the air or drink the water at this point for of contracting some terrible disease that the Internet is warning me about. In the end, after reading my thoughts on a product or a post I do on something or another it is the reader’s choice if it is something that they’d be interested in trying or perhaps they might wish to skip it because they feel the ingredients aren’t good for them or the color is wrong for their skin tone, etc….I’m not trying to push products. If I like something I share it and I say hey, I think you should try it too, but again, in the end the reader is in charge of their own purchases and if they feel like hey great rec or hey, no way am I going to buy that, that’s all about them. I just want to bring all beauty to the table and I’m not interested in limiting myself to only certain brands and products.

      • Carol

        The consumer is the one that needs to take responsibility for what they’re purchasing. If you did in depth research on all the products you use you’d probably be living naked in a cave eating twigs and leaves. If you scrutinize every thing you come in contact with daily you may find out that it was made by a child in China, saturated with cancer causing chemicals, tested on animals, etc, etc, etc. Bottom line…do your homework.

        • Isabella Muse

          I hate to say it Carol but I agree. There are just so many chemicals in EVERYTHING nowadays. Don’t drink milk, don’t eat meat, don’t wash your hair, don’t brush your teeth, don’t wear lipstick you’re likely better off living under a rock for the fear of contracting some terrible disease ;(

    • Nat

      I’m glad that Muse’s blog isn’t geared that way – as a consumer, it’s my job to do research on what I buy if I have any view points on safety or politics. Muse does a great job of reviewing products as they are, and it’s up to us to do our due diligence if we have concerns before buying. After all, we aren’t paying Muse for the work she does on this blog!

      Muse, I love your blog as is. Blogs that go too far into politics etc. always sound so preachy to me; I appreciate your candid reviews as they are now! 🙂

      • kellly

        Me, too. I enjoy your reviews of everything and just don’t buy products that don’t appeal to me. If I want to know about something new – or even better, get a heads up about something I didn’t even know EXISTS yet, I love your blog as a resource. I’ve learned a lot about different products, given things a try that I would never even have been aware of if not for your Musings. So, a big THANK YOU from me, too, for writing for us!

        • Isabella Muse

          thank you kelly! It’s always good to hear that people enjoy reading about ALL beauty 🙂 I think Musings is fun for locating obscure beauty products, new collection, etc…I don’t want to change it! The idea of changing it actually saddens me. Lord knows if I focused on only certain products I don’t think it would be the same blog it is right now! I am so glad you enjoy Musings and thank you so much for being apart of it 🙂

  • Annie

    I think Lime Spearmint sounds fun so I’ll be on the lookout for that one but the others make me nervous LOL I was brave enough to eat chocolate cheese though and now it is one of my favorite indulgences, so maybe I should throw dental hygiene caution to the wind and try them all.

  • tracy

    wonder if they are limited edition? i only use non-minty toothpaste usually but i did like the vanilla mint crest made before, might have to try it and maybe the others. am i the only one that sees lime/mint and things mojito toothpaste!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m not sure I wonder too! I wanna yes but I can’t see them keeping a chocolate mint shade around permanently but who knows?! 🙂

  • Angel

    Happy to see the vanilla mint! I can’t remember if it was Crest or Colgate that did this flavor a few years back but I fell in love! They discontinued it and peeps went bonkers on ebay trying to load up on the stuff. I finally found a replacement that I have to order online. Regular mint toothpaste is way too strong for me. I literally gag on it. The vanilla really mellows the mint, it’s just so much more palatable. I hope this flavor sticks around so I at least have a drugstore option.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m not sure Jane, they may be but I haven’t heard…I found them on Amazon recently but no mention if they are LE

  • Jane

    Crest makes my mouth hurt after a few days, for whatever reason, but I still feel compelled to try Mint Chocolate.

    There used to be available this Japanese brand of toothpaste that came in a tiny white numbered tube with some off the wall flavors, none of which I can remember (blueberry?). I loved them.

  • Melissa

    Thanks Muse for telling us about this one. Hadn’t heard of it. Cool packaging. Somehow it just seems wrong to brush my teeth with chocolate! But girl, you know I’m gonna try it as soon as I see it at my drugstore!

  • ggggg

    It was Crest that made the vanilla mint that was discontinued a few years back. I still have a tube that I have been saving. I am SOOOOO happy to see it back! It was absolutely DELICIOUS! To me it tasted like ice cream and it was a really great experience brushing my teeth ( and how crazy does that sound, but seriously, I have been mourning the demise of that toothpaste for years)!

    After I clean out the shelf of the Vanilla mint I will be trying the chocolate because mint chocolate chip is my absolute favorite ice cream flavor and that could possibly be even better than vanilla mint. This is truly a great day in the world of toothpaste!