April 17, 2014

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation Review & Swatches

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation

So I’ve been very delayed bringing you my review of Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation. I pre-ordered the Bare Skin Serum Foundation as soon as it launched on QVC and I got it soon after my order. I must have been lucky because mine arrived soon after I ordered but I’m hearing people just got their order recently?! I’m not sure why I was lucky but I was so I had nearly a month to use it and play around with it etc…!

Basically the Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation is both a mineral foundation and a skincare serum in one. It provides coverage as it treats your skin.

Interesting concept right? When I first heard about it I was thinking of perhaps a Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup style formula but this is actually completely unique to some of the new fad liquid foundations. Most formulas I’ve tried in this area are typically water based but also have a gel-like consistency. THIS is a fluid foundation but it has more of a serum, watery texture versus a gel.

Let’s take a look.

Bare Skin Serum Foundation

According to Bare Minerals this produces a brighter more youthful appearance with a natural finish. It’s supposed to be formulated for all skin types and I’d call that wrong because I have a feel oily skin users will not love it.

It’s formulated without water, without oil, silicone, parabens, or even fragrance however, it feels like it contains silicone and does have a fairly slippery, oily feel on skin. Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously prior to using it as the pigment does separate from the fluid. The texture is a watery liquid that’s sort of like a serum. It has a odd texture with a sort of matte upon contact finish at first but goes dewy as you apply. It’s a bit slippery on my skin as I apply and feels oily even with a dewy finish. It does have an odd staining effect as you apply it so if the color is right this would translate as seamless however, I ended up looking like Snooki due to the shade being so wrong for me. Coverage is supposed to be customizable so two drops for sheer, four for medium, and six for full coverage. I find the more I apply the worst it looks. It seems to cling to my skin and makes me look like I have a ton of cakey makeup on.

As for the brightening abilities they might just mean that with continued use that this will brighten but actually wearing it, well, it didn’t brighten. I’ve read a good deal of reviews and I’m not the only one that will tell you the shades run very, very dark and this in fact dulls my skin rather than brightens it. I got the fourth shade, Bare Satin, which was called a “cool” shade but as you can see from my swatches below it is a very muddy shade.

Bare Skin Serum Foundation swatches

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation Swatches (Shade Bare Satin)

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation swatches

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation Swatches from sheer to full coverage

Wear time is around five hours before oxidizing. Color does transfer I noticed so if I’m wearing say a high collared shirt or even my winter jacket I’ll notice makeup transfers onto the material.

This comes with a Perfecting Face Brush which is engineering to hold the foundation as it has longer bristles that surround a well in the middle of the brush. It kinda resembles a crop circle. The brush is meant to be used to buff color on but I feel like it over applied the product. Even applying a sheer layer I notice the foundation sticks to my drier areas and looks patchy. It’s a very noticeable makeup product no matter how you apply.

Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush

Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush 1

I think Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation has potential. I see where they want to go with this and the idea of combining skincare and foundation isn’t necessarily a new idea but a good one none the less, look how successful BB Creams are. Unfortunately the product isn’t quite what I had hopes for. It feels oily, it looks very much like I’m wearing makeup, and the colors seem very off to me.

Drier more mature skin might like this? But I question even that.

Unfortunately I didn’t love Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation. I’d suggest checking it out in a Bare Minerals boutique prior to purchase as you’ll have a chance to swatch and play with it for yourself. This isn’t something you’re going to want to indulge in online.

It’s available now at QVC.com and I believe launched shortly everywhere else from what I am hearing!

Tried it?

Do share!

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation9

I purchased this item.

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  • Roo

    I concur. I’ve used the Bare Shell 3 times so far. Not the biggest fan. It does leave a slightly oily feel and that seems to get worse for me as time goes on and I’m left with greasy feeling skin. The colors are also completely off. I don’t know where they got off saying Bare Shell was for pink undertones at all. It’s very yellow. =/ I’ll be sticking to my MUFE HD foundation for sure.

    • Isabella Muse

      Mine was suppose to be the fourth shade, which was a cooler medium fair, but it’s complete mud as you can see below πŸ™ I’m hearing a good deal of reviews that either say it is too yellow or too beige πŸ™ It doesn’t even lighten when applied as some foundations are dark but applied they get a little lighter but no luck! And yes, it def has a certain greasy feel as the day progresses…does it transfer for you? I had to put my puffy jacket in the cleansers as it got all over the collar of the pure white material πŸ™

      • Roo

        I didn’t notice any transferring, but I haven’t been wearing a jacket or anything with a higher collar so I couldn’t say. I would return it, but it’s just a hassle since I bought from QVC and I don’t even have time for that. Will try to use it up. I was so hopeful that this would be a nice, light foundation for summer time! Can’t imagine wearing this in the heat with my combination skin. Yuck.

        • Isabella Muse

          same here roo! I ended up just tossing it in my “donate” pile which is just a pile that I let friends pick through if they are interested. I was hoping for the same πŸ™

  • Powell

    Thks for the review. I’ll go to Sephora, Bare Minerals store and Nordstrom to get samples before I buy.

