February 25, 2014

Sephora Introduces Divergent Cosmetics Collection

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sephora divergent cosmetics collection

Theo James is set to light up your screens this March in the Divergent movie (yeah that hot dude from Bedlam) and along with the movie release Sephora introduces an exciting Divergent Cosmetics Collection.

The Sephora Divergent Cosmetics Collection will be a limited edition makeup collection inspired by the upcoming book series come major motion picture movie that’s opening March 21st in theaters.

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit

The collection will include a very exciting Sephora Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit as well as a Sephora Divergent 7 Piece Nail Art Kit as well as other products inspired by the characters in the film!

Take a look!

Sephora’s Divergent Collection is housed in a distinctive packaging adorned with imagery inspired by the film and its characters. Each product has been specifically formulated to bring out your most adventurous side and includes never been seen before transforming special effects for eyes and nails.

The Sephora Divergent Collection includes three unique pieces that will be available exclusively at Sephora and Sephora.com.

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit ($59.50)
Three limited edition eyeshadow palettes, a cheek palette, and four lipglosses come together in this brilliant kit all of which are inspired by the trails of each Divergent faction. A double ended application brush as well as three Get the Look cards are also included to ensure you have tools to create your perfect Divergent inspired looks.

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Kit

Each of the three eyeshadow palettes contains four coordinating highly pigmented eyeshadows plus one High Gloss Transforming Eyeshadow to draw immediate attention to the eyes. The transformer shades impart a diamond illusion, shimmery, mirror-like reflection that is transparent when applied dry and translucent when used wet showcasing fluid, twinkling particles that look like they are suspended in thin air. You can mix and match the High Gloss Transforming Eyeshadows to give you a unique look every time by breaking apart the palette and swapping shades for another. Along with the 12 stunning shades of shadow the kit includes a gorgeous Cheek Palette with two long wearing blushes as well as shimmering bronzer and a radiant glow illuminator. To complete the kit four high shine lipglosses are also included.

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Palette ($32.50)
Portable but packing an impact this limited edition palette contains three high pigment eyeshadows in versatile neutral shades.

Divergent Multi-Piece Collector’s Palette


  • Candor Lace
  • Luminous Taupe
  • Envious Chocolate


  • Rosy Horizon


  • Compassionate Copper

High Shine Lipgloss:

  • Artistic Mauve
  • Divergent 7 Piece Nail Art Kit ($27.50)

A 7 piece set that includes five Long Wear Nail Lacquers as well as one High Gloss Transforming Nail Lacquer along with six Nail Water Transfer Tattoos so you can proudly signal your Divergent allegiance on both tips and toes. Create endless nail art looks by layering the unique High Gloss Transforming Nail Lacquers over and shade to create an opalescent, shimmering finish, and than add one of the exclusive easy to use Nail Transfer Tattoos for a unique finish!

Divergent Nail Art Kit

The limited edition Sephora Divergent Cosmetics Collection will be launching shortly at Sephora, Sephora.com, and Sephora inside JCPenny locations for a limited time.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Deb

    All of the colors in this promo pic look gorgeous, just my kind of colors. The twinkling particle thing scares me as much as the zombie apocalypse. This one just might get me in the store for an in person look to see if the shadows would work on their own without the twinkling particle part.

  • Caroline

    Ahhh it all looks great! Super excited about this collection! I read the book and though it was kind of so-so, but I have a feeling this will be another Hunger Games situation where the movie’s better than the book!

      • Ruth

        he was the best thing about the show. I kept waiting for the creepy and spooky to happen

        • Isabella Muse

          the show made little to no sense sometimes lol! it was like jumping into a show where the characters developed already but you never saw the start of the show so you aren’t familiar with anyone….! it just jumped right in and confused me and everyone but at least we had theo candy to look at lol! when he left there was nothing to get excited about!

          • Ruth

            I thought it was just me! It’s one thing when you jump in at the middle of a series, you expect some confusion but at the beginning some insight to the characters would be nice. the premise was awesome but the execution was awful! I kept watching with the hopes that it would get better and it did…sorta…

          • Isabella Muse

            I think being human did that too slightly…they just assumed you knew the characters right off…I remember watching series 1, episode 1 and thinking wait who are these people? it did kinda sorta get good but..I dunno…it just spun off into what the hell happened-ville!

  • kimkats

    Oooooo……. I will have to seriously scout this out – it looks loverly! The transformer shade of the shadows sounds like it will be wasted on me, but for the $$ of the big kit, it’s not a loss! That’s really a good deal for all that!!! Even the lil kit is a good deal and looks really pretty! Will we see swatches, Miss Muse? 🙂

  • Vivian

    I’m only using natural products, but these I’m actually considering buying. I like the compact pallete.

  • JoElla

    2 out of the 3 cherubs read and loved this book, so I have a legit reason to buy the makeup kit for me right? Kinda like a six degrees of separation thing…

  • carolineL

    I decided to not buy any more makeup since I have so much but this is making me weak! The colors are up my alley and the lip glosses look like Hourglass packaging. UGH! I’m sure I have dupes of some of these especially the Multi-piece Collector’s pallete. I’ve been good in not buying all the new blushes out this season (except for a couple of Hourglass blushes 😉 ) but this could be the breaker.

