March 12, 2014

Milani Rose Powder Blush Swatches

Milani Rose Powder Blushes

Their back! Milani Rose Powder Blush are on the loose for Spring 2014 in four brand new colors. Milani released Rose Powder Blush for Spring 2013 in four shades as well but damn they sold out fast. Peeps couldn’t find them at all when they hit stores.

Lucky enough this year the brand made plenty to go around and they’ll be available at Walgreens as well as online at

I think these are appealing because let’s face it they are cute! The powders have a rose burst design and the colors are very bright. Funny thing as they bring to mind the Body Shop RoseFlower Blush from way back in 2009. Remember it? But more recently it quite looks like the Innisfree Mineral Rose Marbling Blusher as the design is almost identical to what you see here from the Milani Rose Powder Blushes.

Milani Rose Powder Blush

Let’s take a look at some swatches.

I’m hearing reports of dryness and chalkiness when it comes to these new shades. I haven’t tried them on my face as of yet but they swatch awesome sauce for me. The colors are SOME bold and quite vibrant with a matte finish and absolutely no shimmer or sparkle (don’t mind the slight silver sparkle you see in my swatches! I was swatching a Bobbi Brown Palette prior to the blushes and it left behind some shimmer flakes).

Milani Coral Cove Rose Powder Blush

Milani Coral Cove Rose Powder Blush

Milani Tea Rose Blush

Milani Tea Rose Powder Blush

Milani Lady Rouge Rose Powder Blush

Milani Lady Rouge Rose Powder Blush

Milani Love Potion Rose Powder Blush

Milani Love Potion Rose Powder Blush

Milani Rose Powder Blush Swatches

Coral Cove, Lady Rouge, Love Potion, Tea Rose

Anyone grab these up yet?

I’m excited to try them!

I admit I kinda wish they were scented like rose that would kinda be awesome sauce.

Do share your thoughts!

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  • Christina D.

    Sista Muse! I bought all four of these after being on the fence about them because the Coming Up Roses blushes just didn’t work for me (no staying power). But I’m happy to report that these Rose Powder blushes are terrific. The colors are lovely — and stay on all day! I know the reviews have been mixed so maybe it’s a batch issue. FYI I ordered mine directly from Milani.

    • Isabella Muse

      so far mine swatched great Christina which is always promising for performance in my experience so I’m eager to try ;-D I heard reports of dryness and chalkiness but I didn’t get either when swatching hope I like them on ;-D How are you my dear? I’m a bit remiss chatting ya lately been crazed!

  • Julia

    I have these and I do like them! They aren’t my favorite blushes by any means, and I do have to be careful when I apply them because they don’t blend very easily, but once on they last a long time and are beautiful colors. They are, however, inferior to Milani’s permanent line of baked blushes that I LOVE. BUT I knew that going in because these are not advertised as “baked” and are definitely more about the rose gimmick than anything else.

  • anne

    Yours actually look like they swatched good. mine were horrible, they swatched poorly and were very dry, chalky and powdery. too difficult to blend so i returned them

    • Isabella Muse

      i haven’t tried them on my cheeks yet but swatching was good thankfully ;D

  • Fancie

    I think these are the best swatches I’ve seen so far! You’re giving me hope Muse! I’m still on the fence after all the mixed reviews but this is pushing me to try at least one and go from there.

    • Isabella Muse

      I thought they swatched nicely so I was happy! but more to come Fancie still have to review them and see how they perform ;D

  • Katrina

    hi! i bought all four of these online immediately, because i LOVED the blushes I got last year. This year, I really really like the Tea Rose, but the other 3 colors haven’t lived up to last year’s colors, for me at least. Lady Rogue and Coral Crave just do not work for my skin tone, although I somewhat anticipated this. I have fair skin and blonde hair, and the Lady Rogue makes me look like I have a terrible sunburn! I think this year’s colors could be very successful though for girls with darker skin than my own; the coral I think could be so beautiful!!!

  • Liz

    What’s the difference between tea rose & last years romantic rose??

  • crango

    I got all four and I’m quite please with them! Lady Rouge is a little dry and sheerer that the other three, but otherwise I’ve had no trouble with blending or pigmentation. Coral Cove is AMAZING! I have more coral blushes than a person rightfully should, but this is hands down my favorite- not too pink, not too orange, plus I’m a sucker for matte blushes.

  • joan

    I ordered the Coral Cove and Lady Rouge from the Milani website. Lady Rouge was too bright for me so I returned it. I love the Coral Cove. I’ve only worn the blush once and I didn’t seem to have any problem with dryness or it being too powdery. The coral shade is gorgeous and now I’m thinking about the Tea Rose shade. I do love that they are a matte finish.

  • Debbie

    I agree with Fancie,,,,you do have the best swatches for these blushes! Thank you very much Muse! I did order the Tea Rose from the Milani site. I love it, but have to use a light hand with it (I have fair skin). The first time I put it on,,lol,,I applied a little much & looked like one of those little old ladies who wear such outlandish bright blush. Yes,,,We ALL have seen them 1 time or another,,lol! I used to have an aunt (God rest her soul) who did it ALL the time,,including wearing RED lipstick at the SAME time! She was Scotch, with black hair, blue eyes, & very fair skin! What a contrast of colors I tell ya! I was a teen at that time & NEVER forgot that look & vowed never to look like that! 😛

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks debbie 🙂 you’re most welcome 😀 oh no…that would be me lol I have a heavy hand so I have to be careful! LOL! she sounds damn fun! hehehehe!

      • Debbie

        lol! Yes she sure was! I was very fond of her & miss her very much. She’s been gone for several years now, but I have all those sweet memories to remember her by. My dad said she loved to go square-dancing & was quite good at it. She also used to make the best sugar cookies,,,,for target practice! HAHA! Those things were sooo hard you’d just about break a tooth TRYING to eat one! One time, when we were younger, my cousin threw one at her brother & almost put his eye out. He had a nasty bruise for a while. Whoever thought you could almost kill someone with a sugar cookie? ;D

  • Majick

    these are adorable and if I see them in the store I just might try one or two.

  • Linda

    Hi, Muse…I’m a little late getting to this party, but I’m wondering: how would you say these compare to the new Clinique Cheek Pops?

    • Isabella Muse

      vastly different blushes Linda I would not compare the two. Hope this helps!

  • A-L

    Did you ever put Coral Cove on your cheeks? I saw swatch posts for the other colors, but not the coral one.