April 22, 2014

Formula X Launchs Single Use Nail Polish Pods

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Formula X Press Pod

The idea of the new Formula X Press Pods Set ($39) might sound complicated to some but these single use nail polish pods could be the perfect solution to traveling with a slew of color when you’re on vacation!

This set includes 24 bestselling shades so you can travel with as many as 24 shades of polish without weighting down your train case or baggage.

I was thinking how ideal these single use press pods would be for creating different manicures should you go on a cruise.

Take a look at the video below to see these in action.

Each press pod is about the size of a quarter and has an attached brush for application. Simply squeeze and the nail polish color of your choice flows into the brush tip and you’re ready for application! Paint your nails as you normally would! One capsule paints all 10 nails on both of your hands for a quick, easy manicure on the go.


  • Flashy (bright red)
  • Power Source (hot coral)
  • Kelvin (hot tangerine)
  • Invincible (warm vanilla)
  • Unmistakable (pastel jade)
  • Rocket Fuel (metallic graphite green)
  • Prism (mermaid green pearl)
  • High Frequency (bright turquoise)
  • Continuum (sky blue)
  • Omni (beach ball blue)
  • Infamous (teal and purple metallic duochrome)
  • Legend (maroon and rainbow metallic duochrome)
  • Harmonics (deep lilac)
  • Perfection (smoky violet)
  • Pedal to the Metal (pearl violet)
  • Heroic (lilac and gold metallic duochrome)
  • Hercules (hot rose pink)
  • Potent (carnation pink)
  • Riotous (dark magenta)
  • Outrageous (lavender mist)
  • Gray Matter (charcoal gray)
  • Extraordinary (iceberg gray)
  • Need for Speed (metallic silver)
  • White Matter (opaque bright white)

Once the pod is opened you do have to use it right away as it dries out quickly!

I dunno how I feel about these. They seem like a nail girl’s dream product as you can travel with so much color in a small amount of space. But on the other hand can you truly get a good manicure and an opaque finish with such a small brush!?


What do you think?

Available now at Sephora and Sephora.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • kimkats

    I guess I must be “greener” than I thought – All I see is a huge amount of packaging getting tossed after one use… Maybe it’s cus I’m not a polish wearer, but this just strikes me as silly and wasteful… Just my 2¢ worth….

  • Deb

    Brilliant concept. Especially for people like me. I have my nails done every 3 weeks in a salon with gel polish. So my personal stash is used only for my pedicures. And if you like a variety of colors, you just can’t get through a regular size bottle before it goes bad. Something like this would give you a lot of options with no waste. But it’s all going to come down to the brush. In the video, the brush looks a little splayed and I have to think since it’s a one time use, it’s not a very high quality brush.

    • Isabella Muse

      excellent! I didn’t even think about going through a normal bottle but yes that’s me too since I don’t do my nails with anything but clear gloss…typically I do my toes every week during a pedicure but I can never get through a full bottle so ideal for me ;D

    • Quinctia

      Polish doesn’t go bad. If it dries out, you can revive it with polish thinner. (Not remover, thinner.)

      But, if the bottle’s well made, it could last near-forever even without thinner.

      I have a couple of polishes I’ve hung onto for ages. And, by ages, I mean since the mid-late 90s.

  • AnniLau

    I wish they sold them individually or in smaller 3-5 polish sets. That would be amazingly helpful if you weren’t entirely sure about a color and didn’t have a Sephora nearby to test it.

  • Kimmwc03

    I love nail polish and paint my nails regularly but this is a pass for me. I might buy one and try it if they ever sell them separately though.

  • Tracey

    These would be amazing as little trail samples like sell them for $1-$2 each to see if you want to buy a full size of a color.

  • Lisa

    so…what if I mess up a nail, dent it or smear it or something before it dries, and need to start over. I’m left with one unpolished nail, since I’ve already used up the mini…right?

  • Cindy

    I think this is just going too far. Why do big brands always make a big fuss about mini nailpolishes? What is it whith these girls that pack a polish? If you already spend I don’t know what to travel, I’m quite sure you can spend a few bucks to buy a nailpolish in a local store.