March 5, 2014

Pixi H20 Skintint Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Pixi H20 Skintint

Yay just in time for Spring Pixi has created a new H20 Skintint Tinted Face Gel! Loving this stuff. Pixi H20 Skintint ($24) water based face gel that’s available in three shades that offers lightweight coverage for the warmer months ahead.

Take a look!

Pixi H20 Skintint3

Pixi H20 Skintint is a new creamy gel lightweight, sheer foundation with a cool, refreshing formula that’s paraben free.

Just a hint, be sure to shake this well prior to pumping it out of the tube as it does become quite separated when left sitting around.

Housed in a tube with a pump to dispense Pixi’s new H20 Skintint isn’t quite a tinted moisturizer and not really a foundation nor is it a BB Cream. What can we call it!? Skin perfecter? It’s considerably more pigmented that your average tinted moisturizer but still provides sheer, weightless coverage. It’s your skin but so much more better. The cool, refreshing texture absorbs easily into skin evening out skin tone, brightening, and creating a more flawless finish for skin that’s already in fairly good shape. It isn’t going to hide major issues such as blemishes or ruddy cheeks it will however, tone down redness, even skin tone, and create a brighter, fresher complexion.

Pixi H20 Skintint7

Pixi H20 Skintint swatches

Pixi H20 Skintint6

Shade No 2. Nude

The gel-like texture is very creamy but it sort of has a “bursting” effect that breaks down when applied to your skin. As it breaks down it becomes thinner and more like the water that makes up the product. It feels very refreshing on skin and absorbs on contact creating a slightly dewy yet soft and never greasy or shiny finish on skin. If you have drier skin it’s like a cool refreshing drink of water for your skin. Due to the higher water volume of the product it does wear a shorter time for at around three to four hours so I do suggest setting with powder for longer wear.

Pixi H20 Skintint is definitely a step above your average everyday tinted moisturizer. The creamy gel that breaks down into a fluid like texture feels absolutely lovely on skin and the beautiful, natural finish coverage it provides is weightless and breathable for the warmer weather. Outside of the shorter wear I’d say they have a super product on their hands!

Quite loving this!

Do try it!

Available now at

Anyone try it?

Do share your thoughts!

Pixi H20 Skintint5

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • mad

    Wow so when there’s an expensive product thats sent to you you say oh wow i love the lightweight sheer coverage but when its a drugstore product thats exactly the same you say i hate it because its nothing like asian bb creams

    • Isabella Muse

      no Lauren aka Mad, I actually review a wide array of both drugstore, mid range and high end products and if you read my site daily you’d realize I try out, test, and review a variety of products. I’ve given poor reviews to high end, mid range, and low end products and I’ve given great reviews to them too. This isn’t a BB Cream so I’m not reviewing it as such. If it was called “Pixi BB Cream” I’d mention how sheer it was for something called a BB Cream and how like a tinted moisturizer it is and how disappointingly it would be as BB Cream. But since this isn’t a BB Cream and Pixi does not market it as such I gave you my experience and thoughts on using it as a foundation which is essentially what it is or a hybrid product combining the elements of a tinted moisturizer and a foundation in one although I think it’s a bit more pigmented in comparison to a tinted moisturizer formula. I do think that Asian BB Creams are considerably better quality to US BB Creams, sorry my opinion somehow upsets you on the topic somehow. Please read pasts reviews before passing judgement on how I review products as you’ll be more familiar with how I judge products in the future. I hope this helps. and please by all means share your experience with it if you tried it.

    • Maggie.

      Who peed in your cornflakes? I’m pretty sure Muse has always been straight up in her reviews and (in my humble opinion) is one of the *least* bias bloggers out there. As far as the product goes, why would she compare it to Asian bb creams or high end products when she blatantly stated it *wasn’t* like bb creams/tinted moisturizers. It’s like comparing apples to oranges, they’re simply different products meant for different purposes. She talked about it’s pros and cons, who might like it and who might not, how to possibly get the best use out of it (as everyone’s skin is different)…beyond that what’s she supposed to do, buy it and apply it for you? Either her post sparked your interest or it didn’t. If not, then just kindly keep your mouth shut and move on.

      • Isabella Muse

        it’s ok maggie 🙂 <3! you don't have to take up battle for little old me but thank you.

        • Maggie.

