February 24, 2014

Hourglass Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Hourglass Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush

Hourglass Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush is the last and final blush I purchased for review. Thus far I got four out of the six Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush as that was all that was in stock when I went to grab them up. I had plans to go back for the shades that were out of stock but I’m convinced I don’t need them now as I’m really not all that impressed with these in the long run.

Here’s some thoughts on Hourglass Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush.

Hourglass Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush is one of six new shades of blush that Hourglass Cosmetics launched for Spring 2014 which combine swirls of blush into their popular Ambient Lighting Powder. It’s basically an improved version of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder as you’re getting the benefits of a blush along with the soft focus of the powder.

Hourglass Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush swatches

I think my beef with the formula was I expected something glow-y from the formula and that isn’t exactly what you get. These are a seamless formula that much is true. Although the texture is fairly powdery for a baked formula they still have a very soft, finely milled texture that blends beautifully on cheeks. The texture of the blush is very soft, silky, and smooth. Color excels at looking very natural and pretty yet not really producing any of the natural, soft focused light you might experience by using the Ambient Lighting Powder alone.

Visually Hourglass Mood Exposure is beautiful to behold. It’s a dusky shade of plum that comes across more as a bronze-y peach on my cheeks. I think perhaps it’ll appear different on a variety of skin tones. It almost gives my cheeks a sculpted, contoured look. It’s very pretty and natural.

I think my disappointment stems from the fact that I’m not getting the glow I thought these would perhaps produce. On one side the naturalness of the color is stunning and the formula simply beautiful to work with but on the other I really wish they had more of a glow to them versus the semi-matte finish they seem to produce.

Overall, if you don’t mind missing out on the glow you’ll be happy with the the excellent formula on Hourglass Mood Exposure Ambient Lighting Blush!


What are your thoughts so far on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes?

I’d love to hear!

Available now at Sephora and Sephora.com.

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Amanda

    I bought Diffused Heat version, and it definitely is not semi-matte, and if you put too much you’ll have sparkle cheeks.

    Were these blushes supposed to “glow”? I thought they were supposed to just be natural looking and provide *some* lit from within from the mixed in ambient light powder… Having said that, I think the swatches of the colors you’ve done do look like that. I haven’t seen this blush, in any color, look bad on anybody yet! Or maybe I just thought this about the “glow” factor, because I don’t find the lighting powders too dramatic either, just enough to tell something, but you don’t know what.

    • Isabella Muse

      they actual promote as a luminous glow with a soft focus, lit from within type of glow. or at least that’s how the press release reads. I’m not seeing the shimmer/sparkle in all honesty…even when applied heavier thankfully. I like the seamless finish but I was hoping for a more luminous finish like the one I got from MAC Power Petal.

  • Robyn

    This is the only one of the bunch that I’m contemplating picking up. While it is lacking the glow 🙁 I think it will look awesome on my fair skin. I own the corresponding Ambient Powder, so it might work well with each.

  • April

    That color looks so magical on you! But I agree, I was expecting something glowy and all together different. These don’t really deliver on anything other than excellent color that seems to be almost the same across all colors (with only a few exceptions). I don’t think they are really worth the money. Instead of these, I personally bought two of the Clinque Color Pops 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      those color pop blushes are brilliant and if I had to decide between the two clinique def wins the hand!

  • Tammie

    This does look really pretty on you, but I think I would be disappointed for the same reason. It’s one thing if I go into it looking for a matte blush, it’s another thing when you are thinking you’re going to get something “radiant” and it turns out less so. I’m glad I wasn’t able to grab any of these when I was planning to, I think I’m going to just get the other 2 Clinique blushes I haven’t hauled yet instead, THOSE are flippin’ amazing.

    • Isabella Muse

      exactly my thoughts Tammie! those are AMAZING! and do have that pretty glow to them 😀

  • Jenny

    I know you’re not terribly impressed with them, but I gotta say that the Hourglass blushes look AMAZING on you in photographs! I’ve been following you for years now and these diffuse your skin in such a pretty way! (:

  • Fancie

    These blushes don’t look glowy in any of the swatches I’ve seen but they do look extremely matte on you! While I love the natural finish I agree that it’s odd these don’t offer even a tiny hint of sheen or glowy goodness. The ambient powders are essentially highlighters. Especially mood light! I found it to be pretty shimmery when I swatched it. I absolutely adore this shade though so I’ll check it out in stores anyway. But I do wish it wasn’t so matte.

    • Isabella Muse

      I def wanted a bit of glow or luminosity. Darn! it’s funny as basically the ambient lighting powder are the base for the blushes so why isn’t that glow coming through with the blush!?

  • Deb

    Muse, I do believe you and I are the only two people that have this product and have the same opinion of it. I am reading nothing but raves everywhere about the “glow” and neither of mine have it. I totally agree that it is a nice blush but I’m in your camp on the finish. I’m contemplating maybe buying one more but it may take a while. I’m just not getting anything special from these. I think maybe they were so over-hyped because of the Ambient powder that we were expecting something more.

    • Isabella Muse

      mine either…! I just wanted a luminous finish! I get that beautifully from MAC Power Petal and I was hoping ALL of these would have that type of finish but actually they are considerably drier than I expected with more of a matte finish. They are seamless but not glowy sadly 🙁 I agree! I think at maybe 20% off during Sephora FF I’d be happier with them and more happy to rave but as the price is now I was a bit disappointed!

  • Petridish

    I have no idea what you deem “glow”, because ALL of these blushes make me glow and look healthy. Me thinks you mean GLITTER, which…..thank god there is none. I’m grown, don’t need glitter on my cheeks. No ma’am. So no, if you like the whole glitter bomb look, then these are not for you!

    • Isabella Muse

      happy to hear it petridish, I was expecting more of the luminosity I get from MAC Power Petal with this. No shimmer, no glitter, just a nice glowy sheen which is what they marketed the finish as. I’m kinda sad that didn’t come across after application. Happy you like them!

  • cat

    I love this color on you. I think this is what I was expecting from Tarte Exposed which I bought after so many recommendations but almost never use.

      • cat

        I do have Glisten, but I also don’t use it much. I can’t seem to pick up the product in the way I’d like to. I always just go back to Dollface or use another brand of blush.

  • Abryda

    I purchased one of these but wasn’t excited either. I’ll just stick to my Laura Geller blush which in my opinion is similar & has great pigmentation & so glowy. Love them.

  • JenJ

    I was excited about these and of course everyone is raving about them. Of the 6 this is the main one I wanted to get. I’ll probably pick up one and be done. We shall see.

  • Leslie

    Muse, it looks FAB ON YOU!!!! I’ve actually been LOVING Marc Jacobs (Promiscuous! But I may take the plunge on this color it just looks so darling! Have a great Day! -Leslie

    • Isabella Muse

      thank you Leslie! <3! You as well dear! Let me know how Promiscuous is if you get it, it's one of the few shades I don't have in the marc jacobs blush!

  • Sara

    I was on the fence about getting one of these, but I ended up picked up the Clinique Peach Pop blush instead. I figured if I wanted some glow, I own the Bare Minerals Luminizer and that does the trick on top of the blush.