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure! YES! smart choice. It’s really something you need to try in store before indulging!

  • JoElla

    Well, I have to be honest, I was hoping for a better review on this product.

      • PianoGirl1985

        I know you said it looks orange on you, but do you think for the sake of a review would you apply it on your face or at least a part of it to show what it really looks like?
        Love your opinions though!

        • Maria Diaz

          Totally agree. In my case, experience has been quite the opposite…I keep returning to this foundation after using other brands, including the MUFE HD.

  • Anna Fantasia

    I ordered mine on February 20th and received it on April 8th or 9th. Since the QVC website said it wasn’t shipping until the 8th of April, I would say your receiving it early was amazing! I’ve been wearing it for about a week now. Some days I love it, some days it looks too thick and artificial. It’s weird, is like too watery and yet the finish on the face is almost too dense in color. I know it doesn’t make sense. I ordered Bare Linen (Light neutral), which is actually a bit light on me. Glad I didn’t order the Bare Satin as more than likely it would have been too dark. I’m still trying to make it work and since I’m one of those gals who loves BM and liquid foundations, I gonna keep trying until I end up loving or hating it. LOL

    • Isabella Muse

      I think I ordered it after feb 20th but don’t quote me on that! But I got it within 4-5 days of my order which was weird as so many people had prebooked but did not get it! but yeah, I somehow lucked out!??! I wanna keep trying too but I gave it a month lol! so at this point I think I’m safe to say I don’t really love it πŸ™ sadness!

  • Pam

    I got mine about a week ago and returned it. I REALLY didn’t like it. It felt awful on my skin. The shade was very yellow and looks cakey on the skin. I started with two (2) drops and then added two (2) more. That only made it worse. I’ve worn Bare Minerals off and on for years and for something that took 20 years to formulate, I expected more.

    • Isabella Muse

      Pam I had the same issue! I applied a sheer layer because that’s typically what I need and like anyway but it looked a little unnatural…I decided to try a bit more to see how color built up and fully test it and the more I applied the worst it became! I was so sad because I really wanted to love this!

    • Sarah

      Pam I totally agree with you (and Muse!) I bought both bare linen and bare natural and to be frank they both SUCKED! Bare linen made me look ill and sat on my skin; I couldn’t get it to blend with the brush or my fingers. And bare natural was way too dark. I returned them both. Disappointed because I feel like the QVC videos duped us; they made it look like magic on some of those women. On me, cakey mess. Not so hot.

      • Isabella Muse

        I had the same problem, it just kinda sat above my skin and looked like I had a ton of cakey makeup on πŸ™

  • Sara

    I’ve been using bareMinerals original foundation for about 15 years (since I was a teen) and I was sure I wouldn’t like this foundation (didn’t fall in love with Ready Foundation) – but I was pleasantly surprised! I have combo/oily skin and this foundation is not oily on me AT ALL, even though I build the foundation to medium and even full coverage in certain areas. It also doesn’t oxidize on me. I would suggest getting the right shade match and trying again πŸ™‚

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks sara! When it launches at Sephora will have to give it a retry but I dunno not convinced by the texture!

    • Monica

      I think this was meant to convert liquid foundations wearers to BE but it seems that the only people I have noticed that like it are current BE fans who don’t really like liquid foundations.

  • Christina

    Oh my gosh, Muse! I had the exact same experience! It felt so slippery and oily on me–even more so than other fluid foundations–and it looked super shiny on my face after about 1-2 hours! I thought I was going crazy because, as you said, it started off matte until you applied more and as the day progressed. I looked flawless for about 5 minutes, then all my pores and flakes started to show up. And, yes, I made me look so much duller/darker as opposed to brighter.

    B.E. really failed in this aspect for me. I haven’t used their mineral foundation in years because of the color match, but I like those way more than I liked this!

    • Isabella Muse

      amen sis same issues here! first it’s kinda weirdly silicone-y, after that sorta matte, and after that slippery and dewy…it’s a confused formula haha…! I think I personally made the mistake believing it would be like many fluid/water based foundations I’ve tried in the past but they managed to re-event the idea of a fluid foundation and made it into this watery serum weirdness. I like they went there but I don’t like what it did for my skin πŸ™ It looks so cakey and unnatural πŸ™ sigh! sadness! I can’t use their loose minerals as they make me itch all crazy like so I guess using a BE foundation isn’t in my future! boo!

    • Katherine

      Thank you for a very detailed, and honest review. At first I believed that I was not applying it correctly, and watched tons of videos on how to use the product. I read so many positive reviews before investing so much money into the deluxe starter set (the one with full sized products that’s nearly $100). I have been disappointed in the results after using this for nearly a year, and have wondered all this time if it was just me…

      I had a less than desirable experience with this product. I used and LOVED BM Original Foundation in 2006. I recently tried their products again without success. My skin is sensitive to many products, and I hoped that I could return to their brand. The powder foundations do not blend well, nor last for me, so I hoped the Serum foundation would give me a longer lasting or smoother finish.

