February 27, 2014

Why Yes, Jill CC Cream Is Now Available In Japan This Week

Jill Stuart CC Cream Spring 2014

If you were wondering when Jill Stuart was going to jump on the BB Cream wagon, well forget it. They just skipped to the CC Cream wagon. Launching in Japan (I already have it nanner nanner nanner) on February 28th from my understanding the new Jill Stuart Airy Tint CC Cream will be available in two shade choices.

Take a peek!

Jill Stuart Airy Tint CC Cream is marketed as a product that will create a “face brimming with happiness, like a gently opening flower”. I don’t write this stuff, swear!

Jill Stuart’s CC Cream formula is supposed to give you a bright, pure skin finish with an SPF 30. It acts as both a base and skincare with pink pearl to give your complexion a slightly flushed yet translucent finish. It supposedly contains peach juice which hydrates skin and smells like Jill Stuart’s Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

Some of the ingredients include mineral powder, amino acid powder, rosemary extract, lavender oil, avocado oil, and peach juice.

Adambeauty.com should be stocking it soon as well as online E-bay shop like AlphabeautyUK as soon as it launches in stores. Hong Kong sellers are already stocking it so it might have gotten an early launch in China.

I’ll be reviewing it shortly for you!