February 7, 2014

Juice Beauty Stem Cleansing Oil Review

Juice Stem Cleansing Oil

Wahoo way to go Juice Beauty for taking the simplicity out of cleansing oil! Juice Beauty Stem Cleansing Oil is a new deep cleansing oil formulated with grapeseed and sunflower oils as well as fruit stem cells and vitamin C. It’s certified organic as well so if you’re really concerned about what’s in your skincare you couldn’t go with a better cleansing oil than this.

Here’s a few thoughts.

Juice Beauty Stem Cleansing Oil

Juice Beauty Stem Cleansing Oil would likely be one of my newest favorite products if it didn’t take the simplicity out of the cleansing oil experience. Cleansing Oil is meant to be used on a dry face full of makeup. Simply apply it, massage, add a little water to emulsify, and rinse! Done!

I dunno this is just so weird. They recommend pumping the oil onto a warm damp washcloth, massage it on and rinse and follow up with another warm, damp wash cloth to completely remove.


Hello too much work.

I tried it there way and I tried it the traditional cleansing oil way of simply applying on a dry face. Well, do it their way because applying it using the traditional method isn’t a great idea.

This is formulated beautifully! Not to thick, not to runny, just right…it has a liquid-gel like consistency that’s slightly runny but not terribly so. It has a subtle lavender fragrance that’s quite pleasant. It feels very hydrating on skin and quite luxurious on skin.

Here’s my issue…

Used traditionally I find it doesn’t emulsify and proves very difficult to wash off. It leaves a thick film on your skin if you don’t use the wash cloth as per their recommendation. Typically adding a little bit of water to a cleansing oil allows it to break down and go milky but this does not do that. It does a fairly good job removing makeup but unfortunately it proves hard to remove using a traditional method.

The thing is…cleansing oil is supposed to be easy to use. It’s a one step cleanse should you desire and removes everything in one go while rinsing clean away without leaving a film or an greasy/oil feel.

Juice Beauty Stem Cleansing Oil sucks the simplicity out of cleansing oil. It is a nice cleansing gel though when along with a wash cloth. It remove makeup easily, leaves very soft, doesn’t strip, and is made up of some great ingredients.

I just think if they had allowed the formula to emulsify and break down easier I’d be more inclined to rave it and even possibly tuck it into my HG (holy grail) product line up!

I’m not really fond of rinsing my makeup off with a washcloth and I doubt I’m going to start now so unfortunately this didn’t work out for me in the end.

Oh well!

Tried it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Juice Beauty Stem Cleansing Oil5

I purchased this item.

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  • karen

    Dear Muse: Thank you for loving Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil! We worked hard on the formula…as always. Ha..love your comments on our recommended usage. Please note, we included the simple one step as the first direction and added a “spa like” second set of directions…for those who are pro choice! (and for our spa accounts).

    Thank you for loving it!!! Karen, Founder

  • Heather

    What a strange sounding product. I wonder why it doesn’t work like traditional cleansing oils. I usually do love juice beauty products too.

  • MoonlightElegie

    Hi, Muse!

    I have read your blog for quite some time, but this is my first time commenting.

    First of all, let me say how much I enjoy reading your reviews. Although a lot of the products are out of my price range, it’s fun to see what’s out there.

    Second, I wanted to comment specifically on this review. You had a tiny typo that gave me a much needed laugh today (you know how everyone has days where they need a laugh). Your comment, “They recommend pumping the oil onto a warm damp washcloth, massage it on and rinse and follow up with another warm, **damn** wash cloth to completely remove” just hit me funny. I assumed you meant “damp” not “damn” but I could totally see myself saying, “I don’t want to use another damn washcloth!”

    Please don’t think I’m being obnoxious for pointing this out… I’m only doing so because it really made me laugh (actually, snort… thank goodness I was alone!).

    Again, I love your blog. I look forward to reading it every day!

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Moonlight so glad you enjoy Musings of a Muse! Apologies for the error 🙂 sometimes I’m multitasking crazily so I make errors, cleared it all up now! ;-D thanks for pointing it out!

      • MoonlightElegie

        Oh! You didn’t have to correct it! I just wanted to thank you for the laugh. Honestly, it was the highlight of my day!

        I’m a great proofreader for other people, but can’t proof my own work at all. Well, I can, I just don’t do it.


        • Isabella Muse

          sometimes I get so busy I suck at proofreader, I’m sure there a million errors hanging out on here 🙂 but between life, a full time job, and running the blog I can’t say I’ll ever be perfect and funny and even weird errors will happen 🙂

  • Leah

    Thanks for the review! I wonder what other cleansing oils have in them to get rid of the film. I do OCM with olive oil, and there is a film left behind, but it gets removed by my toner, so it’s not an issue. I actually wouldn’t mind trying this one, since it sounds similar (and I’d love a better smell 🙂 ), but now I’m curious about other cleansing oils! I just always assumed the film was natural with oil cleansing products. Very interesting!

  • Majick

    Not just no… like you said WAY too much work. I’ll stick to my DHC Cleansing Oil – HG for me.

    Juice makes some nice products but this wouldn’t be for me either. I do LOVE their body moisturizer – it’s a bit firming, very hydrating, but not greasy.

    I used their apple peel the other day and it left my face a bit red. It didn’t hurt and it went away quickly enough.

    THanks for this review, it was extremely HELPFUL!