      The product seems to absorb into my skin so have a dry-looking, gross film instead of foundation. This could be a result of whatever mystery fluid the product is manufactured with. I would not purchase it again, and would not recommend it to anyone.

      • Isabella Muse

        I’m so sorry Katherine πŸ™ It def wasn’t a favorite of mine either. It was just so slick and dulled my skin out. Have you tried their Complexion Rescue? That’s much much better with a creamier formula that absorbs easily and has a much nicer finish! Again, so sorry for your disappointment πŸ™

        • Katherine

          Thanks for the reply and the suggestion, Isabella. I am wearing the Complexion Rescue now. I am quite fond of it! I was shade matched as an Opal. It does not give full coverage, and gets really shiny when I try to build up layers. It feels really nice on my skin without any irritation, or acne, and it feels lovely on my dry areas. I wonder sometimes if the shade match I was given is just too light for me.

          I was matched as a Fairly Light complexion in the Original, and a Bare Shell in the serum foundation at the boutique. However, when I look online for reviews and tutorials I noticed that many women with similar complexions to mine use Fairly Medium, or Medium. Many ladies using the Fairly Light shade are a little lighter than I am. I placed an order online on Thursday to try the Fairly Medium in the Original. If this works out I may try a medium shade of the Skin Serum to see if this helps with some of the issues I experienced with the overall appearance & coverage of the makeup.

          I read in several reviews that the bM brand runs a little light in shade matches at times, and that going up a shade may help provide more coverage. I’m hoping for the best. Thanks again!

  • TrishB

    Hey, I’ll be the voice of dissent here. πŸ™‚ This is two (or 3) reviews in one, so remember you get what you pay for, which is, well, nothing. My sister and I have both used BE since they had 5 numbered foundation colors. I’m pasty yellowish and 47, can only approximate β€œtan” (standard= Bobbi Brown Alabaster/Porcelain while tan=Bobbi Brown Ivory) after a month of burns or tons of 10 minute bursts w/o spf50+. The 49 year old Sis stole all my grandma’s Italian genes out from under me and with very dark hair can go from looking ivory to much tanner, and then left me with a lovely Irish case of rosacea. Thanks grandpa!

    I’ve pretty much always had to mix my BE, even back in the old days. I generally added a bit of 2 (light) to a bunch of 1 (fair) and then added in some Hay eyeshadow (pure palest yellow) and some Mint and White matte mineral shadow from somewhere I don’t recall. Sis could generally wear 2 (light) and perhaps add 3 (medium) as needed. That was a while ago and our skin tones both changed over the years.

    In the serum foundation, I ordered Ivory which was a hella no-go from the start. Way too dark, way too yellow. Jaundice is not a good look. Oddly enough it looked lovely on my 72 year old mom, and her IT CC cream in Light is both too dark and looks much, much heavier on her skin. She’d like a bit more coverage than BE serum, but is experimenting with the IT concealer in medium/neutral with good results.

    Sis started out with the new foundation in Bare Nude – in many lights, it looked perfect, but in a few there were visible yellow patches. But, but, but – in the light where the yellow didn’t show, holy hell it looked like skin, not foundation. For her, earlier matches were Bobbi Brown Beige (Long Wear)and IT CC in Light. Compared to the BE serum foundation, the BB looks drier while the IT CC looks far heavier. Sis received her BE in Bare Beige today which seems like the next less yellow in her tone. I’ll let you know how that goes. Everyone in my sample of 3 is trying primers – Pasty me tried with both Hourglass primers, 2 BE primers and an IT primer. Nope to all with Ivory. Mom found her best luck with the IT primer. Sis found the same IT primer to do wonders, while the Hourglass serum primer looked like crap and darkened the foundation. YMMV.
    Sorry for the novel, but I really can’t believe the way my 49 yr old sis looks with this foundation. Truly looks like skin for her. I guess I’ll have to see what happens when Porcelain is available.

    Sorry for the freaking novel, but I’ve have spent most of my life with lousy skin, trying to get it right

    • Isabella Muse

      hi trish thanks for sharing your thoughts! it’s not a novel, it’s actually VERY helpful for those looking to try this out πŸ˜€ keep me posted on the new shade you try curious to hear your updated thoughts!

      • TrishB

        Sis received Bare Beige today She said it’s not as yellow as Nude, but perhaps a touch too dark. I’ll let you all know. She can’t tell when a foundation truly matches- she’s called everything I’ve ever worn a match, something I know isn’t true.

    • Christina

      Trish, you sound just like me. I used to do the exact same thing with my mineral foundation. Fairly light was too pink and just a hair too light, so I’d dump in some yellow powder and a dash of green because I’m olive. Lol. Strange complexion, eh?

      And yeah, ivory in the new foundation was disgusting on me. Lol. I, too will be searching porcelain, but I read that’s supposed to be pink in tone. Sigh, fair does not always equal pink.

      • TrishB

        Yeah, I was hoping the yellow would cancel the red on my nose and cheeks from rosacea, but nope, it just looked icky. Some days I’d swear I’m the palest olive chick going, and then other days, I’m yellow or pink. Really just need to find an SPF 50 that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction and get back on that. Oh wait, I did find one of those, and it cost $60/month. Blech.