  • Lucy

    I loved the books and the movie looks good, I just wish the eye shadows weren’t neutral. Neutrals kinda bore me, even though these are pretty, it’s worth a look. That cheek palette looks amazing. I think that the factions could of been better symbolized though.
    A red for Dauntless. Yellow and orange for Amity. Blue for Eritude. Gray for Abnegation. Black for Candor.
    Other than that the colors look good.

  • Robyn

    Ok…so you know I’m going to be picking this up…not because I love Sephora makeup all that much…I just love Divergent. I’m like their exact target audience. Haha.

  • Stephanie

    I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore neutral palettes and instead diversify my eyeshadow collection, but man, those are some gorgeous colors!

  • Kristina

    $60 is a lot especially when I don’t have the beloved naked 3 palette yet, but I look at that collector pack and all I can hear in my head is “do it! You NEED this!” Lol I just hope it doesn’t sell out as quickly as the little mermaid palette…a few hours. That way if I can spring for it I’ll have time to grab it up. What do you think, muse? This or naked 3?

    • Isabella Muse

      I haven’t technically tried this yet so can’t really say Kristina! I’m hoping to test it this week!

    • Lucy

      I totally think you should go with the Divergent set.

      You can get 3 eyeshadow palettes, a blush palette, four lip glosses, and a brush for only $8 more than a single eyeshadow palette.

      Naked 3 also has tons of fallout and Sephora eyeshadows normally don’t have that much fallout.

      At the end of the day it really depends on if you prefer the nude pink eye and the smoky eye or a variety of neutral shadows.

      Personally, I would go with the Divergent set because it seems like it is a much better value and I don’t favor the Naked 3 palette.

      • Kristina

        That was crazy helpful and I can definitely see now that I should go with this! I had no idea the naked 3 had that much fallout. Thank you so much for your help in deciding! Now hoping it might hang around until I can get the money for it! Fingers crossed!

  • Christal

    I have no idea what Divergent is but I love thos colors! I want it all! I hope it comes out soon.

  • Sarah S.

    Oh crap… I need this! I loved these books. I’ll probably have to break my non-vegan makeup ban… worth it.

  • Nikki

    Eeek… This collection looks awesome! I have not read the books yet but I plan on it ! The prices for these sets are not bad at all, for the amount of products you get ! I know I want the multi-piece collectors set, the multi-piece collectors palette look really nice too! I think I’ll probably end up getting that too! As long as there(?correct, I always get their & there mixed up!) isn’t too much overlap in color variation. From the pictures i don’t see too much but pics sometimes can be fooling’
    As far as the polish set I will pass! Thank god! Heehee I’m not much of a polish girl since I always have acrylic nails (my nail beds are tiny and they don’t really grow and if they do they always break!) and I also get pedicures at the nail salon! The only time I buy polish is if I absolutely love it or it’s really unique! But I’m a total makeup , skin care & perfume/ lotion junkie so it’s good nail polish isn’t a biggie to me! I can not wait for this set to come out, did I we you say march 8-9? I wonder if vib rouge will get earlier access, I hope so cuz so far I’m not really that impressed with the new bi level. I don’t see really any better perks for us spending so much damn money! And the free 3 day shipping on any dollar amount isn’t that great. I usually spend at least $50 when I shop at sephora, it’s rare that I don’t. Thanks muse for the info, I always love reading your blog!

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Nikki 🙂 so glad you enjoy Musings. I estimate around the first week of March. Sephora didn’t give me an exact ETA but I imagine they will do some early launch for VIBers. I agree…Rouge really was a disappointment!

      • Ruth

        I agree with the Rouge business being a let down. with the intro package, they couldn’t give you an entire tube of lipstick? really? and they said there were coupons in the box and silly me was expecting one for a personal FF sale, or free gloss or eye shadow, but no. this is a Sephora fail.

        • Elle

          Hey guys, just checked the website, this is a Rouge exclusive. I’m sorry its been a let down for you guys, I’m just a VIB and I really want the Collector’s Kit. I do feel like other sites offer better rewards programs/ incentives/ coupons, and I think Sephora needs to listen to its shoppers!

          Thanks for the heads up Muse; love your blog, wish Sephora would let everybody have access to the kit after Rouge’s though 🙁 I love the packaging and books, not necessarily in that order. Ill hang my head in shame for a bit and then go back to look at the hot dude! 🙂

          • Isabella Muse

            I think at some point they’ll prob make it available for everyone Elle! My pleasure! <3 and thank YOU so glad you enjoy Musings! awww don't worry darling I imagine they will launch it to everyone at some point!

  • allyandrita

    I would get this, but in my opinion it is too pricey. I would probably buy the $60 set if it was about $30. BTW Muse I love your blog!

  • Riley Williams

    This looks lovely 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I’m glad the big collector’s kit will only be available to VIB Rouges when it is first released, it looks so pretty. I love the Erudite Sapphire shade 🙂

    As a heads up to all the ladies eyeing the nail set, I haven’t had luck ordering Sephora nail sets by mail. At least one gets broke in shipping every time. I’d recommend buying it in store 🙂

  • Denise

    It’s now available for regular VIBs to purchase, and Ebates is 8%!

  • Ilana

    I can’t find it on saphora’s website, and I want all this things a lot! OMG! T-T