          Oh I know you can hold your own 😛 Sorry, just got a little ranty because I can’t stand people who never learned to not say anything at all if they can’t say something nice 🙂

          • Isabella Muse

            lol it’s ok maggie *hugs* hopefully she understands that this isn’t a BB Cream review as apparently she thinks I’m raving a sheer BB Cream but this isn’t a BB Cream…believe me if it was marketed as one I’d be pissy about the sheerness 😀

      • Shadia L.

        “mad”–a very apt name, considering both definitions of the word.

        I doubt you’ve been a reader of Miss Isabella’s blog for very long, otherwise you’d see that she’s given plenty of “PR Samples” a wide range of reviews–from Muse Approved, to “meh,” to flat-out disliking the product.

        I can understand you being wary of positive reviews of products given freely to beauty bloggers and gurus, but please, do just a BIT of digging, and you’ll see that the lovely Muse is quite honest and fair, regardless of whether she’s purchased the product or not.

    • Gingeracha

      Am I the only one that considers Pixi drugstore? I only see it sold at Target.

      • Stephanie

        I don’t consider Pixi drugstore at all. I paid $18 for a cheekstain gel the other day, that’s on par with high end brands a la Tarte, Too Faced etc. Their quality is fantastic and backs up the price and Wet n Wild, NYC and other drugstore brands can’t hold a candle to them.

  • Ashley

    You should show us a picture of you wearing it so we can get the full effect! I love Dr. Jart water fuse bb, for my lazy days, is this product similar?

    • Isabella Muse

      it actually does have elements of water fuse to it Ashley….! it kinda has that creamy consistency that goes runny when applied same as Dr Jart’s formula, however a bit more pigment than dr Jart’s formula.

  • Courtney

    that looks gorgeous!(: I’d love to see how it worked on oily skin,tinted moisturizers/bb creams always make me into an oil slick! :/

  • Linda

    I always just walk past the Pixi aisle in the Ulta because the packaging doesn’t appeal to me – kinda cheap? – but it seems like you’ve had good results with lots of their products. I’m going to have to stop and swatch their line next time. I’m intrigued enough to check it out!

  • Renee

    This sort of reminds me of the Revlon SkinLights of old (early 90’s wasn’t it), same kind of pump-tube component. I may have to give this Pixi product a try. I’m not a big Pixi fan, mostly because their prices are a little high for a line sold at Target.

  • kimmyyy

    It’s funny seeing the few people on here commenting about how they always pass up Pixi when they come across it at Target because it’s pricier for where it’s sold and the packaging is only appealing to some, and I always felt the same way; I definitely feel like it should be cheaper. I think I finally decided to actually give it a shot when it came up on HauteLook one day and I ended up really loving what I got (it was the Tinkerbell Fairy Face Palette). Their eye shadows are buttery soft with minimal fallout, the eyeliners creamy with gorgeous colors and great staying power (and I have oily lids), the blush nicely pigmented and their nail polish comes in such pretty bright colors and they hold up really well. If you can find Pixi on clearance at Target, on sale or catch some good deals on it on HauteLook, it’s a great buy. I personally think the packaging is beautiful, but I love pretty girly looking things like this (even if it’s sometimes a bit childish looking). Sorry for the huge paragraph!

    I wish I had more luck with BB creams and tinted moisturizers! My skin is just too oily. ;(

    • Isabella Muse

      I felt that way when Pixi, NP Set, etc came to Target. I thought it was incredibly strange having mid-range (well, let’s be honest NP Set’s pricing is practically high end lol) cosmetics at Target. I since change my ranting ways over it because Pixi is not only a great brand but it’s also nice having it so easily to grab at Target 😀 I’m the same way, I really like cutesy packaging, label me immature for it but I adore anything cute ;-D awww…! I wish I had the problem to be honest, I’m just too dry!

      • Renee

        Awe…I feel like a cheap-o..Lol.. Not really, but I am going to give Pixi another look while at Target, and for sure on HauteLook. I do like the look of their packging also, I’m a sucker for nifty packaging too. Have a great weekend!

        • Isabella Muse

          don’t, I totally can relate always feel like it is high at target so order online bc there are always 20% off online hehehe 😀 you too my dear!

  • Herbie

    Hi, wondering if you could help me. I’m considering buying some pixi products but I’m not to sure if it’s any good for Asian (Indian) skin tones? I had a look on the pixi website to get an idea but all her models were white!

    Could you please advise?

    Thank you