  • Amanda

    I have oily/combo skin and I had a similar experience. When I wore this on its own it made my skin look so dry and looked super cakey even though I only used a few drops. I was really disappointed but I worked with it a little bit and found that I actually love it mixed with my Estee Lauder Double Wear. DW gives me the coverage I need but I feel like it can sometimes be noticeable on the skin, so I mix in about 2 drops of the Bare Skin foundation in and apply my foundation cocktail with a beauty blender and it looks great! The serum makes my skin look like skin and gives a non-greasy looking glow but I still get the coverage and lasting power of the Double Wear. On it’s own it definitely disappointed me but I’m glad I’ve found a way to use it.

    • Isabella Muse

      amanda I tossed it in my donate pile but I might just try your technique and mix with it! πŸ˜€

    • Jennifer

      I loved this foundation in the store and then brought it home and have been hating it. Well not totally but just enough to want to return, but I threw away the packaging so I am stuck with it. I am going to try this trick, because I actually love the color I just don’t like how it gets super oily after a few hours, and I have DW too and don’t like how it feels so drying on my face sometimes. Can’t wait to go home and mix the two.

  • Cait

    My wallet is extremely happy this is a no go because I was dying for this lol. Now any desire is gone! πŸ™‚

    • Isabella Muse

      cait you should def swatch in store, ya never know you might like it but personally I didn’t *shakes head* not for me πŸ™‚

  • Phyrra

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been eyeing this at Sephora online but now I’m glad I couldn’t buy it yet.

    • Isabella Muse

      I wouldn’t say don’t try it, maybe head in and swatch Courtney because who knows you might actually love it. Personally I didn’t love πŸ™

      • Phyrra

        My skin is normal to dry these days. Anything that emphasizes dry patches is a no go. I was hoping this would be moisturizing and great.

        If you haven’t tried it yet, the Cover FX CC Cream is PERFECT for my skin issues these days.

  • Cheryl

    I have very oily skin and I absolutely love this foundation. I do top it with a bit of mineral veil and it’s not oily on me at all. It doesn’t oxidize on me at all. This is a new holy grail for me.

  • Steelnpurple

    I am intrigued by this but will wait unt all shades are swatched online.
    I feel so dumb going to the Bare Minerals counter and swatch here and then order it for like half the price from the UK.
    Thanks for an honest review!

  • Pam A

    I really wanted to like Bareskin, but it just didn’t work for me. It settled into every fine line, wrinkle & crease on my face, no matter what I did (primer, no primer). I shook it vigorously for each application. I got Bare Natural, which was supposed to be neutral beige, but it had too much yellow in it for me.

    The first day that I tried it, I used primer, and 2 drops per each side of my face. OMG – how awful!! I looked like I was wearing pancake makeup. Every time I looked in the mirror that day, all I could think was that I couldn’t wait to get home to wash it off. Plus, I think it intensified my blush and bronzer. At that point, I was ready to send it back, but thought I’d try it again.

    Tried it without primer and only using 1 drop per side. Little bit better, but still got the settling into lines & creases. By the end of the day, there was so much in the creases around my mouth that I couldn’t wait to get it off my face. Tried it with primer, and one drop, same results.

    I finally decided that I shouldn’t have to work so hard to like a makeup. I returned it. Going back to loose minerals and my regular skincare & makeup routine which works well for me. “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

    • Isabella Muse

      I don’t even have lines and it just sat on top of skin and accentuated my drier areas…it basically aged me πŸ˜€ I’m with you Pam, it looked like pancake makeup! πŸ™

  • telle

    awww wow, i was so excited to get my hands on this when visiting down south of the border next month. Thanks, Muse, for a great review, and for everyone else’s too! I will be sticking to hourglass immaculate fnd!

    • Isabella Muse

      i wouldn’t say don’t try it telle, I’d def swatch it when you pop over who knows you might be one of the few that love it. πŸ™‚ If you do let me know what you think! πŸ˜€ my pleasure!

  • Emily

    How can they say this is oil free when capric/caprylic (sp) triglycerides are basically coconut oil without the solids? Well they are more complicated than that but still, it’s OIL.

  • Lisaa

    As anyone else had problems washing the Bareskin serum out of the brush??? When it arrived on my door step I washed the brush to get rid of the chemical smell. No problem cleaning it.

    After using the brush with Bareskin serum for 3 days I tried washing the brush. It’s a bear to get clean especially the channel part. Every time I cleaned the brush, after it was dry I would take a facial tissue, rub it in the channel portion and there would be bareskin color in it and the channel part felt greasy. I always clean my brushes with Master’s Brush Cleaner or Philosophy’s Purity. Neither product cleaned the brush. I had to resort to using liquid Palomoive dish washing soap to clean the brush!

    I’m still on the fence regarding the foundation. I have Shell 02 – cool light (Winter I use Orig Fair) and Satin 06 – cool medium (Summer I wear Orig Fairly Med or Med).

    • Isabella Muse

      I haven’t cleaned the brush yet other than cleaning it when no product was on it initially. I wiped it with makeup brush cleanser wipes after each but haven’t done a full cleanse with it as yet but will update you when I do as it is in need of a full clean!

