March 4, 2014

New Degree Motion Sense Deodorant Fragrances for Spring 2014

New Degree Motion Sense Deodorant Fragrances

Hi, I’m the Muse and I’m slightly addicted to deodorant? No, that’s not a real thing! I swear! But I saw these new Degree Motion Sense Deodorant Fragrances for Spring 2014 at the drugstore and suddenly I was struggling my way to the cash register with my arms loaded up and some of the deodorants slipping out of my grasp because I was carrying so many.

I had this horrifying vision of myself dropping them on the floor and Norman Reedus would happen to be at the same drugstore stocking up on Zombie plague supplies, like beef jerky and Miller Light, and he’d lean down and help me pick up my haulage from the floor, staring into my eyes, and kinda smirking. He’d proceed to say, “Stocking up for the apocalypse too eh?” and I’d blush and stammer some lame-o reply.

Later we’d meet in the parking lot and he’d share his beef jerky…wait…that sounds all kinds of wrong.


The part about Norman was pure fantasy but the part about me struggling to the register with my arms loaded up with about fifty bars of Degree Motion Sense Deodorant totes mcgotes happened.

Chalk it up as I couldn’t decide which fragrance I wanted or that they all smelled good or the fact they were on a BOGO sale but all these new Degree Motion Sense Deodorants had to come home with me.

Some of the new fragrances include Berry Cool (mmm smells like tropical strawberries), Peach Burst, Daisy Fresh, and Tropical Rush. The formula is the new improved 48 hour fresh pit protection aka you can seal yourself into the back of a trunk with Norman for 48 straight hours while a herd passes by on a dark and stormy night and you are STILL SO FRESH smelling. Thank you Degree!

Either way I’m now the proud owner of four large Degree Motion Sense Deodorants.

I’d say I’m zombie apocalypse ready.

Bring it.

In all seriousness these smell so good.

Available now at drugstores.

P.S. In reality, I imagine Norman Reedus would technically look at all the deodorants, raise a brow, and say, “Damn girl you got a problem!?”

I purchased this item.

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  • Christina D.

    Hmmm…sounds like someone watched Talking Dead this past Sunday? Or was that you getting in the trunk of an abandoned car?

    • Isabella Muse

      girl I got home SUPER late last night and immediately sat down at 1am to watch that and talking dead, I couldn’t sleep until I got my fill of Daryl deliciousness!

  • Christina D.

    It’s ironic how popular the character is given he was created for the series and not part of the original Walking Dead comics. BTW what did you think of Beth? Sorry but I just want to tell her to take a time out and stand in the corner and shut up. She’s just a kid and not Daryl worthy!

    But Rick is still my favorite. I just love the reluctant hero.

    • Isabella Muse

      agreed! people are viscous about him ;-D if and when he dies there a world of hate is coming down on the series! mmmmm hard to say. On some levels she’s annoying but on others she’s kinda the yin to his yang, light and darkness, good and bad. I didn’t love him and Carol together to be honest…Carol felt too old for him? And I guess Beth feels too young for him. I don’t think they are headed in that direction but I thought to myself we never did get the Michonne, Carol, Tyrese love triangle so is it possible that maybe that will somehow become the Beth/Daryl/Carol love triangle instead?! They have a way of switching things up from the books so why couldn’t that somehow happen!? On the other hand I think maybe they are headed into a brother/sister relationship with Beth and Daryl? It’s hard to say…there seemed like there was a little bit of something there but it could be our imagination. I really enjoy some of the older characters like Dale, Hershel, Ezekiel, the wise older ones so to speak!
      and Negan is truly the end all of villains for me and I can’t wait to see how that comes into play in the tv series! ;-D

  • Christina D.

    I like the brother/sister dynamic much better and it kind of played out that way with the kid asking the older brother to get some booze. That I can see for Daryl and Beth and it doesn’t make me go “ewwww”.

    Back to your original post — I don’t think there is enough deodorant for the zombie apocalypse! I kept thinking about that when they were crammed into the trunk but goddam that musta stunk.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s kinda hard because Daryl’s age isn’t really mentioned and we just assume he’s a man of 30ish maybe? And Beth, is 18 (the actress is 28 gasp! girl gimme your skincare secrets)…I can’t get a handle on their age difference so I’m unsure if I picture them as potential relationship material although from forum reading/twitter etc people aren’t exactly opposed to it. I dunno I doubt they’ll go there. Besides there seems like NO TIME for people to be sexing it up when there are zombies and men in eye patches out to get you ;-D haha! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! for sure. Because Beth is looking all kinds of filthy and so is Daryl! h0r baths aren’t cutting it! peeps need a major shower!

  • Jody

    this post cracked me up and I don’t even watch the show . I really wanted to. I tried. Three episodes. I couldn’t handle the gore… I’m such a wuss. :0

    But ” damn girl, you got a problem? “. 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      lol ;-D seriously, I was sitting there with four deodorants in my hand I’m positive the girl at the register was wondering WTF!?

  • Ali Arnette

    Huuuuge walking dead fan here, this cracked me up! Gosh that man really gets me too. Think him and Beth are going to get together or what? I totally expected it this past Sunday!

    • Ali Arnette

      Oh whoops!! Just saw the other comments!! She’s a bit young but hey it’s the end of the world right??

    • Isabella Muse

      lol well I guess you’d want a young strong woman during the end of the world eh? ;D

  • Lucy

    These look like they smell good. What drugstore were they bogo at?

  • kellly

    this post was so funny! i don’t watch tv but even without the backstory, it was a great, funny, hilarious post!