February 27, 2014

Hydrating Facial Mists Recommendations

facial mists

I happen to be a complete facial mist junkie and I’m pretty sure Lady Cassandra is one too. I admit I do imitate Cassandra’s British accent and mutter a haughty “Moisturize me, Moisturize Me!” as I spritz myself with my favorite facial mist. What I’m easily amused, sue me.

Facial mists come and go through my life like my very favorite JuJu Cosmetics White Peach Skin Whitening Mist which I have to restock up on soon! But for the most part I come back to two very important facial mists again and again and again because they never fail me.

My favorite hydrating facial mists recommendations are Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Mist and Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist (P.S. There’s a lemon version of it too!).

Sana Aqua Placenta is kinda my day to day mist…it isn’t as hydrating as the Collagen formula and has a lighter texture and a finer mist. It’s typically the very first step in my AM skincare routine almost directly out of the shower before I put anything on my face. I generously mist my entire face and allow it to simply dry naturally as I dry my hair and get ready for my day. After I follow up with my other skincare.

Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist I use in the evenings. This is thicker and more moisturizing than Aqua Placenta’s formula. It almost feels like a spray gel to me. I typically use after cleansing my entire face of makeup and prior to applying any other skincare including a facial mask if I’m using one that night. It’s SUPER hydrating!

I like both of these mists because they not only add moisture but also allow skin to retain that moisture. Both are created using 1000mb of hyaluronic acid according to Sana and are actually formulated to aid skin in retaining moisture which it successfully does.

If you’re looking for the perfect prep for skincare and makeup in a moisturizing mist formula both of these get my highest recommendations!

Loves ’em!

If you’d like more mist recommendations head on over to the Facial Mists archives!

P.S. I’m hoping you’re having a week of awesome. My week is crazy, my month is crazy…! It’s a very busy time at work for me so I’ve been a bit remiss around here, apologies!

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Heather

    I’m not a mister, but I was drawn in by the Cassandra reference! Hehehe! Mmmmm placenta! Now that I am here though, I could probably use a mist like this since my skin is painfully dry!!!

  • Florence

    A British accent doesn’t actually exist – Britain (as in the island) is made up of England, Scotland and Wales (Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom) and each three countries have vastly different regional accents within them. So I would say that Cassandra has an English accent akin to the standard english accent (also known as received pronunciation) which is associated with the south of England. But this of course is all very nitpicky when it was just a fleeting reference to a Dr. Who character. Going to check out the face mists for myself 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      if we’re being political correct about accents we might as well be political correct about Doctor Who too. It’s actually Doctor Who not Dr. Who, at the risk of pissing off a massive fandom one must never abbreviate the Doctor to Dr. Might as well get all our references correct on this post lol!

  • Deb

    Hi Muse. Greetings from AZ and another facial mist lover. It’s almost a requirement here in the winter. Have a question I’m almost afraid to ask: why does that one mist have the word “placenta” in it? I’m loving Asian products and am looking for a new facial mist. But I’ve got to know what the whole placenta thing is about first. Yes, I’m OCD focused on one thing, sue me! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      it’s actually plant placenta they are referring to not actually human or animal placenta 🙂 If I were you I’d go with the collagen, original formula, the pink bottle, it’s MUCH more hydrating! 😀 both are great but I know you like to be extra moist like me so the pink is better!

      • Millie

        Hi Muse, I was wondering what websites do you recommend to order international products from?

        • Isabella Muse

          depends on what you are buying millie…skincare typically sasa.com has the best prices!

      • Miss D

        I agree with Muse as well. I’m SUPER dry all the time, but especially in the winter and the only one I use is the pink mist. It’s very nice and VERY hydrating, so I think you’ll like it a lot. 🙂

  • Cj

    Oh you and your plant placenta 😛 how you doing dear? Ever try the thermal spray from la Roche posay? Been using that lately.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m ok ;-D how are you? I miss you so much! I actually have the thermal spray in my “to be reviewed” pile because you recced it!