    • Alex

      Glad to know I’m not the only one going crazy about cleaning the brush. I use Johnson’s baby shampoo and the seems to do the trick for cleansing. I also noticed I kind of have to rub more of the soap into the center while the brush is right side up (which I know is a no-no for brush care)to get the foundation that sunk in. I like the foundation and the brush so im looking for an alternate, easier to clean, brush that is similar to the one for the foundation. Maybe a regular type buffing brush would work. Good luck though.

  • Kim

    I applied mine (caramel) with another brush. It matched perfectly- hurrah since my skin (about nc42 but not exactly) is really difficult to match. I tend to like to apply a lot, but it looked terrible, emphasizing my pores and looking fake. I patted down and removed some with a sponge and then powdered (dusting maybelline fit me). My skin still looked great 9 hours later! At first I thought I was returning but I think I will keep!

  • Angela Watkins

    I got it and wish QVC had a better return policy. I reviewed on my blog with pictures no matter what I couldn’t get it to not get into my pores even with porefessional and three different primers on three different days.

    • Isabella Muse

      aw sorry Angela I had the same issues, it just looked very unnatural!

  • Lia

    I have been using bare minerals for 10 years now, since I was in high school. The big problem I had with the powder foundation is that the color was never a good match for my skin. Either too pink or too yellow. I ordered this in bare beige, which is a medium color with neutral to golden tones. Surprisingly the color is perfect BUT I hated the feel and wear of this foundation. Even with primer I felt like it was just sitting in my face. It creased and settled everywhere and accentuated dry patches.

    I wasn’t ready to give up on it yet, though. So I tried buffing it on OVER urban decay’s all nighter setting spray and it wears much, much better. I spray my face 3-5 times with the setting spray and buff the bare skin foundation on while my face is still damp, then finished with a setting powder. It went on much better, less streaky, and no creasing. Just figured I’d give my 2 cents incase some of you were hoping to love this more, it like me.

  • LisaO

    I didn’t love it either & when I have time, I’m sending it back.

    I gave it several tries with variations: on bare face, with primer, using included brush & Real Techniques sponge etc. I really did try!!

    I just felt oily & grosser as the day went on. I will stick with my Naked foundation. Everyone else seems to just love it on the forums. I thought something was wrong with me!! Thanks for your review!

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure you aren’t alone I read a lot of raving on blogs as well so I thought maybe I was doing something wrong! I was relieved so many people felt the same when I reviewed and they commented with similar problem and experiences with this. It’s a nice try but the formula really is quirky πŸ™

  • Ame

    I also returned it. And I was seriously sad to do so, I was SO excited about this… The color was horrible, there was no coverage and it would not stay on my face very long.

  • Kathy

    I tried this. I wanted to like it — I thought it would be fast, and I thought the serum aspect would help during the winter when our forced-air heat can dry my skin (yeah, even in Florida, we have days when we need to have the heat on).

    Boy, was I wrong. No matter what I did (moisturizer, primer, Bare Skin: primer, Bare Skin; moisturizer, Bare Skin; Bare Skin alone) the pores on my nose jumped out like they were little spotlights. It sank into the lines around my eyes (I’ll be 59 in July — I’ve earned every one of them), and it made me look oily (and MV didn’t help a bit). The colors were too yellow, even though I have golden tones to my face once I start to tan. And it just didn’t last, even though I used 2 drops on the first application then 2 more on the second).

    But the worst part was the dry, flaky patches that developed on my forehead and cheeks. I sent all three shades (Linen, Beige, and Sand — I tan naturally, and my complexion changes drastically over the year. In loose, I go from Med Beige with a little Fairly Light to Golden Tan with a little Golden Dark) back today.

    Back to my beloved loose. If it ain’t broke — don’t fix it.

  • Eve

    Definitely get swatched. The color descriptions are way off. I’m a light skinned Asian with yellow undertones, and I’m a 02 Bare Shell which is a pink undertone supposedly. It’s a perfect match. In a selfish way I really love the yellowness of the shades, because to put it honestly it’s rare for there to be so many yellow toned shades that aren’t all medium shades and that makes me kinda happy. I also do think that contrary to intuition, this is a better foundation for normal to oily skin and even some combo not dry skin. I have combination skin bordering on normal on good days, and as long as I stay on top of my exfoliating, it looks awesome and glowing on me and doesn’t feel oily or slick at all.

  • Trisha

    Wow, I simply love this foundation I was matched with bare satin 06 and also purchased the brush and the bare minerals prime time neutralizing primer. I am an older female with large pores and with the primer foundation and brush it glides over my pores not showing any of them. I have tried every foundation on the market and by far this is the best of all. Thank you BareMinerals for Bareskin foundation!

  • Trisha

    Be sure you apply with the bare minerals brush in a circular motion you will have flawless skin and great coverage

  • Nicki

    I absolutly love this product. I am normally dry and only started using BM in the last few years because it was the only product that made my skin feel not so dry. Well the new bare skin is even better…..love it. Then again it could be my dry skin.

