April 9, 2014

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick Review & Swatches

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick

What is they say about not fixing something that isn’t broken? The new NYX Infinite Shadow Stick launched recently for Spring 2014 in nine shades but as you know NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils have been around far longer (and for far cheaper) so I wasn’t sure why the brand felt the need to introduce a new cream shadow stick.

But hey, I’m cool with new anything so away I went to try out the new NYX Infinite Shadow Sticks but I got through the experience feeling like they really didn’t need to fix something that wasn’t already broken.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are loved by many! People use them as a base for powders and pigments, wear them alone, line with them, shade with them, etc…etc..and they are only $4.50 each and available in an array of shades (over 20 colors!).

In steps NYX Infinite Shadow Stick which is a smidge bigger (0.19 versus the old Jumbo Eye Pencil of 0.18) in a small range of shades with a $9 price tag. I scratched my head a little bit at this but I’m all about new makeup so I purchased two of these and gave them a run for the money.

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick swatches

Sweet Pink and Bronze

I couldn’t really tell you what the difference is between the two products in regards to marketing. These are marketed as waterproof, smudgeproof, with an easy glide on formula. The Jumbo Eye Pencil formula isn’t really marketed as such…they merely call it an easy glide on eye pencil. Of course, the Jumbo Eye Pencil does contain mineral oil and I didn’t notice that in the new Infinite Shadow Sticks so perhaps that’s the big difference between the two?

Speaking of experience trying the two I’d say I prefer the Jumbo Eye Pencils. Not only are they cheaper and available in a wider shade selection but they actually have a far creamy formula and an easier to blend one. I felt like I struggled with the Infinite Shadow Stick…! I tried two shades one of which was Sweet Pink. This one tugged during application and applied rather patchy and dry on my lids. It also creases within six hours of wear. I tried Bronze which was a bit creamy but still tugged a little during application and seemed to blend away so I had to build a good deal to get the perfect consistency of color to stay on my lid! Thankfully this shade wasn’t patchy though and wore solidly with a little fading at hour seven but no creasing on my dry eyes.

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick fotd

NYX Bronze Infinite Shadow Stick fotd

NYX Bronze Infinite Shadow Stick

NYX Bronze Infinite Shadow Stick

NYX Sweet Pink Infinite Shadow Stick fotd

NYX Infinite Shadow Stick Sweet Pink

NYX Sweet Pink Infinite Shadow Stick

NYX Sweet Pink Infinite Shadow Stick

Sadly, my testing is limited to two shades but I wasn’t terribly impressed. Both are metallic and at first I thought hmm maybe the Infinite shades are all metallic and apparently that appears to be the case from what I’ve seen of swatches. But really we have a fair amount of metallic looking shades in the Jumbo Eye Pencil formula already so this doesn’t make the pencil unique.

Moral of the story?

If isn’t broken don’t fix it.

No need for a new eyeshadow pencil NYX you have a wonderful range of them already that users know, love, and use!

If you’d like to try these they are available at Ulta.com.

Tried them already?

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  • Vanessa

    Hello, regards all the way from Mexico!! I just wanted to ask what blush and lipstick are you wearing cause the combo looks beautifull on you πŸ™‚

  • Melissa Z

    Thats sucks that they did not work. I really like the NYX jumbo eye pencils and I have a few. I really like the bronze color too. I might have to skip on buying these new eye pencils by nyx because they are not good and the price. Thanks muse :0)

  • Meg

    I think the waterproof, smudgeproof claim is the big difference. I hated the regular jumbo eye pencils – immediate creasing, sometimes even with a shadow on top! I’m really curious to try these out and see if this waterproof version will stay put for me.

  • Elizabeth

    See, I hated the jumbo eye pencils. They creased like nobody’s business, and they never applied nicely for me. These… I have Flushed and it is my life. I just smear it on my lids then gently blend, and it doesn’t crease or look worn fourteen hours later when I take it off. Ah well. Different strokes for different folks.

  • Andi

    I can see the value in owning these and the Jumbo Eye Pencils! (Now, the Glam Shadow Stick is another story…)

    To me, when I swatched these at Ulta, they felt very reminiscent of the MUFE Aqua Shadow or SEPHORA COLLECTION Jumbo Liner. (Actually, comparing the ingredients between the Infinite Shadow Sticks and the Aqua Shadows, they are very similar!) All three products feel like I could actually use them as eyeshadow all by themselves and not need to worry about creasing on my oily eyelids. I could never do that with the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. They make a good colored base, but I still have to use a primer and set them with powder shadow.

    I think it would be smarter for NYX to market them differently, but I do see the value in both!

  • Naomi

    The Jumbo Eye Pencils never worked well for me. On my oilier eyelids, they smeared, creased, faded, and melted—even with a powder shadow on top.
    I love the Infinite Shadow Sticks so far. I have them in Rose Gold and Bronze, and they do exactly what I like a shadow stick to do–let me line the entire eye in color, and then smudge/soften so I have a kind of bronzey halo around my blue eyes.

    I think for those with drier eyelids, I can see them applying kind of stiff and patchy, whereas the Jumbo Eye Pencils have an ideal consistency. But I’m glad that Nyx has introduced an eyeshadow pencil more suitable for longer wear on oilier lids.

    • Isabella Muse

      aw sorry to hear it naomi but glad the infinite ones are working for you!

  • Phyrra

    The Jumbo pencils always creased on me. I think these look nice though.

    • Isabella Muse

      you’re not alone there getting a lot of comments about that! My drier eyes were good with them surprised to hear it!

  • bp

    Umm… these are NOTHING like the jumbo pencils. Those pencils are useless on me, they crease after 5 minutes. These on the other hand literally last all day. Totally different product.

  • Dixon

    i love these!! And I want them all. I’m just having a problem….is there more in the “tubing”. I can’t be paying $9 freaking dollars for just that little bit!!! Maybe mines a dud….I can’t seem to turn it for more. Am I wrong??? Please advise!! Thanks!!

      • Jessica

        You just need to sharpen them like a regular pencil. Many art pencils also use plastic casings to protect their products and many cosmetic brands are switching to plastic due to it being more stable and safer than the older wood based housings. Even higher end wines are now switching over from typical corks of yesteryears to a new composite that is manmade, since the old corks would degrade and ruin the bottle as it aged. I know that I’m a year late answering, but it seems in 2016 people are still not aware to just stick that bad boy in your normal sharpener and use the whole thing!

  • Valentina

    Hi Isabella, I just want to tell you that I love this blog, I always come here to check the swatches. You are awesome!