March 20, 2014

New Beauty from Japan


Currently I have two major lemmings from Japan. I’ve already ordered one and that would be the brand new Lunasol Modeling Beige Skin and the other, a bit more expensive, the new Lunasol 15th Anniversary Makeup Palette.

Both of these recently launched in Japan for Spring 2014 and I’m really trying hard to not pick up the 15th Anniversary Palette because it is quite expensive and contains so many shades I already have in other Lunasol Palettes but still it is a true beauty. The palette commemorates 15 years of Lunasol with six shades of eyeshadows in nude, natural shades. It also includes a Micro Finish Pressed Powder and Puff, a blush in a limited edition shade, a Liquid Lips Gloss in a limited edition shade, and a mascara.

It all comes housed in a gorgeous zip case with pouch.

The other item, which I did order, was the new Modeling Beige Skin which is a new nude base that was inspired by Lunasol’s Skin Modeling Eyes Palettes. It’s a lightly textured beige base that works to prep skin or can be used as a foundation of sorts for a nude makeup-less look! I’ve been quite curious to see how this works since hearing about it. Lunasol says it helps to “achieve incomparable beige skin”….hmmm I think that translates as more evenly toned lol…or perhaps maybe more of a healthy golden glow. We shall see!

I believe they’ll be two more 15th Anniversary Palettes on the horizon from what I have heard which will be the typical quad shadows that Lunasol does. I’m going to try to refrain from ordering the larger palette in the hopes of grabbing both of these instead as they look beautiful from images I’ve seen.

Expect a review shortly of the Modeling Beige Skin as you might be as curious as I am about a product that gives you “beige skin”.


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  • Tendai

    That palette made me gasp out loud and I think I salivated a little! I want that palette too.

  • JudirhDM

    LOVE! Where available? I am fortunate to live in LA and many of the Japanese/Korean brands are available. Also along the way I have found websites! This looks soooooooooo inviting!

  • zonaira

    Hi muse … i am going to japan in a few weeks . I will definately try to get the pallete or atleast one one of their eyeshadow quads.. any other recommedations you would like to give for any famous make up products that i should buy when i am there? Thx a million !

  • Susannah

    I don’t know if these colors would work for those of us with pink undertones in our skin. I look forward to reading your review.

    BTW, what does ‘lemming’ mean? I thought the word had a negative connotation, but you use it in a positive sense.

    • Isabella Muse

      lemming is just makeup forum/board slang for “I want this REALLY bad” aka I’m lemming this! 🙂 obviously the fact that I hang out on the Lush forum, reddit, MUA etc translates into my slang I use here on Musings of a Muse haha!

  • Susannah

    Thank you for explaining, dear Muse. The only lemmings I’ve heard of are the fish that rush over the cliff en masse.

    Seems like I’m always learning something on your site — and it isn’t always about makeup.

    Always appreciate you!

    • Isabella Muse

      and the small rodents 🙂 lol…glad to hear it <3! Appreciate ya back! thanks for always commenting/chatting with me 😀

  • Lacy

    The palette is breathe taking, how much will it run a newly house poor makeup junkie?!

    Also totally random but I think it could be fun, doing something along the line that the Sephora rouge do in the beauty forum with swapping unused samples and gently swatched makeup, starting a traveling box and sending it from one reader to another to switch out items (take 4 replace 4 example kind of thing) and do it here. Traveling Muse…. ?! I know that’s asking a lot but it’d be so fun!! I have a ton of stuff that’s unused or swatched once and left to die in my treasure chest of makeup… like my Tarte cheek stain i picked up during the sale for $8 before they redid the line and made them smaller & half the size of the originals.. tried it once and the strawberry and cream scent totally turned me off.. love for it to find a new home verses collecting dust 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      they are costly sadly 🙁 around $99-$120 depending on the online retailer. Nice idea but a lot of work 🙁 I barely keep up with Musings so trying to track down a traveling beauty box would be a ton of work and someone ends up sending it out/etc can be kinda a hassle and also have people mad at me if there stuff is lost! It’s more for a forum than a beauty blog to do! Many makeup forums do stuff like this though! I wish I had the time to dedicated to it and the promise it would work out great too!