  • Karen

    I have been in the cosmetic business for a long time and am truly baffled by this product. I have used it twice and it looked different each time also, why aren’t told what to do after putting on this base foundation. Can we still use our bare minerals over it or just put a little blush on and hope we look as good as we did with bare minerals. I do not like this product and neither do some friends of mine who purchased it. Also, why push the brush when blending with fingertips is great and so much cheaper than a 28 dollar brush! Will be returning it and hopefully people who are selling this can answer questions regarding how to finish making up the rest of your face.


  • sandrift

    [I wrote a longish comment yesterday, then my internet went kaput when I tried to submit it, so I don’t know if it got submitted or not and this may end up as a dupe. If so, I’m sorry!]

    I’ve been a long-time user of BE’s powder foundation in Fairly Light for several years and love it. I live in a dry climate and have dry skin, so I picked up the Bare Skin foundation yesterday in Bare Satin along with the Perfecting Brush. This color is darker than what most users of Fairly Light have selected, but I’ve been coming to the conclusion that Fairly Light is probably a tad too light for me although I can get away with it. I’ve also got UD’s Naked foundation in 3.5, and MAC’s Mineralize SPF 15 foundation in NW20 is another good match for me (NW22 also works).

    For background: I’m 43 with light to medium, mostly dry skin, a few crows feet, and what I call “blurry” freckles (they’re not really distinct but they do make for notable variations in skin tone across my face).

    This is really my first impression, as I’ve only used the Bare Skin twice, but so far, I really like it. I prefer light to medium coverage for evening out my skin tone, and I’m getting it with this foundation and brush. Shaking the bottle, using only a drop or two at a time, and buffing in the product well seem to be important to getting the most out of this foundation. The Bare Skin did a great job of smoothing out the variations in my skin tone without appearing like I’m trying to hide my freckles. It doesn’t look cakey and the finish is pleasantly dewy, but not overdone (I used CeraVe moisturizer and BE original primer underneath). For fun, I put MUFE HD Pressed Powder over the Bare Skin on one side of my face, and it mattifies the foundation nicely, which is good if you expect to put on a blush or highlighter with shimmer and/or your skin is some multiple of 20 years old. My skin still feels like skin with this foundation – very soft and nearly naked – it’s really great. My fiancΓ© even commented on how nice my skin looked.

    I’m surprised by the number of negative comments here – I totally understand that foundation is an immensely personal choice, so I’m not criticizing, but I just don’t want people who are wondering if it might work for them to avoid trying it. It’s been really good for me so far.

  • Mariah

    I really wish i read this before i purchased the foundation. I saw some other reviews who raved about but now that i think about….they were probably sponsored.

    I agree that the concept is well though out but the formula needs some work. Im 22 years old and i seriously looked like i was middle aged cause the foundation just stuck to every crevice in my face. That never happen to me before even with drugstore foundations.

    This was my first big buy with a cosmetic product and i drove 30 minutes just to get it. It was a huge let down. Ugh…i hate buying into the hype but i couldnt resist. I learned my lesson…i can tell you that much!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sorry Mariah to hear it. It did the same for me, def aged my skin! I’m dull anyway and adding this seems to have added fifty years on my skin πŸ˜€ You should return it!

  • Alicia

    I have mixed feelings about this foundation…I have oily skin and I think this foundation makes my oil more noticeable after a while. I have heard people tell me I have pretty skin. Then I’ve had people look at me kind of funny. I think this foundation should of been worked on more before coming out. Obviously the colors are kind of off. I personally think they should of had a W/N/ and Cool tone version just like the original line. I think that would of made some type of difference and have this as a light/med BB or CC cream. Otherwise this is a waste of foundation.

  • Maureen Parks

    I think its very important to get a match! I went to the boutique and it is perfect! I look 10 years younger. It is light weight, comfortable and the best foundation I have ever used. I used Bareminerals for years when I was younger but as i aged the powder was not doing it for me. I am very glad I tried this.

  • Patricia

    I have very oily skin and I actually LOVE this serum foundation!!! Just did a review on my blog if you want to take a look

    xo Patricia

  • Lisa

    I loved this foundation!! I have dry skin and find this really helps to add a natural dewy finish. I do have to prime my face and set with mineral veil but it lasts all day on me, does not oxidize or transfer to clothes.

  • Helene Los Banos

    I just tried this foundation on at Sephora…the two colors I tried was #10 and #14…I am pretty tan with yellow skintones but after trying both on in the store we decided the lighter one looked better, the darker color looked like I had fake tanner on…I live in Hawai’i so it is very hot and humid here….I have had the makeup on for several hours now and it looks totally natural, my skin does look very dewey but the humidity here is in the 70 5 SO I DONT THINK THAT IS THE MAKEUP FAULT. I usually wear Bobbi brown stick foundationa nd it feels about the same and looks about he same….I don’t think I would rush out to buy it since I am happy with my Bobbi Brown but if I was out it would be a godo replacement

  • Cherie Henderson

    I’m glad I read these real reviews. I use the BM Ready foundation and was excited to try the new serum foundation. I’m 48 yrs old with dry olive skin. I experimented with swatches and found out that I match with Bare Beige. However, after a few minutes it started to look kind of splotchy. I asked the BM salesperson if the serum foundation was as moisturizing as the Ready foundation. She looked around and reluctantly said the Ready was more moisturizing. I think I’ll stick with what works.