      • Cj

        I’m good everything is finally slowing down…. I hope lol. Should be commenting more now 😛

  • amy

    Because facial mists are so difficult to come by in the US, and because they are relatively “new” to the mainstream market, I’ve become accustomed to simply pouring some Rosewater & Glycerin into a spray bottle, and using that. I’m quite certain the two main ingredients in these mists are water & glycerin anyway, as glycerin is a natural humectant, and it holds the water in.

  • Becca

    I do the the rosewater and glycerin thing too and it feels and smells really wonderful. I am so attracted to all the novelty bottles of these other brands though…must..not…give in..

  • Fay. H.

    I use the mister from a Canadian all natural brand, Saje. They are water based with essential oils, so the skin does absorb quickly. Probably not as hydrating as the collagen mister. Perhaps you’ll be giving one of these in your newest giveaway? 😛

    I know you’ve been busy but were you able to send out the prize from the Tarte giveaway back in Sept?

    Take care not to overwork yourself during these transitional months with cold & flu virus abound.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Fay! How are you? Never heard of the Saje will have to look it up! Your giveaway went out hopefully you’ll get it soonish!? Let me know if you don’t and will track! oh lord I am so overworked it isn’t even funny! thank you for caring though! Please let me know when you get your goodies! I packed it with some lovely extras!

  • Bisma

    Bahaha! I love the Doctor Who reference! Will have to say that next time I am using my facial mist. Muse, have you tried Caudalie’s Grape Water? If so I would love to know your thoughts on it.

    • Isabella Muse

      hehehe 😀 no but I do love and use Beauty Elixir 😀 will have to try the grape water…is it moisturizing!?

      • Bisma

        No idea! I haven’t tried it but am supremely curious about it. It retails for $18 for 6.7 oz, while the Elixir is also $18 for 1 fl oz. The ingredients for the Grape Water are literally just grape water and grape juice, so I don’t know if it’s worth spending $18 for what could be glorified diluted grape juice!

        • Isabella Muse

          LOL! but it still sounds kinda intriguing 😀 I’ll have to test it out at and see what I think! the idea of misting myself with grapefruit sounds fun lol!

  • Maggie

    Hi Muse! Fragrance in these?

    I currently use the Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Perfecting Water Moisture Mist–the spray bottle is large and kind of awkward for me to use so I have to decant in a smaller version but it’s no big deal.

  • Jennifer D

    I too love misters, sprays, spitzers, and I don’t get why it is so hard to find these in drugstores, etc, just crazy! Anywhoo when I can find it I use Evian facial spray, it’s a little on the $$ side but it does feel so nice on the skin. I’ve also tried “The Body Shop” fiscal spats – they are ok, not bad, not excellent either. I’ll have to try the ones you have mentioned & others have talked about here, I’m always up to trying new products. Thanks, love your blog, site, etc always good info!

    • Isabella Muse

      evian does a nice facial spray I agree 😀 fiscal spats? never heard of those have to look them up! aw thanks Jennifer glad you enjoy Musings 😉

  • YKiKi

    Wow!! I love that you have so many reviews of Asian makeup and skincare products. I’m Asian and only started getting into it, and you are my first go-to for all these information and recommendations!!! Keep doing what you’re doing and thanks so much you are SUPER informative!!!

  • Linda

    I was getting ready to buy this on amazon until I saw THIS:
    Product Description
    *What is Aquaplacenta? As the name states, Aqua. It is from marine instead of animals. Aquaplacenta is from Hokkaido Salmon. It is extracted from Salmon’s ovary, known as Salmon Ovary Peptide(SOP) which is enzyme degraded by a patent process. *Functions: 1. Hydrating 2. Treats flecks, wrinkles and sags. 3. Treats and heals dry damaged skin. 4. Skin lightening and anti-aging.