March 24, 2014

Revlon Haute Pink Blush Review & Swatches

Revlon Haute Pink Powder Blush

You might recall that Revlon Powder Blush launched in several new shades recently with the Revlon Cheek Boutique Collection for Spring 2014.

All of the blushes in the packaging look incredible. They are just gorgeous, vibrant shades. However, after hauling quite a few shades I’m pretty disappointed with the quality le sigh.

Take a look!

This post will updated shortly with a swatch photo.

Revlon Haute Pink Blush ($9.99 at Harmons) is a cooler toned bright pink blush with a satin finish. It’s a very pretty shade of pink and in its own right quite unique. The color is quite vibrant and pretty in the pan.

Unfortunately the vibrancy you see isn’t exactly what you get on cheeks. It’s a very sheer product with some density and dryness although not nearly as dry as some of the other colors from this collection. It does have a soft, silkiness after you use it a few times but initially the top layer of blush is quite dense. It isn’t powdery in the least. The wear time is a bit iffy and shows fading at around three hours, four tops so you might feel the need for a touch up as you enter that fourth hour of wear.

Another disappointing aspect would come from the sheerness of the shade. It looks so beautiful in the pan but the color doesn’t exactly build well and applies very sheer even after a few applications. I think if it wasn’t as dense it might be truer to pan color but as it is I find the texture a tad too dry.

I think I had purchased all but one of the blushes from the Cheek Boutique Collection but thus far most of the shades disappointed and Haute Pink is no different.

Revlon Haute Pink Blush

Oh well!

Anyone else have problems with these blushes?

Do share!

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