  • Kym

    I have been wearing bare Minerals since 2007. I have worn it all, flirting with all of the foundations. I really like BareSkin. It is not a fast process, though. Moisturizer… Let it set. Primer… Let it set. Foundation… Let it set. Mineral Veil… You get the picture. After I have ALL of my makeup on, then I use NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray. I have not noticed oxidation or transfer of product. I like the look very much. I use Bare Natural.

  • Krista p

    So I have a love hate relationship with this foundation right now. I actually love the look and coverage and it blends nicely on my face. However, I just can’t seem to get past the SMELL!!! My hubby told me he could smell it when he kissed me. The brush has an odor too. Idk what the deal is but it just might be a deal breaker for me. My SIL bought this same foundation and hers has no smell. Maybe it’s just my bottle. Idk. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Michael M


      My girlfriend has both the foundation and the brush and I found the same thing to be true. The smell I have identified is “moldy”. Like an old dishrag.

      I think it might be due to wet foundation sitting in the brush, but I could be wrong. She was going to try cleaning the brush but we are not sure if that will work.

      If you know any more we would both appreciate it.

      • Adrienne

        I just started using this product this past Saturday, without the brush, and I can’t take the moldy smell. I just washed it off my face because it’s so disgusting. I’m going to try contacting the company. I wonder if we got a bad batch?

    • jojo

      After having Bare Minerals Breaking Serum Foundation applied at Sephora then purchased it, I got home 2 hrs later with the WORST headache EVER!! And the chemical smell was unreal!!! I waited one month to use the (same) product I had purchased and tried again after three wears with TERRIBLE headaches I can not use this product again. NOT worth the suffering.

  • Liz

    I only started using bare minerals bare skin for about a week and my skin has become very dry, red and itchy. Any else having this issue?

  • L

    I’m so disapointed with BM new foundation!I had high hopes… πŸ™
    I have used BM Original formula for about 10-15 years now. In the beginning I could’t find a perfect colormatch, but when Fairly Medium arrived I had the perfect match.

    With the Ready Foundation all of the lightest colors were too dark and too yellow and the formula didn’t get well with my skin…

    I know I’m a pink, cool tone and because of sunallergy I can’t get tanned anymore πŸ™

    I can never use Beige/Neutral tones, it looks like I’m very ill and about to die…

    So I had a colormatch done first before buying the new foundation and didn’t get a match! I only got “golden” in the original formula. What?! Golden?!

    I think the woman (in the beautyshop) placed the foundationmatch at the wrong place on my cheekbone, just there I have a lot of melasma (brown spots all over the forehead and cheeks).

    I told her it must be wrong, I’m pink and cool and you need to try at another place in my face, but she didn’t care. It’s very lousy customer service in that shop, so I will buy my beautyproducts somewhere else.

    I live in Sweden, soon in my 40’s, and have dry, acne-pron skin and in the winter the face is… well, just say NOT happy. Dry and flaking and a combination skin that’s never happy with the skincare… πŸ™

    I got a very small sample in 03 Bare linen (they hadn’t nr 01 or 02 that should have been a match for me?) just to se if I could use the new formula.

    It looks awful on my skin, enlarges every pore and gets the dry parts of the face looking even more dry. It didn’t look better with a primer (Smashbox) neither.

    And I believe the foundation is oxidazing on the face very quickly and gets even more dark and yellow.

    And yes, it does transfers to the clothes and disappears bit for bit (especially on the nose) when you touch your face during the day. I did use some mineral veil on top to see if the foundation would last longer, but it doesn’t help.

    Thanks for your reviews, I will not spend my money on this serumfoundation.
    In the beautyshop I thought that the cool tones looked like they were more yellow than pink, and know I know my eyes didn’t fool me. To dark and yellow even in nr 01 if you’re looking for a light and pink tone. πŸ™

    I don’t understand BM?! Why are all the new formulas (like READY and this serum) so damn yellow? Why Bare Minerals, why are you ignoring us that need a PINK tone?! πŸ™

    So back to the Original loose formula…

  • Ivy

    I was so excited for this launch. I bought it immediatly at Ulta after having received some Sephora samples and loving the product. No more. The more I use it the oily-er my face gets? Before using this foundation my skin was so dry if I didn’t moisturise at least twice a day it cracked. Now I’m constantly shiny! It’s just awful. There’s nothing else in my routine that’s changed and in winter my dry skin goes from dry to drier. I can only figure it’s the foundation. It feels incredibly oily on the skin.

  • jojo

    After having Bare Minerals Breaking Serum Foundation applied at Sephora then purchased it, I got home 2 hrs later with the WORST headache EVER!! And the chemical smell was unreal!!! I waited one month to use the (same) product I had purchased and tried again after three wears with TERRIBLE headaches I can not use this product again. NOT worth the suffering.

  • Danielle

    Was wondering. Does anyone who tried this foundation notice a reaction? I have tiny little bumps all over my face and I only used this product twice. I wash my face and moisturize after and before I put it on.

  • Emahh

    Hello muse ,and all,and thanks muse for your great reviews page.
    I found Bare minerals Serum foundation to be truly orrible too.
    I all I was exited ,with high hopes,instead all I got was a complete waste of money.
    This settled into every line and crease, seems to fragment into minute patches,smells disgusting,transfers onto pretty much everything ..my mobile phone included! (YEUK -had to keep wiping it of with a tissue)
    As for primers,tried BM primer ,NYX HD,Benefit,smashbox guerlain..and more primers n more primers and no primer at all.
    nothing improved its performence.
    It also made my face feel kinda itchy,a thing I have never had befor.
    Worth buying just for blessed relief of removing it *laughs*
    Handed it on ..they hated it for the same reasons…was handed on again ..same thing,my 14yr old niece was the last know recipient broke her out in hundreds of really tiny little red lumps…and she gave it to a friend *giggles*who probably hates her now.
    This is a an incredibly poorly concieved product ,which cant possily have been properly consumer reserched ..if they had they would have gone back to the Lab and tried againWwith this one.
    Realy BareMinerals..this is awful stuff!

    • Isabella Muse

      hello emahh nice to meet you! so glad you enjoy Musings of a Muse! I had the same experience with the serum! Really did not like it at all! πŸ™ They new gel foundation is lovely, you might want to try that out πŸ˜€

      • Linda

        I love the new foundation from BE, Complexion Rescue!
        I had to choose the nr 01 color, but strange enough even nr 02 and 05 works too.
        But when I had nr 02 my doctor asked me if I felt ill/or was sick… *laughs* So I guess it was a bit too yellow for me anyway. But it never oxidize! Whoa! πŸ™‚

        Nr 05 should have been too dark (no tan at all), but the color seems to adapt very well and sink into your skin in a good way, so the colormatch is very forgiven if you get the wrong color.
        But I really prefer nr 01, it’s perfect for me (MAC NW 15, BE Original formula loose foundation: Fairly Medium. I want a more pinkish tone because I look too beige or yellow otherwise).

        The only thing that I don’t like is that you can only (or is it just me?) use a thin layer which doesn’t cover anything and the spf will not be 30 as it says on the package.

        If I apply a thicker layer the foundation sinks into every poor and wrinkle. And that did not looked good at all! πŸ™

        A little goes a very long way! But then you need a face moisturizer with spf under the foundation!

        I even got the new brush with this foundation and the effect is much better then using the fingers (have tried that too).

        Another thing: my skin has never looked better then it does right now thanks to Paulas Choice, so I’m happy with a thin layer of Complexion Rescue, it’s enough just for now.

        But I have dry/very dry skin and the face will soon be even more drier, but the experts call it “combined skin” because I’m VERY acne-prone.

        And I’m very sorry to say that I’m getting more and more of little “bumps” all over the face from Complexion Rescue. πŸ™
        It looks like it’s whiteheads or small pimples without “liquid” (I don’t know the exact word) but I’m not sure.

        And trying this foundation is the only thing I have changed for almost a year.

        So I guess I will use this foundation most during the summer, spring and early autumn.

        But only if the “bumps” not get worse, because I have had a real struggle to get this good looking skin (for being my skin).

        Sorry for the novella! πŸ™‚

  • E.

    Ah, I wish I had read all of these reviews earlier! My mother-in-law purchased the BM Serum for me when we were shopping at Sephora. I was using L’Oreal Lumi for about a year and wanted to get back to using better makeup. I was matched with Bare Shell in the store, and it looked fine, so much better than the makeup I went to the store wearing.

    Flash forward two months and I’ve been trying to juggle different ways to wear this without the breakouts and cakey look. I’ve tried paring down my cleanser to LUSH Ultrabland, Cetaphil, moisturizer, and now I’ve tried two different primers. Nothing helps :/

    I’ve also started to notice that my face looks red compared to my neck, so this morning I applied some to the inside of my arm and broke out in a red rash. Ugh, this is so awful, haha. I think I’ll finally abandon ship this weekend and look for a new foundation.

  • Kathy

    Please beware of Bare minerals products, I have just worn “BARESKIN” for a wedding and after a couple of hours my face started itching, i had to get it all off as quickly as I could. The next day my face was so sore, my skin was rough, it felt like sandpaper to touch, I am covered in red blotches, and wrinkles because my entire face is very dry from the allergic reaction. I cant put anything on my skin to calm it as everything just burns like mad and it turns redder. I am so angry with this company, it claims to be good for your skin, what a joke. From the little research I have done on the internet what people are saying is that if you are allergic to some earings that are not pure gold / silver then thats one way to tell you will probably be allergic to this dreadfull stuff. I look like I have had acid poured on my face and I cant leave the house especially as its sunny outside, it will make it worse, I dont know what im going to do, So please be carefull. I did test this on my arm, so my advice is make sure you test it on your face / neck first.